Viton O-Ring 5 Pack
Ultra Match O-Ring Pack

Ultra Match O-Ring Pack


(90 customer reviews)

Tired of your thread protector working its way loose on your threaded barrel?

Our heat resistant viton O-ring helps to keep the thread protector tight while shooting or when concealed carrying with a threaded barrel.

Package contains:

5- Viton O-rings

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9MM, .40 S&W

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90 reviews for Ultra Match O-Ring Pack

  1. Dean (verified owner)

    Hate these. I much prefer to have my thread protector fly off when shooting. Even better when there is big boomy bang shrapnel bomb when a round hits it. Terrible product, takes all the excitement and imminent death out of shooting with a loose thread protector….
    All joking aside, they do what they say they will do and they do not melt. They fit well, require a bit of fanagling to get over the threads but I’d rather have that than a loose fit. I use these on two different firearms, they work the same on both. Fast shipping and great people. 10/10.

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    These rings are great! I bought a rival arms threaded barrel but the thread protector loosens with very little vibration. I purchased these o rings and blacklist thread protector and now the thread protector stays secure. I would definitely buy these again!

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    I used these after eating heavy Mexican or spicy Indian. I just wish they made them in brown so they would blend in better.

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    O rings at a great price. I’ll buy more when these wear out. Fast shipping. Colorful notifications.

  5. Justin (verified owner)

    O-Rings are a solid product and the emails are hilarious. Gotta love this company!

  6. W. Shep (verified owner)

    O Rings are perfect. Fast shipping great communication. Love Blacklist !!!

  7. BigPlay (verified owner)

    Ultra Match O-Ring Pack perfect for my threaded barrel!!! Waiting for another threaded barrel due late March!!! Then have spare just in case!!!

  8. ed greener (verified owner)

    great company great products that you can trust your life on. great customer service fast shipping great prices

  9. Marco G (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and product met expectations! Top notch service!

  10. Johnny Or (verified owner)

    They’re just O-rings for your threaded barrel, not much to say. But it was shipped fast and the humor in the emails were top-notch. Thanks guys!

  11. Jason (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd or 3rd order of these ring packs. Blacklist is the only place where you can get quality parts like this.

  12. David (verified owner)

    Quick ship, exactly as described.

  13. Marc Yzaguirre

    There is a reason why its rated 5 star. Just trying out a threaded barrel recently. When shooting the S Co protector would come off. Not anymore, but doesnt stick either. Got it 3 days earlier than tracking said it would be here also.

  14. Stan (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed for my threaded barrel protector on my CZ P10C. Got here quick too.

  15. John Comeaux (verified owner)

    Just what I needed. Thanks!

  16. Adam M. (verified owner)

    Just the right size for my Banshee 5.7’s threaded barrel! Would highly recommend for anyone with a similar model.

  17. Cameron Unnerstall (verified owner)

    Product is tits works great

  18. JB (verified owner)

    Excellent. Thread protector is tight after install. Highly recommended.

  19. JD (verified owner)

    As described. My comp is intact like it should. Very well presentation from the initial email to the shipping. Very satisfied and definitely recommend. But most importantly are the emails and emotion that goes into order description and shipping. love it!!!

  20. Chris K. (verified owner)

    Top Quality O-Rings. Plus the email that was sent to me was hilarious! This company has a great sense of humor and customer service!

  21. Doug Carriker (verified owner)

    O rings that work. That’s all. Money well spent. Buy them.

  22. Angus (verified owner)

    These are just what the “Glocktor” ordered! Stopped the thread protector from rotating loose and are such a minimal size that you can’t even see that you have one on there. Be sure to read your packing slip for a nice chuckle, lol. Made my day!

  23. Todd J. (verified owner)

    O rings fit 9mm barrel perfectly….shipped fast too

  24. Christian Mook (verified owner)

    Arrived fast and they work great at securing thread protector to the barrel.

  25. Joe M Miller (verified owner)

    Fits my SIG to a tee. Very quick shipping and great communication. Thanks for a great product

  26. John Tronolone (verified owner)

    worked up to 150 rounds-after tightening the thread protector down even more it worked after rapid fire
    etc. no melting. no problem- no shit.

  27. Henry (verified owner)

    Don’t weigh your options. Matter of fact, this is the only option. It works, get it.

