Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod - Standard Frame
Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Standard Frame
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Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Standard Frame

From: $29.99

(24 customer reviews)

COMPATIBILITY: GLOCK® 17/ 17C/ 17L/ 22/ 24/ 31/ 34/ 35/ 37

The Blacklist Industries stainless steel fluted guide rod offers increased reliability and prevents potential failures that are induced by factory polymer guide rods bending, flexing, chipping, or breaking. Precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength and durability. Nobody likes f*@k ups and failures, right? Our guide rods are precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength and durability that you can depend on. 

The captured spring design paired with aftermarket springs allows the user to easily change spring weights. This allows for the user to tune a Glock® to a specific cartridge load or accommodate attachments such as a compensator and/or suppressor. 

Recommendations: Use of an ISMI recoil spring in a corresponding weight. In most cases a 13-18 lbs spring. Click here for the ISMI Spring Kit-Standard. We also recommend the use of Blue Loctite on the screw threads.

Gen 4 or Gen 5 Glock®: If being used for a Gen 4 you must also use a Guide Rod Adapter. Click here for Guide Rod Adapter

Note: Not compatible with GEN 5 Glock 17 & GEN 5 Glock 34


  • Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod
  • Spring Retainer Bushing
  • Retainer Screw

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Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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24 reviews for Stainless Steel Fluted Guide Rod – Glock Standard Frame

  1. james (verified owner)

    beautiful guide rod, super high quality, fast shipping , perfect fit

  2. Edmund (verified owner)

    Great addition to the color theme Tn and black. Yes

  3. Snow (verified owner)

    I gave the Stainless Steel Guide Rod 5 stars because it made a clear difference on my targets. My OEM guide rod was fine, but with a stainless steel guide rod, your shots are more accurate, you increase your grouping and less possibility of outliers on the target. Plus, it adds a touch of weight in the front and aides you in maximum recoil mitigation. You can empty a clip quickly without scattering your shots everywhere. I also purchased the ISMI Spring Kit and that really helps in experimenting what feels best for your build & way of handling.

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    Super kick ass stuff. Looks and works great.

  5. Charles (verified owner)

    Paired it with the chameleon barrel and customs springs. Looks and functions amazing.

  6. Chris F. (verified owner)

    F*!#Iing perfect! Got this to match the rest of the stainless on my 34 build, so I could pair it with a custom spring setups. Will continue to buy even if its just for the emails!!

  7. Sebastian F. (verified owner)

    Purchased the gold rod for a Polymer 80 build and am extremely happy with the quality, look, and function of the part. Delivery was fast and I received timely updates as to status of order, a certain plus, especially when building from scratch. I will definitely be ordering more parts in the future.

  8. Wm Chris DeLong (verified owner)

    I Fuck’in enjoyed placin my tin coated guide rod in my slide ! ! ! Looks Fuck’in Awesome ! ! !

  9. Twerkd (verified owner)

    Good fucking products showered my glock 17 with the glorious rainbow coated blacklist goodies my heart is fucking content now

  10. Steven P.

    Shipping was fast and easy. Really nice work on the guide rod, it really enhances the function and look of my Glock 19. Very happy with my purchase.

  11. john n.

    They fit and finish is awesome, great machine without any marks or blemish! Would recommend if you looking to upgrade your glocks!

  12. Corey S.

    Your shipping was good. Ur customer was great…but as far as the product. That shit will have to wait lol. Gift for my. Son and his use hasn’t begun… I’ll let u know back when he installs it for fun

  13. Benito T.

    Great company awesome parts all around excellent experience fit my glock perfectly.

  14. Johnny

    Was looking for a replacement guide rod for a Glock project I’m working on. Although you won’t find many issues with it even in a deep search, something about that stock plastic flimsy feeling one just doesn’t do it for me. I do like the extra weight and like this steel (or tungsten in some cases) Glock guide rod. This Blacklist guide rod and replacement washer kit was a perfect fit for this build. Color schemes are already black and sniper gray, so, adding the stainless guide rod with the black screw on front really does help make the gun function and look better (even a little different sound when racking the slide over the OEM rod). I won’t bullshit and say this was for anything more than 1) Aestetics and yes a close 2nd being the fact the guide rod is a steel piece. Works great and looks badass. Function comes first but, let’s be real, when you can, looks should be a close second. Mission Accomplished thanks to BlackList?

  15. Braulio R.

    Unique great craftsmanship and just an awesome company to do business with. Shot about 500 rounds without any issues or damage to to the anodizing. If you wanna do a custom look or just have rod that isn’t plastic step up your game with these guys.

  16. William F.

    Looks great and works fantastic

  17. Jeremy R.

    So far, I love the setup! Have to get some locktite to keep the screw from slowly loosening up with shooting, but that is to be expected! ???

  18. Kal

    I love this guide rod for my 31. I think I’ll buy another one for my 19 in the future!

  19. mike d.

    I love the guide rod I bought looks great with my gold barrel and works amazing would highly recommend!

  20. Michael B.

    Awesome product as usual

  21. Andrew R.

    Blacklist is the balls and the titts. That pretty much sums it up for me. If anyone disagrees with that statement they are either ignorant or stupid.

  22. Noli F.

    Appearance and quality of this guide rod is awesome..!! I didn’t care too much about the spring retainer bushing, I replaced it with a more solid stainless steel one… I have this guide rods in both my G17 G19…!! ????

  23. toby h.

    This is my second purchase and it’s still just as good as the first time around. Fit and finish is great. Flutes look amazing. Definitely would recommend if you’re looking to replace your oem guide rods.

  24. Nick L.

    Well crafted and beautifully executed. Combined with a 14 lb spring, my shot group is consistently tighter. Thank you guys!