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M&P 9 M1.0 (4.25″) Drop In Ultra Match Barrels

M&P 9 M1.0 (4.25″) Drop In Ultra Match Barrels


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Blacklist Industries Ultra Match Barrels are some of the most precise match grade barrels in the industry and come fully equipped with our NO BULLSHIT LIFETIME WARRANTY. Each unit is precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength, longevity, and durability. Critical tolerance requirements and multiple quality-control checks, along with an advanced broach rifling process guarantee outstanding accuracy from each and every barrel produced. 

The strategic advancements in Blacklist’s design provide benefits such as a tighter lock up and significantly better fitment, while also achieving a substantial increase in accuracy in comparison to a stock/factory barrel. The propriety fully supported chamber makes Blacklist barrels compatible with all bullet materials and +P ammunition. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous pressure spikes that are commonly found in stock/factory barrels.  

The barrel also features a recessed crown at the muzzle. The recessed crown preserves the barrel’s outstanding accuracy by preventing the edge of the rifling from being exposed or damaged in any way that can affect the rotation/spin of the bullet. Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom look and finish to the barrels. This is a replacement/drop-in barrel, no gunsmithing required!

  • Compatibility: M&P 9 M1.0 (4.25″)
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop-In: Yes
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Chamber: SAAMI Spec Fully Supported
  • Fitting: NOT required! In the rare instance that fitting is required, we provide the service free of charge.

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Thread Pitch

Non Threaded, 1/2 x 28 (9MM)


Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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This barrell is legit as well as the company it comes from👍 The fit and finish is superb. I recently purchased the graphite barrell for my m&p 9mm 1.0 4.25 inch barrell. If your on the fence on getting one, pull the trigger and you won’t regret it.


Just received my barrel…AMAZING!!! On looks alone, this is a beautiful barrel; not a flaw anywhere, and the Chameleon color is insane! Can’t wait to shoot it! Thank you Blacklist!!!!!!

Corey S.

This barrel is a perfect fit for my m&p 9. I applied a very thin coat of rem oil, went to range and put about a hundred rounds through it. So far, so good. Also liked blacklist customer service and their communications were not only prompt, but absolutely funny (nice touch).

Corey S.

Received barrel today and dropped into my M&P9 1.0 4.25" and it was a PERFECT fit. Applied a little rem oil and worked slide and tested magazine for feeding issues and there were none. Fired a couple of mags through it with no problems at all. The added bonus is it looks really, really cool. Also really liked emails from Blacklist. Really, really funny and original. Delivery time was great and overall great experience.

Brandon B.

Talking to Caliber Royale on Instagram about his blacklist barrel and he said nothing but good things to say about, it and said I would love it. And I got it installed it and it looks really good. Going have to take it to the range

Gene R.

Ok, I tested out my barrel today and am very satisfied. Accuracy was spot on and way better than the stock barrel. The lock up was definitely much tighter. Overall I'm glad I pulled the tigger (pun intended) on this barrel after doing my research. Perhaps my only critique would be the fit at the muzzle end. There is a minor gap between the barrel and slide, but this does not affect the performance of the barrel.

Zechariah K.

So far so good! Seems to have fixed S&W’s locking/accuracy issue with their stock barrel. However, I noticed that the “Silver” becomes more satin and “flat” on the breach end rather than a high polish. Purely cosmetic but I was hoping for a higher shine throughout the entire length of the barrel

Levi A.

Exceptional! First of all the customer experience is next level, everything from shipping speed to language in the communication. The barrel is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and makes my gun gain about 10 badassery points. I’ll eventually put one of these in all 3 of my guns and make sure my conworkers do too!

James S.

This company is outstanding! Their product is super high quality. Will order from again

Steve N.

I read great reviews of Blacklist and decided to give them a shot. Literally. They made great work keeping in touch with the process as there was an extended wait time. My barrel fits great and eats up all ammo I have put through it. On a side note. **** all the politicians in DC trying to strip us of our God-given rights of purchasing and possessing badass firearms. *chugs whiskey*