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Blacklist Industries brings you the modular and minimalist magwells that you have been craving for competition and concealed carry purposes. It is compatible with both Gen 3 & Gen 4 Glock frames and also features the option to be used with or without backstraps. Our ergonomic design allows comfortable concealment. The sleek edges extend minimally off of the frame to avoid the infamous “printing” while still maintaining a wide opening to ensure fast reloads. The user friendly front flare provides additional surface area for a proper and consistent grip while also aiding in purchase during the draw.

Made from Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum, then Hard Anodized per Mil-A-8625, and Teflon sealed for improved durability. Easy installation, no gunsmithing required. The retaining insert fits directly into the void/recess behind the magwell and are secured by a flush set screw through the lanyard hole. 
  • Weight: 0.8 oz
  • Compatible with Gen 3 & Gen 4
  • Compatible with all backstraps.
  • No Gunsmithing Required
  • Flush fit & Flush screws
  • Includes: Gen 3 & Gen 4 Retaining Inserts & Screws
  • Ergonomic design allows comfortable concealment
  • Front flare provides an additional surface area for a proper and consistent grip
  • Not compatible with 10 Round Magazines

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Gen 3 & Gen 4 Universal Magwell


G19/23, G17/34/22


Black Anodized, Red Anodized, Gold Anodized

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109 reviews for M-Squared Magwell

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    I bought this magwell for a future P80 build. It’s slim and lightweight, very attractive. Even just dummying it up on the frame had me excited. Looks great and don’t complain about the price, you’ll love it!

  2. Dustin H.

    Easy assembly, looks fantastic. The interchangeable spring option is genius. And I have spares for later. Highly recommended.

  3. Mitchell W.

    Installed it on my P80 frame without any hiccups. It looks amazballs! If youre looking to add a little style and function to your glock frame look no further!

  4. Daniel R.

    Very impressed with the blacklist m-squared magwell, installed it on my Fowler industries G17 and couldn’t be happier with the quality, improved grip and smooth reloads. Does not add any bulk and is easily concealed.

  5. Brian E.

    I like the magwell better than the competitions mag wells due to you can use it with any back strap or none at all. Fit and finish is second to none…… The language in which you choose to use in responses to your customer I do not care for. Overall satisfaction with this product is 5 stars all the way……..

  6. Dennis W.

    I put this on a P80 frame that I use for my EDC. The magwell fits the P80 frame perfectly. Its just the right size to help with reloads and be used for concealed carry. Great product.

  7. Joshua h.

    Great look, and feel.

  8. Robert C.

    Fit perfectly on my Polymer 80 lower. Nice low profile magwell. Fit and finish is perfect. Excellent work Blacklist!

  9. Tylee F.

    The product exceeded expectations. But what was really enjoyable was the whole purchase process. Every company should use the vocabulary like you guys throughout communication! I also received texts when the product was shipped and delivered. Did I forget to mention the magwell fit like a GLOVE Because it did. I would give this experience a 10/10 and wouldn’t hesitate to try new products as well!

  10. Justin p.

    i love this magwell. i now have 2 of them and as soon as i get another glock ill get another one.

  11. Nilda R.

    Amazing piece of hardware, great accessory to add to your firearm.

  12. Manuel S.

    DISCLAIMER: I am new to the firearms world. Very new. So much so that this is my very first gun. I chose the Glock 17 because of its modularity, and let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of modification options out there. The M-Squared Magwell (Red Anodized) was the first mod I purchased for my G17. I bought it for its form and function – it helps with faster, cleaner, and easier reloads, all while looking pretty cool doing it. What I didn’t expect was this: Apparently, I am one of a fortunate few whose hand fits the finger grooves of the G17 relatively well, and the magwell now adds an additional “groove” for my pinky to rest on. It gives me a more comfortable (and confident) grip on the frame, which is incredibly important to me as I’m still in my relative infancy as it comes to shooting. Great purchase!

  13. Rick F.

    Excellent product but pricey compared to competitors and 10$ shipping makes it even worse for the weight of this thing.. let’s tighten up guys!!

  14. Nick C.

    Great. Works with polymer 80

  15. Jody S.

    Solid high quality Magwell that’s easy to install looks amazing and functions flawlessly as always Blacklist knocked it out of the park

  16. Anthony S.

    Best magwell on the market by far! Fit and finish is amazing! I love the slim magwell on my CCW! Great company! Excellent products!

