Glock 26 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel

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Blacklist Industries Ultra Match barrels are some of the most precise match grade barrels in the industry.  Precision Machined from certified 416R stainless steel bar stock for superior strength and durability. Critical manufacturing tolerances, multiple quality-control checks, and an advanced broach rifling process allows us to guarantee the exact same accuracy from each and every barrel while also achieving greater accuracy over a stock barrel.

Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom look and finish to the barrels. Our barrels also feature a recessed crown at the muzzle. The recessed crown preserves the barrels accuracy by preventing the very edge of the rifling from being exposed or damaged in any way that can affect the dynamics of the bullet.

Our fully supported match chamber is compatible with all bullet materials and +P ammunition. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous pressure spikes that are common in most stock/factory barrels. This is a replacement/drop in barrel, no gunsmithing required!

  • Compatible: Generations 1 – 5
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop in: Yes
  • Thread (if selected): 1/2 x 28 with thread protector included in matching finish.
  • Non-Threaded (if selected): Factory/Regular Length
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Chamber: SAAMI Spec Fully Supported
  • Minor Fitting Needed: No, ready to use/drop in
  • Note: The Glock 43 does not have the hood recess/chamber design that is pictured on other barrel models.

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Additional information

Thread Pitch

Non Threaded – Factory Length, 1/2 x 28 (9MM) + Protector, .578 x 28 (45 ACP) +Protector, 9/16 x 24 (40 S&W) + Protector


Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

846 reviews for Glock 26 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel

  1. Phil F

    Can’t speak highly enough about this company and my barrel. Not only does it look great, it works amazing as well. Everything down to the way it’s packaged is quality. Hell even the email notifications you get after purchase are good for a laugh! Such a great addition to my G43! I will definitely buy all my future barrels from Blacklist

  2. Robert G.

    It was quick she came to my door all dressed in Black. I was beside myself with her beauty and style. When I handled her she slowly slid through my fingers. I could not resist myself, with anticipation I took that barrel and slid it inside and was very surprised at such a tight fit. You guys rock thanks again for the great product!

  3. Michael B.

    Outstanding Barrel, pricey but very accurate installed in a g26 Glock . Love it

  4. David B.

    I haven’t had a chance to use either one yet. Its my curse. An evil gypsy. As soon as I over come this, I’ll get to an indoor range and try both barrels, one for my G19x and the other for my G26. I only have one question. Can sliver bullets be used in these barrels.

  5. Griffin

    As advertised!!!! My blacklist Gat was like…Blam!! Blam!! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blic-it-tea Blizz-zam!! My rounds be hitting center mass on steel targets Like,..Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!! T-to the- izzing!!! All day!!! 20 Stars!! Excellent product!

  6. Joe C.

    I have to admit it made me tingle in places only few have ventured. I will recommend your products to every gun enthusiast I know. Happy Holidays, and Felix Navifuckindad!

  7. Justin Y.

    I have not yet assembled my Polymer 80 frame so have not used the barrel. It looks really nice.

  8. Alec S.

    Everything was great. The shipping came in on time and Blacklist gave me even more than I was expecting with the stickers and patch. You guys are a top notch firearms company.

  9. Kevin Plummer

    Just received my TiN Glock 19 barrel and immediately went from 6 to midnight when I saw it. Guys you know what I’m saying! This thing is sexy as shit. Can’t wait to put rounds down range with this bad boy. No ragrets… Not even a single letter.

  10. Mark G.

    This barrel is gorgeous. And handles flawlessly.. I couldn’t ask for better precision. My aim has improved drastically compared to stock barrel. Also matching pin set better much tighter fit and look great. Will be purchasing for g26 soon after the holidays. Thanks again… Killer components

  11. Gary S.

    The emails are hilarious, customer service is on point and the product is is solid. I’ll definitely do business with them again.

  12. Adam D.

    Purchased a threaded subcompact 9mm in their chameleon finish to complete a zaffiri slide g26 build. Excellent groupings this first time out and barely any wear in the finish after 200. Highly contemplating getting another for my 34.

  13. Hank T.

    Dope AF. Easy installation. Perfect match for GGP slide.

  14. jesse n.