  28. Steve N. (verified owner)

    Purchased these O rings and went and put 100 rounds through my new threaded barrel without the thread protector coming loose like it was before when I was just racking the slide. Fast shipping and funny emails. I will definitely be ordering from Blackist Ind. again in the near future. 🇺🇸👍

  29. Troy C.

    Perfect for keeping the threaded barrel protector on my G22. Held up to about 150 rounds at the range without getting loose. Quick delivery, good product and a sense of humor. My kind of company.

  30. john n.

    I have to say I was worried about not fitting on my other barrel, but it worked just fine and it looks nice!

  31. Shawn H.

    Tight fit just like I like it!

  32. Irina M.

    Keep up with the good job. And in love with all your fucking comments and messages bitches!!! Just fuck me sideways more with deals and fucking sales

  33. Lucas M.

    i had been looking for o-rings for my CZ for the longest time and couldn’t find them anywhere. Thankfully Blacklist had some and once on my threaded barrel it really helped. My thread protector stayed snug even after 5 mags ran through it.

  34. Mark G.

    This item completes the barrel no barrel nut dancing of any kind. Small discreet not bulky and noticeable. Once again Blacklist 5*

  35. Alex J.

    Fucking Excellent

  36. Evan R.

    I have this on all of my threaded guns and it prevents the thread protector from unscrewing on its own.

  37. Gabriel R.

    I am a Wholesale Distributor Rep for one of the largest firearm wholesalers in the country and I have been very impressed by your order confirmation/tracking/email updates and hilarious humor in the messages. Keep it up, fam.

  38. John S.

    needed an o ring to keep the thread protector on a cz p07 from flying off into space. as the title indicates it did the trick

  39. Drexel R.

    I give them a five star because they were good quality and fucking awesome. Thanks, Trump!

  40. Stephen A.

    Only using one of Ultra Match O-Ring Pack, so far no problems to speak of at this time. Thanks

  41. Hank T.

    Works as described. Would buy again.

  42. Adam S.

    A Would definitely do business again

  43. Sergio S.

    These items are amazing! The finish is great, haven’t had a chance to fire it yet but can’t see anything going wrong, because the finish and material seem to be top notch!

  44. Chad B.

    Great place for hard to find item. Barrels are fantastic!

  45. BRIAN W.

    Ok, so 2nd order and everything went just as good as the first. Everything went great, easy to order, quick shipping and the products were great. I would upload a picture but waiting for my lower to be finished. Thinking about ordering, don’t wait! This is a great company to deal with, not to mention a quality product!

  46. Marcos A.

    FINALLY I founded a website like this place that had the rightful select size o rings for a threaded barrel they work outstanding they’re what they say resist extreme heat I literally ran 4 30rnd sticks straight through without letting it cool down my comp didn’t even came off moves a bit the ring didn’t melt it did what it was suppose to do I would definitely recommend this to anyone else

  47. Sam F.

    I bought a set of these O-Rings after installing a threaded barrel on my Glock 19, and found the thread protector to be pretty loose. I wanted something that would allow me to remove the thread protector at will with no tools, but would retain the protector with no worries during firing. After researching the options available, I found these. They have fulfilled the desired capacity entirely, and I have no qualms with them whatsoever. I’d highly recommend them.

  48. Jason Helper

    I have these on ever pistol and rifle I have, hundreds of rounds zero problem, keeps thread protectors on nice and snug, then switch to my surpressers and same results, no coming loose.

  49. Chad B.

    Does exactly what its intended to do..

  50. Maurice B.

    Came on time, works perfectly for my suppressed P10c.

  51. Dave W.

    50 rounds down range with no problems. Thread protector stayed on.

  52. Chris P.

    Excellent item and customer service was outstanding!!

  53. James M.

    Both my dad and I own a Blacklist barrel. Ran both perfect from the first rounds through them. They nor only run great they are works of art to be admired. We have the black and the stainless. Looking to add the gold/tin next.

  54. John W.

    Works great on my sig MK25. Thread protector stays where it should. Big improvement.

  55. Danny P.

    Fits my aftermarket glock 19 barrel threads well

  56. Andrew B.

    Fucking excellent

  57. Adam H.

    Loved shopping with these guys! Most hilarious shipping confirmation ever and I really enjoyed the updates. Great service, great product. Font hesitate. Buy it, pussy

  58. James N.

    Great service. Excellent product Works as expected

  59. Sean Y.

    I was kinda pissed to find that my barrel nor my thread protector didn’t cone with an o-ring… Thankfully Blacklist was there to provide a solution. Thank you Blacklist!