  17. Michael G.

    Service was excellent and the product was very well made and looks awesome!

  18. Antonio M.

    Love the color. Love the Magwell. The only gripe I have is that the red paint chips easily. Some protectant coating could do some good…

  19. Eric R.

    Magwell is excellent. Gives a good bevel without being too bulky. Shipped very fast. Wish my barrel would ship already though…. ?

  20. Darrius M.

    I knew the product I was getting was gonna be high quality and what I was expecting, but what I wasn’t expecting was how much of a laugh I was gonna get waiting on it. Definitely gonna but more products from you guys

  21. Matt S.

    Smooth and fast reloading, almost effortlessly, not to mention a sick look to it

  22. nemrod C.

    Good product fast delivery

  23. justin p.

    i love this magwell looks great and well made

  24. tyrees g.

    These guys are the bomb, and their product are the tits.

  25. John R.

    Bought this product based on the fact that it fits both stock glock 19 and polymer 80’s, this product works very well, easy reloads, a nice ledge for your pinky due to the 19s smaller grip, very well made, now i understand why magwells cost so much, excellent product from Blacklist.

  26. Michael J.

    Great product,fit perfectly.

  27. Matthew D.

    Not only was it early. The box is beautiful the barrel is out of this world, just went shooting an I’m pretty sure it made me better. Thank you. I will be back for more.

  28. Justin B.

    Great product, looks great on polymer 80 frame. Great customer, seller relations on how they communicate with customer. Great innovative company. Will always consider. Oh, and shipping was fast as Fuck too

  29. Ronald G.

    I originally bought this for my firearm and ended up installing on the wife’s g19! Works as Great as it Looks! I’ll be getting one for my self soon.

  30. STEVE L.

    All as I should be. Fitting is rock-solid. Best part is it really improved my grip as my hand is tight between the trigger guard and mag well. One more thing not to have to train.

  31. Jamie P.

    Bad ass product

  32. Dennis D.

    Easy to install great fit and looks.

  33. Joe Leggett

    1: dosent look obnoxiously huge 2:great for IWB or CCW 3: The color options are more than just grey or black (the blue one i got is super nice!) 4: priced well! 5: adds structure and reenforcement to pistols mag well and grip! 6:perfict fit! 7: helps you get a handfull (G19/23) 8: Blem models available! 9: great customer service 10: Makes my glock look awsome!

  34. Dale L.

    Experience was tits all the way dope exactly what I wanted out of it

  35. KIRK S.

    Fast delivery. Required a little modification on the magwell and also the magazines, but all is good.

  36. David K.

    Great experience, would definitely buy from Blacklist again.

  37. Carlton P.

    Have to say I love this product. I’ll be buying another one soon. Very slim and low key magwell. Definitely recommend

  38. Kelland W.

    I wish that the blacklist was left on the side, it looked more aggressive. The new logo is small.

  39. Joe R.

    Great service and delivery…

  40. Lance C.

    Used for a Poly 80 build that had custom stippling and 10rd mag thanks to good old California… anyways had to sand down frame to get mag to seat fully. Just took my time and sanded down by hand refitting and refitting until it was correct. Other than that great fit and finish

  41. Scott R.

    I have a Glock 19 Gen 4. Couldn’t be happier with this product. Super easy to install. Top quality feel and performance. I would recommend this to everyone!

  42. James

    I was skeptical but liked their design. I am using the gen 4 Large back scrap so I’d not seen anything that worked will with that on. No instructions. Kinda a bummer. But I’m not a tooless guy so I figured it out. Design is great! Very slim profile, and it works! My magpul magazines fly out (Both empty and loaded) and I can really fast enter the full magazine into the gun. I’m honestly glad I went this this one over the Zev Tech and Agency!

  43. Patrick S.

    Item fit perfectly in a p80 build

  44. Erik Lind

    I bought this mag well to use on my Poly80 build, another review mentioned the need to do some fitting to allow it to work properly and they were correct. After a bit of file and sandpaper work on the front of the frame and it works as great as it feels, the angle of the heel cut on the Poly80 is slightly higher then the Glock frame and the front of the magazine base plate would contact the magell causing difficulty in ease of magazine seating.This is not a reflection on the quality of this bad ass piece of kit ! I enjoy the minimalist approach, look and feel of the M-Squared Magwell.

  45. Joe R.

    Couldn’t be happier, ordering more…

  46. ashley A.