    I only have one con for this barrel, i bought the black finish for my G43. The coating starts to really ware down around the edges of the barrel. Personally i dont care but i just wanted to be truthfull. I own 4 and i bought my wife 2 for her glocks. Iit only has happned with my black barrels. That beeing said i will continue to buy from them.

  15. Justin R.

    Beautiful design and craftsmanship. Looks amazing and dropped right in. Can’t wait to order one for my EDC next!

  16. Austin Q.

    I’ve got over 1,000 rounds through my blacklist glock barrels without a single hiccup. Quality craftsmanship and looks great..most of my friends get pissed they didn’t go this route and end up buying one. Highly recommended ??

  17. Cory S.

    This is an amazing barrel, from an amazing company. I will use blacklist for all of my aftermarket Glock part needs. Crazy fast shipping and once again amazing product!

  18. Ricky S.

    Fucking outstanding

  19. Shane Edwards

    If you truly enjoy shooting, get this barrel immediately. As for myself, 19 has one, will be ordering for the 17 & 26 asap!

  20. Sean M.

    Packaged very nicely. Fit was perfect. Tin gold coating was excellent. From purchase to receiving was very happy with communication.

  21. Jason B.

    Dropped right in fit perfectly haven’t gotten any complaints yet

  22. christopher s.

    Best Barrels EVER!!

  23. Jeffrey C.

    I purchased a Super Match Grade Barrel for my Glock 23. The barrel improved my shot group from 8 inches at 15 feet to 3 inches. I would recommend this barrel to anyone looking at improving their shot groupings.

  24. Mark Gonzales

    This is definitely a quality barrel. Tight fit no play. And F’n beautiful gold, fluted, and threaded. O ring is a nice touch very well thought out. Love it love it

  25. john m.

    This barrel is awesome

  26. Griffin C.

    Really awesome. Needs to come with a bag to catch all the panties the ladies throw at me when they see it.

  27. Abe B.

    Only Blacklist barrels would do for my two most bad ass glock builds. They’re sexy AND put in work, just like yo momma!

  28. Eugene V.

    This is my 3rd Blacklist barrel so that lends something to my thoughts on them. Not only do they look mean, they are of excellent quality, I will be getting number 4 in due time.

  29. christopher m.

    Excellent service. Quick shipping.

  30. Eliecer C.

    Fucking Excellent

  31. Anthony P.

    Beautiful well made machine , poetry ! Im buying a few more!

  32. Jake B.

    Second barrel from blacklist. Good shit as always.

  33. Anthony F.

    Outstanding quality and performance! Worth every penny and worth the wait!

  34. Shane Q.

    I got the glock 23 barrel in gold. I have about 200 rounds through it so far works great haven’t had one failure to feed or eject great product would definitely buy from bli again

  35. Armani M.

    Very good experience with the funny emails and shipping time. I will purchase items from you guy again thanks!

  36. David M.

    This barrels blows my s3f barrel out of the water

  37. brett l.

    I ordered a gold drop in glock barrel. The barrel had a very nice finish and was made very well. I had to fit the hood slightly on my slide. My slide is a custom piece, it was probably a bit out of spec. I’ve put roughly 200 rounds through it with no issues. I was would definitely order another one! The barrel looks badass on my Glock!!

  38. Eric C.

    Ran 100 rounds spot on out tge box

  39. Dylan B.

    Funny group of employeees, great product, great packaging what else could you want.

  40. Kyle W.

    These guys are awesome! Great customer service! When the barrel came to me, it was in a nice plastic, waterproof case. They let you know when it ships and what not and answer any questions right away. Fits perfectly in the gun right away. No issues. Awesome product!!!

  41. Wes B.

    Amazing right out of the box. Fit and finish is excellent. Will be doing business with blacklist again.

  42. Mark H.

    I came across a Blacklist barrel while doing build research online and something told me it was what I needed for my project. After pulling the trigger on ordering one I received the coolest email ever, confirming my order. It got to my mailbox in under a week from clear across the country. Packaging is bitchen and even got some sweet stickers and a patch. Dropped the Barrel in. Lockup is perfect ! hauled ass to the range. First shot was dead center at 20 yards on an 8” steel plate. No fade on the next 49 shots. Blacklist customer for life right here!

  43. David D.

    Amazing barrel for my g19 gen5 best barrel on the market i love it

  44. Hank T.

    Great craftsmanship would buy again.

