Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod - Standard Frame
Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Compact Frame
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Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Compact Frame

From: $29.99

(74 customer reviews)

COMPATIBILITY: GLOCK® 19/ 19C/ 23/ 23C/ 32/ 38

The Blacklist Industries stainless steel fluted guide rod offers increased reliability and prevents potential failures that are induced by factory polymer guide rods bending, flexing, chipping, or breaking. Precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength and durability. Nobody likes f*@k ups and failures, right? Our guide rods are precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength and durability that you can depend on. 

The captured spring design paired with aftermarket springs allows the user to easily change spring weights. This allows for the user to tune a Glock® to a specific cartridge load or accommodate attachments such as a compensator and/or suppressor. 

Recommendations: Use of an ISMI recoil spring in a corresponding weight. In most cases a 13-18 lbs spring. Click here for the ISMI Spring Kit-Compact. We also recommend the use of Blue Loctite on the screw threads.

Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock®: If being used for a Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock® you must also use a Guide Rod Adapter. Click here for the Guide Rod Adapter


  • Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod
  • Spring Retainer Bushing
  • Retainer Screw

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Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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74 reviews for Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Compact Frame

  1. Rudy Sanchez (verified owner)

    The guide rod is bad fuckin ass! Thanks for putting out a quality product. Matched the barre in the g19 and made it look even nicer. Of that wasn’t enough I got a couple blacklist decals and the emails I get from Blacklist are the best ones you will ever get. Keep kickin out badass products guys.

  2. Joe

    Will this fit a Gen 3 glock 19

    • Reco

      Yes, this is compatible with the Glock 19 Gen 3

  3. Chris R. (verified owner)

    Only gave it 4 stars because I haven’t had the chance to get it to the range yet , but it looks awesome and fit perfect . Service was great , but the best part was the irreverent email updates. It’s nice to see a company that doesn’t take themselves to serious.

  4. Josh m (verified owner)

    Can you order a stainless steel guide rod from another company? Yes
    Will it be fucking bad ass? No
    Does what it’s supposed to do and looks awesome doing it!!
    Do your self a favor and don’t be so hyped up about your super fucking awesome guide rod that you forget to put lock tight on the screw before you go shoot….
    Or go ahead and order an extra hardware kit..
    Side not did not notice screw was gone until I returned home,so if you do loose it you are not stuck holding a cool paper weight(functioned just fine)

  5. Steven P. (verified owner)

    This is my second guild rod, for my other G19 slide. These rods are very well made and finish is great. Really add to the look and action of both my slides.

  6. Jarrett T.

    By far if the most, one of the most accurate barrels I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. On my mp compact of course I got the threaded barrel, not only does it add an extra half inch to my barrel but with a venom vortex red dot mounted I’m effortlessly hitting soda cans up to the 50-70 yard mark. With the stock barrel I could impact em at 50 yard all day 70 yard impact maybe 5 shots out of a 17 round clip. This barrel I can impact an exact point of aim at 50 hit 17 out of 17 at the 70 yard. Some times we’ll put cans out at the 100 yard mark on a fence post just messing around even then I would get lucky impact a can on a couple shots. where talking a compact here. Now my R8 357 mag MP 2.0 5”inch 357 sig can hit at the 100 yard all day shooting 5inch plates. But I’m yet to see anyone else hit consistently at 70 even push out to 100 yards with any compact pistol. Not saying it cannot be done, I’m just saying I haven’t seen it. But I tip my hat to blacklist industry for an extremely well made barrel, I’m more about performance than looks, but this barrel is a beautiful piece. I only get excited about 2 things in life, naked women badass tactical weaponary I gotta say…. this barrel gave me a nice chubby! Where still in our honey moon phase! But after I break her in beat her up a little, she’ll just be another name on my long list…. the blacklist that is!

  7. Dustin H.

    I love the different options you can have with one kit. And the matching design and color of the barrels is amazing.

  8. Larry C.

    Part looks great and fits perfectly on my 19X with the adapter

  9. Corey S.

    Your shipping was good. Ur customer was great…but as far as the product. That shit will have to wait lol. Gift for my. Son and his use hasn’t begun… I’ll let u know back when he installs it for fun

  10. Justin D.

    Like a post thnxgiving dump, PRETTY SOLID!!!!

  11. Benito T.

    Great company awesome parts all around excellent experience fit my glock perfectly.