  60. Austin E.

    Works like it should, thanks for great pricing and quality

  61. Delano S.

    Orders o-rings. They came. They fit. Thread protector doesn’t move. Good job.

  62. Jeffrey H.

    High quality, perfect fit on my silencerco 9mm threaded barrel. Ultra fast shipping. Wonderful company.

  63. David H.

    These o-rings proved their worth right away – they seal and secure all accessories to my threaded barrels without requiring lock-tite! Greatly appreciated.

  64. Jason H.

    Better then most, these are thinner so no gaps on your surrpresser, keeps everything nice and tight..

  65. Jordan S.

    I installed one of these on a silencerco threaded barrel and after 300 rounds, the thread protector hadn’t budged. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution to an annoying problem.

  66. Jason Helper

    These are thinner and better quality then most I’ve seen. You can keep these on all the time for your thread protected and surrpresser, some rings are to thick for silencers

  67. Eric K.

    I recieved O-Rings, thank you. They have held up well so far.

  68. Michael T.

    I’ve ordered 2 TIN barrels so far and also ordered a ultra Mach O-ring pack. This company under promises and over delivers! Will do much more business in the future!

  69. Ricardo L.

    Item works great keeping the thread protector on my barrel. Doesn’t come lose at all thanks to these o rings.

  70. Jeremy L.

    item arrived early than expected, fast shippimg, will buy from again

  71. Steven A.

    I put these o-rings on a pair suppressor ready of CZ-P07’s. That’s right! Two of the same gun! In the past, even if I used tools to tighten down the thread protectors, after about 100 rounds or so the thread protectors would be loose. This seriously messed with accuracy and bullet impacts down range. I put these on, tightened ‘em down and no more loose thread protectors. My experience has been good and I’m completely satisfied. Your results may vary but to me, this is a genuinely good product.

  72. James G.

    It keeps my barrel nut on and they’re really affordable.

  73. Casey A.

    Works great, keeps my thread cap on my zev Barrel from getting loose and falling off while shooting

  74. Ancestral E.

    Fast shopping and a quality product

  75. Ryan K.

    Fast shipping. Fit great. Keeps my thread protector from backing off. Emails from Blacklist fucking hilarious!

  76. Royce C.

    A Quick delivery, top quality.

  77. Darrien C.

    Love your product wish you guys will make a comp for your threaded barrel in 40 sw soon

  78. Chris B.

    Best company I have bought glock products from

  79. George R.

    My overall experience was awesome I love the way they respond with her emails are hilarious I wish they had something else I could buy from them just to see what they come up with next LOL Thank You. George

  80. Donald W.

    I have an aac thread protector on a MP threaded barrel. These o-rings take help lock it on perfectly and the cut in the thread protector cover them perfectly. So the o ring is covered up and prevents it from backing off during fire. I definitely recommend these!!

  81. Coney S.

    Never received items.

  82. Wayne S.

    I haven’t purchase a suppressor YET, but these O-rings really seal the thread protectors onto the threaded barrels. I gave one to a friend, who refuses to tighten his thread protector with a tool, even covered with a cloth. He learned that while using the O-ring, he can hand tighten only and his protector stays on during on all day shoot at the range.

  83. Alex B.

    Bought a SilencerCo threaded barrel for my Glock. However, the thread protector kept coming undone. Bought these, and that completely fixed the issue. Would recommend.

  84. George

    I basically just wanted to give a quick review and comment you guys on your hilarious emails and all your Communications even down to the little packing slip that comes with whatever you order is it’s funny too. The O-ring seem to be of good strength and precise size I’ll find out after using them how they hold up but I think that’ll work just fine.

  85. Ivan L.

    Super easy to install. Thread protector is no longer vibrating loose.

  86. Miguel I.

    Item works great, keeps the thread protector from backing out and getting lost.

  87. Joe J.

    I have blacklist barrels in three of my glocks. Have no complaints. Excellent quality at a fair price. Packaging is really nice as well.

  88. Kenneth D.

    Retains thread protector securely.

  89. Dalton P.

    You guys rock, it was great

  90. Thomas L.

    Just O rings that work and great price.