  45. Renell W.

    I’m very pleased with my purchase will order again soon told my friends about you guys differently 5 stars rating

  46. cary p.

    Beautiful fit and finish! Have yet to finish my build, but it is beautiful!

  47. Dimitri P.

    Right from the order confirmation I knew I made the right purchase. NO LEAD TIME, received it in 6 days from placing the order. I did 3 months of research looking for the right barrel and I’m confident in saying this is the best barrel on the market today! I could recommend this barrel to anyone.

  48. Hank T.

    Excellent craftsmanship…so good I bought another in threaded for my other G19. Will buy another for my G43 and G17 Gen 3 build.

  49. Fabian V.

    Was sold on the presentation. Good job guys , run a Glock 23 looks great.

  50. Rick L.

    Very prompt, thank you Blacklist!!

  51. Armani

    Very clean and nice packaging. Ordered a threaded barrel for my Glock 19 an I love it. Thanks, again for the fast shipping and I will order from you guys again.

  52. Shawn M.

    Bought the G26 barrel, dropped it in and ran 7 mags without issue. Awesome product and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch barrel. I will be doing business with them again no question. Love the packaging to. WWG1WGA

  53. Dane J.

    This is my second glock 43 barrel from blacklist cause I liked the first one so much I got my buddy one for his bday. Waited 8 weeks for the first one but the second was shipped the next day. Shit I’d wait 6 months for one of these. I’m rough on my edc to say the least and I haven’t even been able to scratch the barrel yet. 10/10 product 10/10 service. I will NEVER go anywhere else for anything I can get from blacklist.

  54. jason v.

    Excellent -the barrels are the best in the business I never really thought that a barrel could improve my shots but they did group are tighter even at distance If you were on the fence about buying a Blacklist Barrel. Just pull the trigger and get one you will not be disappointed

  55. Justin T.

    Amazing. Everything ran flawless, no matter the ammo I used. The barrel itself was beautiful and appealing to the eye. but It ran great in my edc and I will certainly buy more for my g19 and g43

  56. Jorge V.

    Nice quality product and good looking I had some fitting issues don’t know if it was the barrel or the slide since the slide was and after market, good thing I got it to work. Planning on getting a second barrel on the future…

  57. Mark

    I’ve looked at a lot of barrels when I started this build. I’ve Read reviews and range reports, asked lots of questions and Watched a bunch of videos. after about 6 months of consideration I decided to treat myself to the barrel I felt was going to give me everything I was looking for. High end American craftsmanship, accuracy, ultra match grade tolerances and the damn thing is just plain good looking! Thanks Blacklist Ind. for hooking me up with this bitchin barrel!

  58. Cesar S.

    It was a great experience! Any question I had y’all answered in a timely manner and helped me out a lot with this! I love y’all product and I will continue purchasing from this company!

  59. Devon B.

    Spectuclar, overall, I recommend Blacklist amongst all others I’ve used. Granted, they are a bit unorthodox and crass, but they know their stuff. Highly recommended!!

  60. Kordty B.

    Every thing you may have read, researched, or watched about Blacklist Industries is most likely true about top notch quality from their products all the way down to the packaging. I’ve ordered their chameleon barrel non threaded for my Gen 4 G17 and it looks absolutely flawless and the finish nothing less than perfection. They delivered it faster than the expected ETA and had good communication through out the entire process. I hate to say I have not yet to actually use it yet as I am doing a complete slide build and waiting on these other parts to show up but from my research online from various sources I don’t think it will disappoint one bit.

  61. Aaron D.

    This T.I.N ultra match grade threaded barrel looks amazing in my 23! Nice tight lock up and groups are lot tighter to me over my stock barrel. The guys at BlackList are UltraMatch Grade Barrel Gods!!! ?

  62. Joel H.

    Looks dope af and was machined very well!

  63. Jim H.

    Great barrel, have had no problems and have some of the best groups i have ever shot. Would recommend this to anyone.

  64. Anthony P.

    Ordered two barrels 1st of September -got an email round the 12th said it was on the way , haven’t fot it yet ! Still waiting! Patience getting a lil thin

  65. Andy

    Buy this fucking barrel. You’re a dumbass if you don’t. I’ll be buying one for all my Glocks.