  12. Johnny

    Was looking for a replacement guide rod for a Glock project I’m working on. Although you won’t find many issues with it even in a deep search, something about that stock plastic flimsy feeling one just doesn’t do it for me. I do like the extra weight and like this steel (or tungsten in some cases) Glock guide rod. This Blacklist guide rod and replacement washer kit was a perfect fit for this build. Color schemes are already black and sniper gray, so, adding the stainless guide rod with the black screw on front really does help make the gun function and look better (even a little different sound when racking the slide over the OEM rod). I won’t bullshit and say this was for anything more than 1) Aestetics and yes a close 2nd being the fact the guide rod is a steel piece. Works great and looks badass. Function comes first but, let’s be real, when you can, looks should be a close second. Mission Accomplished thanks to BlackList?

  13. Steve T.

    I love the new rod and springs I order for my g19. Really easy to assemble. Made a huge difference in felt recoil. Would recommend this over a stock gen3 recoil spring.

  14. Ron

    This is one bad ass mother fucking Stainless fluted guide rod for my g19! Not only does it look fucking amazing it’s a rock solid functional dynamic guide rod! With 3 choices for spring weight makes my fucking head hurt, went with stock until I comp it and we’ll see how she runs! You guys are the

  15. Frank C.

    This guide rod is possibly the best looking piece on my gun, haven’t ordered my barrel yet. Its definitely strong and works flawless with the spring kit. Thanks again Blacklist, awesome shit!

  16. Steven B.

    As advertised and functions beautifully in my 23!

  17. Arnaldo R.

    I was very impressed with my products. I rarely leave reviews but I found the communication in the emails to be humorous and the products were of the upmost quality. The packaging was neat as well and it arrived very quickly. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase.

  18. Michael M.

    This company makes amazing products. The fit and finish and quality is second to none. Everything came in perfect as expected. This is an awesome company with awesome products.

  19. Nick C.

    Wonderful. Smooth, strong, and beautiful, just like my kind of woman.

  20. Randy C.

    I haven’t yet put the items to use because im in the process of “building” the pistol. However, is there any plans in the blacklist camp to make flush (with slide) barrels G19 preferably

  21. cory B.

    Looks great, and performs great. Would buy again.

  22. Braulio R.

    Unique great craftsmanship and just an awesome company to do business with. Shot about 500 rounds without any issues or damage to to the anodizing. If you wanna do a custom look or just have rod that isn’t plastic step up your game with these guys.

  23. Jesse T.

    Grade A parts!

  24. William F.

    Looks great and works fantastic

  25. Gerry G.

    Great quality stuff here!! attention to detail at its finest! cant get any better than this excellent work fellas

  26. Brodie C.

    This guide rod is exactly what they describe. Flutes look great, machining is on point. When paired with the spring kit, it’s very simple to assemble. Great product!

  27. barry r.

    Flawless design

  28. Robert S.

    I love the TiN barrel and guide rod I purchased, they give my G19 a unique look and are high quality. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their Glock!

  29. Aaron H.

    Ordered one of these bitches for my G19 immediately after a day at the range ordered one for my G34 and have recommended to several people! Next stop matching barrel from BLI.. ??????

  30. travis A.

    Blacklist is one of the better companies I’ve dealt with lately! Top notch products that have exceeded my expectations. Thanks again!

  31. Jesse V.

    Was looking for a fluted SS rod fir my G19. High quality and has performed flawlessly. Expensive, but worth it if you want something different.

  32. David Geary

    It guides. Look sexy. Only hiccup was the screw wanted to come out the end when shooting nothing a little blue Loctite didn’t fix.

  33. L. K.

    Works perfect !!! Function and fit were awesome!! Will buy again!!!!!

  34. Anna W.

    Absolutely wonderful!

  35. Robbie R.

    Killer item, functions as good as it looks, awesome! I’ll be looking to get a few more, for my other pistols.

  36. Anthony C.

    Great quality, great feature. Easy install, no complaints !

  37. Jerry R.

    Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!

  38. Triston S.

    Awesome products the o-rings worked as promised no back off of the thread protector on either my sub gun or pistol. The Gide rod was an awesome up grade way more confidence in it than the polymer one from Glock

  39. Madison J.

    For one I love the TiN finish and it seems to hold up very well on The guide rod and the pins. Only thing I wished you guys offered is a mag well that is TiN finished.

  40. Gerardo O.

    Really good feel to it, looks gorgeouson my glock 19. Buying another for my glock 23 in chameleon color!

  41. Jason T.

    Function flawlessly and looks sexy as hell

  42. Daniel B.

    Love it! Shipping was quick and the emails always give me a laugh. Love how the run their company will definitely be buying more from Blacklist

  43. Daniel Y.

    Shit is legit. Matches tf outta my fluted barrel and sexy af.