    This magwell is unreal… it allows me to get a firm grip on my firearm and keep my grip for follow up shots I love it

  47. Brandon T.

    I installed this on my first every P80 build and was very impressed with the overall quality. The fit and finish was top notch and the overall profile was exactly what I was looking for in a Magwell. As a quick note, in order to get the best fit possible on a P80 you do have to do a little sanding / profile work on the front bottom “finger retention flare”, but once you do this it fits like a glove! I would recommend this to ANYONE doing a P80 build and looking for a minimalist yet super functional magwell and will buying more for upcoming builds!

  48. corey V.

    Awesome product. You guys do not disappoint.

  49. Ayoub T.

    It was such a pleasure working with you guys ! Thank you for answering all my questions and for the fun follow up emails , they made my day . Keep up the good work !

  50. Luckenson B.

    This is the best magwells out there for Glocks, you guys have done it again.

  51. Marco V.

    Love it perfect for edc and it looks fucking sexy!!!

  52. Bobby R.

    Love it! Great fit looks awesome

  53. Brian W.

    1 word: SPLENDID!

  54. Luis M.

    Awesome, like no other. The service is A1A. Great company all around. Saving for a barrel. Will be buying shortly. God bless all of U.

  55. Felix O.

    I really like it. Improved my grip on the gun and the magazine is easy to insert.

  56. Scott C.

    Must have for p80 940c. Makes the grip lenght perfect. Get one!

  57. Joshua

    Best concealed carry magwell on the market period!

  58. Robert P.

    Perfect product, easy to install and fits my pistol flawlessly. Slim design and contour is perfect for concealed carry.

  59. Daniel D.

    Awesome magwell fit and finish top notch quality

  60. Dallas H.

    Easy to install, looks awesome and functions great

  61. Levi T.

    The magwell installed very easily and functions great. It is not a “competition size” magwell and works great for conceal and carry purposes. Also the blacklist magwell fit great on my polymer80 Pf940c frame. Great all around product awesome company! -LT

  62. Ty N.

    All products and customer service are out standing! Well done and much appreciated Team Blacklist! See you again soon

  63. Juan O.

    Great magwell . Pieces are well made and fit super nicely.

  64. Simon N.

    I love the design and sleekness of the magwell. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was the rough matte finish. Other than that, great product.

  65. Luke S.

    I shopped around quite a bit for a G19 magwell. I finally pulled the trigger on the M-Squared, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Worth every penny, and I get countless comments from others at the range every time I bring it.

  66. Diego M.

    Extremely happy with the product. Looks awesome on my G19

  67. Juan Ortiz

    Excellent addition to my 19. The magawell is well made and easy to install. Keep up the good work guys!!

  68. Corey T.

    Great fit and look. Will buy another

  69. Justin D.

    The magwell was perfect. I fused and stippled the large strap on my 17 gen 4, so I needed something that would still fit and be slim enough to conceal. If you’re considering it, just get it. Worth every penny.

  70. Alan

    Works and fits great on a polymer 80 frame

  71. Noah M.

    good size. Fits my P-80 pretty well

  72. alan B.

    Love it didn’t know if it would work out well with a polymer 80 frame but I bought to see and it fits perfectly

  73. Steven S.

    I searched online for a good magwell for my Glock 19. I was sold immediately when I saw that the Blacklist magwell was capable with backstraps without frame modification. That itself separates Blacklist from the rest..

  74. Aaron L.

    The magwell is a work of art and completely functional. Customer service was exceptional, item shipped immediately. You guys rock, I will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

  75. Michael S.

    Awesome Magwell!!! I love that they moved the logo to the front.

  76. Ty R.

    The screws was annoying as hell to put through my glock and into the magwell! But other than that amazing product ???

  77. Thomas G.

    Excellent fit and finish, simple install. Not bulky at all but still helps feeding, currently installed on my duty gun. Would make it easier on the buyer if you included an allen wrench and the screws already had blue Loctitie. I will buy again!

  78. David R.

    Magwell looks great and fits perfectly. Way better than the Agency Arms Magwell. The Agency Arms Magwell squeezed the opening and wouldn’t let mags drop or insert easily. Blacklist’s Magwell fits much better.

  79. Brandon M.

    Definitely a quality piece…very happy with my purchase

  80. Carl S.

    Small slick and perfect

  81. Aaron J.

    This was my first purchase along with a tin barrel for my Glock 23. I understood they would have a lead time and the magwell came sooner than expected. Of course I was very impressed. Installation was a breeze. Looking forward to the delivery of my new Harrell.