  66. Daniel C.

    Worth every fuckin’ penny, fit and function is dead nuts, accuracy is dead nuts!!!!! I love the look in my G21

  67. Jerry B.

    The barrel shoots great! Great looking barrel! Will definitely be buying more items

  68. Miriam b.

    AWESOME! Great barrel ? well made and super fast shipping!!! Very happy with my purchase… keep the same quality n great service!

  69. anthony d.

    Absolutely awesome craftsmanship

  70. Neil D.

    Performed well, told all my friends about you guys. Good shit!!!

  71. Eric C.

    This is not only the most astetically pleasing barrel that I’ve seen, it’s accuracy is just as perfected. I would recommend this one to any gun lover.

  72. Aaron Dry

    This ultra match grade barrel really brung my Glock 23 Gen3 to life. You guys make excellent quality barrels. It was well worth the wait will do business again very soon!????

  73. Joshua C.

    Awesome barrel!! Top of the line quality, very well made, and the accuracy is second to none. Would definitely recommend and will be buying again!

  74. Jared Y.

    Fucking awesome experience love the barrel.

  75. Daniel M.

    GREAT products. FUNNY ass emails and updates. FAST turnaround. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks for everything guys!

  76. John S.

    Cool company to work with, top notch products. I was bummed about the lead time. But I got my barrel in a week. Maybe I missed it. But it would be nice to see what all is in stock, or the levels of stock so you can order accordingly for the instant gratification. I highly recommend their products. Barrel works like a champ.

  77. Levi S.

    So far this has been quite an upgrade from my stock barrel. Need a nicer newer barrel Need a threaded barrel Win win here. I’d recommend this product to anyone. 5/5 and looking forward to future business.

  78. JON L.

    Blacklist Industries Produces One Excellent Glock 26 9mm Barrel, After Putting Some Thousand Rounds Of Different Ammunition From Manufacturers And Some Reloads, The Barrel Work Flawlessly, Was Accurate With Good Lock Up And After Numerous Cleanings Found Little Wear. Bottom Line Yes I Would Buy And Recommend Blacklist Industries. Jon Leonard

  79. Joshua S.

    Love it went to the range to shoot my ar’s and sight in my rifle figured I would get it hot to see how it holds shot 100 rounds threw it in one trip to range and it had no wear marks other then where the bullet slide up very worth the purchase

  80. Gregory R.

    You asked for a review and the only reason I haven’t is because I do not have a receiver to put it in. I sent my receiver out for custom work to get windows cut in top and sides so I can show this Stainless Steel barrel off. I’ll give it a review when I get to shoot it.

  81. Jonathan F.

    Flawless functionality as is to be expected from such an awesome bunch of badasses as those at Blacklist. Looks great, shoots straight, can’t ask for more.

  82. Bj A.

    Quality product would recommend to other bad ass people out there

  83. GARY K.

    Excellent product. Got it much quicker than promised. Beautifully done and machined.

  84. Darin E.

    Everything I have purchased from Blacklist has been awesome! I love this barrel. It has improved the accuracy of my glock 26 and has functioned flawlessly. Now I need one for my glock 19 and glock 43. Buy one and you will not be dissapointed.

  85. Jimmy L.

    Ordered barrel and said may have wait time nope I had it within 4 days. Comes in it’s own case so will not get damaged even if they drop it off something. Was very impressed with ordering and shipping barrel looks great haven’t shot it yet but bought some P to shoot thru it since they said you could use it for this barrel.

  86. Robert S.

    I have purchased 4 of these and have never had a problem. They are high quality barrels and their customer service department is legit. Buy a few!

  87. Michael S.

    Outstanding product. With-in the first 50 rounds have noticed some wear on the top of the ejection port. Still happy with the overall appearance (just looks used) and not a show piece.

  88. Eugene V.

    Quality of the barrel is Excellent! Finish is Excellent! Dropped in G26 slide, fit and function was at its best. First 10 round mag run flawlessly, after that I dumped 3, 33 round mags and again… run flawlessly, no issues at all. Accuracy, no problem hitting 6” steel out to 16 yards, needless to say but I couldn’t be happier, I will be buying another Blacklist barrel soon as I near the end of another build. Oh, almost forgot, its also one mean ass looking barrel!

  89. Victor R.

    Love my new barrel for my Glock 19. Purchasing was easy and the emails from the company were hilarious. The product itself was flawless and I love how it looks in my weapon and how it fires. Great modification to my Glock.