  44. DeAndre W.

    Fast shipping product works awesome in my glock 19

  45. Timothy R.

    Everything from the confirmation email to the packing slip in the Box was awesome I love it when a company goes above and beyond to not only make a quality product but make the customer laugh and that’s what Blacklist Industries has done

  46. Brett M.

    love it works great and not one scratch 700 rounds later finish still looks new

  47. Chuck S.

    Badass looking guide rod for a good price. This was for a P80 build. Matches a TiN barrel nicely and is stylin’. I also got the three pack of springs from Blacklist to use with these and excited to test out some ammo. If you need a new rod or just want to updgrade, I would recommend this highly.

  48. Jeremy R.

    So far, I love the setup! Have to get some locktite to keep the screw from slowly loosening up with shooting, but that is to be expected! ???

  49. Mark

    The picture does NOT do it justice. I personally thought it looked a little tame in the picture. In real life, it’s very colorful and robust. I love this thing so much I’m gonna order 2 more and maybe a 3rd just for show. It really is a beautiful piece. The finish is so nice it convinced me to order a barrel to match. Absolutely outstanding product and experience.

  50. Kal

    I love this guide rod for my 31. I think I’ll buy another one for my 19 in the future!

  51. Scott D.

    GREAT ! Goes great with the BLACKLIST barrel. Customer service is the best.

  52. Trevor L.

    Do you like tits Because this thing is absolute tits I can’t keep my hands off of it. The ISMI spring kit I ordered with the guide rod is jus the icning on the cake!

  53. russell s.

    I purchased a Chameleon Fluted Guide Rod for my Glock 19x. Its fit and finish is perfect. Amazing product. Cant wait to order more parts

  54. Matthew T.

    First time using an aftermarket guide rod, but your product is superb. Fit and finish is spot on, and being able to use the adaptor for the Gen4 sealed the deal. Thanks for a bangerang product.

  55. Brett

    I’m totally impressed with the quality of their guide rod. I have 500 rounds on mine and the finish is still perfect. I will be using them on all my p80 builds

  56. mike d.

    I love the guide rod I bought looks great with my gold barrel and works amazing would highly recommend!

  57. Greg W.

    Solid craftsmanship, high quality upgrade!

  58. Michael B.

    Awesome product as usual

  59. Steven S.

    I am happy with this guide rod. The quality is very high, it’s just a guide rod, not rocket surgery. If you need a nice guide rod get this one.

  60. Jay S.

    I recently purchased several items (barrel, magwells and guiderods). All of these were blemished. I couldn’t tell if they were and they all functions flawlessly. I’ll be back for more!!

  61. Shawn W.

    Everything that I was hoping for from blacklist

  62. Chris Sipma

    This is a must have to match your fluted Blacklist barrel!

  63. Andrew R.

    Blacklist is the balls and the titts. That pretty much sums it up for me. If anyone disagrees with that statement they are either ignorant or stupid.

  64. Michael M.

    Looks Great, functions well paired with stock replacement recoil spring. Adds a bit of weight to the end of my G23 which is also a plus. 10/10

  65. Steven S.

    Excellent design, very strong material, the perfect backup rod

  66. Noli F.

    Appearance and quality of this guide rod is awesome..!! I didn’t care too much about the spring retainer bushing, I replaced it with a more solid stainless steel one… I have this guide rods in both my G17 G19…!! ????

  67. Tristen A.

    Can’t beat the quality of Blacklist’s products. Will be shopping for one for my next build soon

  68. jason s.

    This guide rod is fucking awesome as are all your products. I also own 2 threaded barrels. Awesome products and customer service is always top notch ??

  69. toby h.

    This is my second purchase and it’s still just as good as the first time around. Fit and finish is great. Flutes look amazing. Definitely would recommend if you’re looking to replace your oem guide rods.

  70. Shelby D.

    I’ve ordered from blacklist on multiple occasions now and theyre consistently 5 star service and products. When they forgot to include the pin set I ordered all it took was a simple email to them and they responded within a couple hours and I had the pins in my mailbox just a couple days later. Hands down the best customer service in this industry.

  71. Joey M.

    The quality is prectine ,clean cuts and very detailed work. Would recommend to any hand gun owner who is looking for some bling or just want a little more for your handgun. I have multiple products an they all perform to the highest level.

  72. Nick L.

    Well crafted and beautifully executed. Combined with a 14 lb spring, my shot group is consistently tighter. Thank you guys!

  73. Michael M.

    Absolutely love the products and the service they provide. Recommend the. To anyone and everyone looking for the items they sell.

  74. toby h.

    Shipped out quickly. Fit and finish on these guide rods are great. Installation was simple and definitely took the gun to the next level. The g19 looks amazing with matching fluted barrel and guide rod. Slide fitment seems to have gotten better. Overall extremely happy with the purchase. Already bought two and plan to get a few more.