  82. David O.

    Easy to install and improves my grip. I am happy with this product.

  83. Todd M.

    This is the third item I have purchased from your company and have never been disappointed with your product or your excellent service. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks again, Todd

  84. John H.

    Looks great and works even better

  85. Steve G.

    This is my third magwell from Blacklist Ind. and I couldn’t be happier the fit and feel are second to none…

  86. RYAN S.

    Love them! Very minimalist and functional at the same time. A great add on! Have them on both of my G19’s

  87. Bart p.

    Always a great experience…the engineering and thought that BL put into this Mag that a owner could use the supplied hand-grips given by Glock was so nice to see. Thanks again guys and gals!

  88. bryan s.

    Great fit and finish, had to figure out which adapter was for Gen 3 Glock, but overall a nice product

  89. Kyle S.

    Product fits perfectly and makes it much easier to grip, give you a place to put your pinky finger and not press against the magazine. Only negative i feel is that is a tad bit expensive for what it is.

  90. bryan strader

    Great looking magwell, looks awesome on my RTF2 black frame, fits like a glove.

  91. Robert S.

    First off, holy fuck shipping was fast. Like faster than a grease fart after eating Five guys burgers. Then when I got it I was like “Holy Fuck, that anodizing”! Shit was flawless. Install went off without a fucking hitch. I was reloading like Jerry muthafucking Miculek! BAAAMMMM RELOAD, SHOOT, BAAMMM ANOTHER RELOAD, SHOOT! I felt like the guy who killed Hitler. Fucking amazing!!! Thank you Blacklist, for transforming me into a smooth as fuck high speed operator!! Humbly yours, Black Mamba

  92. Chris D.

    Great product perfect fit looks great on my pistol highly recommend for your mag well needs

  93. Bryan T.

    parts and hardware fit perfectly even with my stipple job

  94. Troy H.

    It’s freakin awesome!!!!

  95. Manny V.

    Best magwell I have ever purchased for concealed carry.

  96. Gregory B.

    I ordered the magwell for my gen 4 17C. I also ordered the sticker pack. Great communication throughout the order process. Shipped super fast and I got shipping notifications with tracking number. Product arrived and was above and beyond expectations! Fit and finish were perfect. Installation was super easy. And the padded Blacklist hard case that it shipped in, was an added bonus I did not expect. Top quality product from a top notch organization.

  97. Paul c.

    Great product fit like a glove luv the feel and speedy shipping will buy from blacklist again

  98. Anthony A.

    Excellent. Great fit and finish

  99. Steve G.

    I really like the ability it provides to get back on target quicker after reloading.

  100. Brad K.

    Easy to install and excellent fit even on stippled gun:)

  101. Nhan L.

    Item fitted perfectly. Installation took about 3 seconds. Fcuking great product overall. Only bad part was that my HYVE mag extender did not fit after it was installed.

  102. Frank D.

    So far this is solid, looks good and is a bad ass addition to my g19!!! Can’t wait for my barrel and comp (when it goes into production!)

  103. jeremy t.

    Love the fit and finish! I have several blacklist products and all of them are badass…Making all my fruends jelly is my goal and blacklist made it happen

  104. Brian H.

    Can’t even begin to describe how impressed I am. Even before the magwell itself, just the simple fact it was sent in this badass little Blacklist treasure box that it comes in… WOW!! Consider me a fan for sure.. Just wish you had the Glock 19 black non threaded barrels in stock 🙁

  105. Sean C.

    This an excellent addition to my Glock 17. The fit and finish is superb and I had it installed in minutes. Love everything about Blacklist! Excellent customer service. Def will buy from you guys again!

  106. Will H.

    Shipped fast, installed easily, looks great and functions exactly how it should. No complaints.

  107. Daniel G.

    Looks sexy too!

  108. Jose N.

    Good easy to install looks awesome

  109. Adrian G.

    I recently purchased this magwell for my own version of a Roland special (which I’m waiting on the threaded barrel and comp to complete). It comes with inserts for both Gen 3 and 4 Glock’s and sits snug on my SSVI stippled frame. Minimalist enough to strip a stock mag while giving a nice wide opening for quick reloads. I’m really enjoying mind over some competitors magwells and strongly recommend the Blacklist M Squared!