  90. Terry M.

    These barrels not only look great, but perform great as well. I was even impressed with the packaging. I would say that the price is well worth it compared to competitors.

  91. RICHARD H.

    Love it. Lokks good shoots good

  92. Rich G.

    Barrel arrived in Tier 1 packaging. Literally a mini Pelican case for my new barrel. Replaced a KKM in my 21 and very happy I did. Not many barrels out there are going to shoot better than a KKM, but my new Blacklist barrel left no doubt. Every round thru the 1st 2 mags went thru the same ragged hole at 30ft. These are can’t miss barrels, and I will be getting more.

  93. charles l.

    Awesome company this is my second barrel from them.

  94. Terrence M.

    Best barrels on the market hands down

  95. Sean N.

    Great service and product

  96. Beon T.

    Love the barrel! I have a gen 5 26 and the tin barrel looks sick!!! The wait was torture, wish it came quicker. Not a complaint, I’m sure you guys are crazy busy and putting out quality takes time. I’ll probably shoot it this week and I’ll let you know how it goes. For sure getting another barrel for my 19! Thanks guys.

  97. Daniel P.

    Awesome simply awesome!!

  98. Matt G.

    I have not had an opportunity to use this barrel since I installed it in my Glock 19. However the craftsmanship is exceptional as I would expect from blacklist industries it looks fantastic with the gold barrel against the black gun. I will update my review after I Have a chance to use it. I fully expect an exceptional experience equal to the quality of their work.

  99. Aaron K.

    Great product. Couldn’t be happier.

  100. Thomas A.

    This was a good buy, my group was reduced by half with this barrel.

  101. Steven B.

    I was surpised, when I ordered web page said it would be 6-8 weeks on back order, I had it within a week! Have not had the opportunity to try it out other than to asemble and everything locked up great! I will say it is a beautiful barrel and when I get back one in couple weeks I will put it through its paces and report back.

  102. Gene V.

    Sorry I took so long getting here to write this review on the G26 barrel but, I had to sit around for a few days just admiring the dam thing. Barrel is Excellent! Fit, finish, rifling, and lock-up, again… Excellent! Oh, Very Accurate too! I run a few 10 round mags through it for the accuracy test, then I run 3, 33 round mags through it and it run flawlessly! I had no issues at all, Needless to say but I am very pleased with quality and accuracy of this barrel, only a matter of time and I will be ordering another, and another…. This is a tough barrel to beat for both quality, craftsmanship, and price. I Love it! Oh, did I mention it’s Freaking Awesome!

  103. Cas G.

    Arrived sooner then was stated. Shoots amazing. Tight groups. Bench shot it at 35 meters. 2-3in grouping for 3 rounds.

  104. Nicholas P.

    Got one for the glock 26 and there is a noticeable difference in grouping. Also the fluted design is Fuckin sick

  105. Sidney G.

    Initial impressions has to be the lock up. Releasing the slide has a distinct, crisp, metal to metal lock up that sounds solid and tight. I’ve swaped the factory barrel with the Blacklist threaded on my G19 and there is an obvious difference. The factory just feels sloppy to me now…and it’s the latest “marksman” labeled barrel. I’ve yet to take it to the range, but have high hopes. Also I’d like to add that shipping was lightening fast. I ordered on a Friday and had my barrel by Monday here in Houston TX. I was hesistant to buy from you guys, but after a few text messages with your customer support, I ordered up and received my email saying it was shipped! Fantastic.

  106. James Melito

    Both my dad and I own a Blacklist barrel. Ran both flawlessly from the first rounds through them. They nor only run great they are works of art to be admired. We have the black and the stainless. Looking to add the gold/tin next.

  107. Anthony A.

    After install I took to the range and shot some tight groups.

  108. matthew h.

    Looks great! Shoots better! No failures whatsoever in the first 200 rounds. Fit my gen 5 26 easily.

  109. Edward D.

    It was wall good but I do have some marking on where it is touching the slide when fired. Other than that I love it

  110. Ryan O.

    Fucking outstanding. Everyone wants quality, but no one wants to wait… The product you put out is well worth the wait. Thank you.

  111. Steve D.

    Excellent, accuracy great and looks awesome!

