ISMI Spring Kit Standard, ISMI Spring Kit Compact
ISMI Spring Kit – Glock Compact Frame

ISMI Spring Kit – Glock Compact Frame


(26 customer reviews)
IN STOCK: Ships within 2-3 business days

COMPATIBILITY: GLOCK® 19/ 23/ 25/ 32/

Premium ISMI recoil springs are manufactured from certified Aerospace specified materials and employs ISO 9002 quality control standards.

ISMI flat recoil springs are heated treated, shot peened and stress relieved after winding to enhance their performance and durability. These features are crucial to making ISMI the best direct replacement for Glock factory OEM springs.

Compatible with our Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rods – Compact

Includes 3 Color Coded Springs: 

  • 1- Recoil Spring 18lb (Black- Factory/OEM Spring)
  • 1- Recoil Spring 15lb (White)
  • 1- Recoil Spring 13lb (Blue)

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26 reviews for ISMI Spring Kit – Glock Compact Frame

  1. Ryan L.


  2. Chris R.

    Good price on a spring set so you can get your gun all dialed in. Easy to change on the fly to always ensure your gun is operating at its best.

  3. Ronald G.

    They’re Springs, meet some kind of spec! Work as expected! Now the fucking guide rod is awesome, but I guess that’s a different review!

  4. Frank C.

    What a great product, looks good and works great. Thanks for putting quality first.

  5. Dillon C.

    I’ve been using Blacklist barrels for years now, they’re the bee’s knees, along with just about every other product they offer and have nothing but good experiences with every product. That being said, this is about the ISMI spring kit. It’s what you would expect a spring kit to consist of… springs. Great kit, ISMI springs are top notch (18lb spring in one of my G19 has 10k with no issues) and Blacklist always ships lightning fast.

  6. Jacob f.

    Good. Fast shipping great price and excellent quality product

  7. Carlos M.

    Outstanding product looks great can’t wait to get my barrel

  8. Jesse V.

    Loved the choice of springs. Color coded for ease of use.

  9. Colton F.

    So I ordered TiN guide rod by accident texted black list and they threw the Stainless in amazing customer service and the spring kits fits flawlessly and easy to Install

  10. Sergio S.

    Great product, easy to install!

  11. Taft S.

    The aesthetic and quality of this guide rod and spring kit is great. I would have liked it even better if it came with a steel or Ti washer instead of the polypropylene ring I received. Pics show a different washer. Worked perfect for my P80 build.

  12. Va V.

    The product has been great. I plan on coming back for a few more sets. Thanks!

  13. David G.

    its springy…. i havent used any light loads so idk but the oem weight works good.

  14. Santiago Gonzalez

    Blacklist has great customer service the kit was out of stock but they sent me an email as soon as it was available to order! Their humor when they ship your item is also great and probably my favorite part of ordering from blacklist.

  15. Matthew P.

    Product works great. Lead time was shorter than expected. And I really enjoyed the humor in the shipping notification. You guys are awesome will definitely be buying from you again. Thanks!

  16. Jose G.

    The infamous BlackList Barrels– not the barrel for the everyday person. See you’re either one of two people, 1 the person who wants a pretty looking barrel but, doesn’t know anything about quality, so they don’t buy from BlackList because so they don’t want to wait the lead time, or do buy and cry about the lead time. 2 the person who knows real quality and doesn’t care about the wait…and that person is who this company exists for. I ordered a barrel, guide rod, spring kits and everything is A1. BlackList is the bar, where every company strides to be. In finish, quality, craftsmanship, and the most important -performance Everything about your Glock with function 1k times better… beat it and beat it and beat it and it just wipes away like nothing. It’s scary how their performance cannot be matched. I own barrels from their competitors and hate that threw away my money like that!!! If you want a real badass product, from a badass company, you’re well invested in buying from BlackList!!

  17. William E.

    I’ve been using the ISMI Springs with all of my fluted guide rods that I get from Blacklist. It is nice having a choice of 3 different spring weights to choose from although at the end of the day I don’t shoot competitively so I find that I’m running the stock spring weight, but they are definitely a high quality product as one would expect from Blacklist Industries.

  18. Gevork K.

    The overall experience was great and your products speak for themselves. High quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and most importantly great funny sense of humor! Thanks guys!

  19. Joshua H.

    It’s a damn nice guide rod and spring set and I have no complaints at all. Blacklist is a badass company and you should order all your Glock parts from them.

  20. Brett

    love how they are color coded by weight makes quick change at range easy as pie

  21. Scott C.

    Currently running stock spring rate with zero issues. Will try lighter weight spring as i test and tune. Like it so far.

  22. David V.

    This spring kit combined with the fluted guide rod saved my marriage. My partner and I are able to become more intimate with each other thanks to this system. Thank you blacklist industries!!!

  23. Ethan D.

    Excellent product. Easy installation on the new TiN guide rod I also purchased. I also enjoy the reduced spring pressure which allows for easier press checking of the weapon.

  24. Joe G.

    Awesome springs work great in my Glock 19

  25. Alex D.

    Great products service and sense of humor in the conformation and shipping emails

  26. Patrick L.

    Rod is excellent but couldn’t help has a nice smell to it my wife thinks I’m weird that every time I grab the g19 I give it a nice sniff