  112. John R.

    Running my Glock in stock form is typically the best route, but the few parts I would change are the barrel, trigger, sights, rear plate, and guide rod/factory rated spring. My only regret was not getting this barrel sooner and the Armor (Graphite Black) finish is a aesthetically pleasing touch. Better groupings and notable accuracy, but I do account for my excessive amount of range time with various ammo. Train constantly with quality equipment and this barrel is worth it. I would definitely recommend Blacklist barrels to my buddies and buy a second in Chameleon just for shits and giggles. This is a no brainer. Go get one.

  113. Marco C.

    Amazing fit. Aesthetics wonderful. Worth the wait

  114. John H.

    This is my second barrel purchase from Blacklist. That being said I’ll probably end up buying another eventually, they’re just that damn good. ZevTech is the only comparable brand as far as quality, myself and a few friends however feel the Blacklist provides much easier and better groupings. I wish I could afford to get one for one of my AR’s

  115. Shad N.

    I installed the barrel into my Glock 19. It felt good. It looked impressive. The first few shots worked well. Several shots later, it had a few stove pipes. I thought, what’s up with that I kept firing. About 200 shots later, my groupings were impressively tight. Most shots touching or going through the previous shot’s hole at 20 feet! The more I shot it, the more smoothly it shot with greater accuracy. I’m satisfied with the barrel overall.

  116. Tony B.

    The fit and finish is top notch. Will revisit the review after bustin’ some caps thru it.

  117. Carlos M.

    Out freakin standing

  118. Jason W.

    Waiting for the stamp for my can, for now the barrel will sit in wait.

  119. Karim b.

    Awesome overall n well made. I’m very satisfied with my purchase even though it took quite some time to receive my order BUT waiting time well worth it… A Will order again!

  120. John D.

    Very nice Barrel! Haven’t finished the build yet so I don’t know how well it shoots but the machining quality and attention to detail is Outstanding! I love the box!

  121. Tanner B.

    Exceptional. Bought the stuff and the stuff came. Superior packaging and products. This is my second barrel. I’d buy more but they only let me sell so much plasma at a time.

  122. Brandon H.

    This barrel was completely worth the wait. It is definitely the Rolex of Glock barrels. You will not be disappointed with this barrel and will be the talk fo the town with this piece of fine ass equipment.

  123. Jamie P.

    Love it. Super nice…..

  124. Cas Gerber

    Barrel came way sooner then was expected. Craftsmanship is outstanding. Super tight grouping from 3 meters out to 35 meters. Can’t wait to get more of these barrels. 55406195711__3AF15B64-2FFD-4CBD-8869-08E04F427A93.JPG Thanks BlackList for the box of awesomeness

  125. Terrence Mike

    Just got my barrel in and I have to say it’s worth the wait. I compared it to a buddy who ordered his from another company and hands down blacklist kills them in every category. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I come across and will be ordering another barrel for my wife’s Tiffany blue G43.

  126. bobby N.

    I was stuck between choosing a true precision barrel, l2d, and this. Ended up going with blacklist and couldn’t be happier

  127. Austin V.

    Looked great and performed even better!

  128. Zach Evans

    Took what felt like forever to get but beyond worth the wait. Made my gun unbelievably sexier. And scary accurate. I’m a horrible shot and this is firing less then 2” rounds out to 25 yards and was damn precise even out to 50. Guaranteed to be more accurate if you can actually shot. Love this product and brand

  129. Gary H.

    product performed as expected

  130. Robert S.

    Barrel was sick! Just what I ordered. I would definitely order from Blacklist again!

  131. Torrey J.

    This is the first aftermarket barrel I have purchased and love it. I took it to the range yesterday and it performed amazing. Will definitely be suggesting these to friends.

  132. Martin S.

    I picked up a drop-in Ultra Match for a G17-ish build and couldn’t be happier. Top notch quality… perfect fit and finish. When I ordered I was resigned to a long wait time, but was pleasantly surprised that it actually shipped out the very next day! I will definitely be ordering one of these for my 19 when the time comes.

  133. John G.

    The packaging was very impressive and the barrel shot excellent right out of the box with no issues.

  134. Daniel O.

    Haven’t been able to shoot it yet but there was a long wait time to get it ,After reading the reviews didn’t mind the wait but to my surprise in a couple of days had a email that the barrel was already shipped and a couple day after that was on my hands can’t wait to shoot it great experience overall

  135. Aaron C.

    The gun has been hand-fitted from multiple company’s parts by me as my first attempt to build a handgun. It’s nearly finished (awaiting a RMR and I still need to stipple it) and so far it’s nearly flawless. The minor issues I’ve had had not been from the barrel at all. I fitted it to a Zev Dragonfly and from my understanding Zev is the least forgiving.

  136. Steven F.

    Love this barrel. Accurate looks amazing.

  137. Roni

    This is by far the best barrel I’ve ever used on my gun, HANDS DOWN! The quality that Blacklist puts out is INSANE! If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it with Blacklist. I could not be happier with my barrel and magwell! Thank you Blacklist for making the highest quality products and having the best customer service out there!

  138. Adam V.

    top quality products but what sets blacklist apart is there presentation and attention to detail . The small things that sets them apart from the rest in my opinion

  139. Robert S.

    I bought this badass barrel and loved it so much, I had to buy the matching fluted guide rod. High quality products and awesome customer service.

  140. Anthony S.

    Amazing barrel. Looks great and shoots great. It’s a nice finish and is well worth the cash . Can’t wait to put a suppressor on the end. Great great emails and how they word them are priceless . Good company hands down

  141. Shawn B.

    It’s a tack driver!

  142. Todd G.

    Awesome. Barrels fit ,look, perform. Period.

  143. Nathaniel A.

    Amazing. Couldn’t have asked for anything better

  144. Paul J.

    Blacklist is amazing! The drop in barrel is legit! Definitely the hilight to my Polymer 80 Glock. Perfect match! No issues whatsoever. And the customer service is the best around! Will continue shopping with Blacklist Industries.

  145. Albert A.

    I overall love this barrel it got to me faster than I expected packaging was great had a little trouble installing it but it went on after I pulled the take down levers down but now they move from side to side I don’t know if that will go away with use but it’s not bad enough for me to remove the barrel

  146. Louis C.

    I have only run about 400 rounds through my new barrel to date so I am going to wait awhile before I make my final assessment.

  147. Alfredo M.

    I installed my barrel along with a apex trigger and improved my accuracy dramatically, great barrel ,machined to perfection . Keep up the great work .

  148. Jabnel E.

    This product is a top of the line barrel. The finish is awesome plus for myself is more accurate. Shipping was fast too. I would definitely buy again from black industries.

  149. gerardo m.

    Went our to the desert with my wife’s g19 and match rainbow barrel. I was hitting bull’ seyes at 300 yds 60% of the time, every time.

  150. Phillip W.

    Its almost midnight as I write this review. With tears in my eyes, my fingers shake and hit the wrong keys on my tiny phone as I try to express my happiness with this barrel. Now please read my Red Bull forced review that will leave you utterlessly shocked. These barrels are badass. Go buy one. What are you still reading this for No seriously, drop your shit, pull up your pants, clean yourself up and buy one. When it arrives at your house call all your friends and tell them your balls just dropped because you just raised the bar for quality. Blacklist as a company is a joy to work with. I loved receiving emails on order updates, hilarious. As a Vet I really admired the humor. I literally laughed out loud… I’m gonna pound another drink Fucking love you guys.

  151. Robert M.

    Excellent, top notch workmanship.

  152. Jose S.

    Fucken awesome! Thanks guys for my bad ass barrel

  153. Brian B.

    Dropped right in my Glock 23 and noticeable better fit. Shoots flawlessly although me…not so much. The threads are perfect prices and have a nice gasket for my Silencerco Hybrid and it ran flawlessly. Have had nothing but perfect performance from this and it looks spectacular. Think I want to get the slide lightening done by Jaggerwerks so I can appreciate the TiN (gold) barrel even more. Customer service with these guys is unmatched anywhere.

  154. Marc E.

    Love the fit and finish of this barrel and it looks oh so sexy. Makes you want to get down on your knees and beg for buttermilk, ass like a 10 year old boy!

  155. Chris C.

    Super accurate and everybody at the range just drools over it

  156. Matthew N.

    It’s pretty bitchin. Looks good and got here quick!??

  157. Reid H.

    So far the barrel is extremely nice haven’t shot it much but looking to shoot more out of it plus it looks very awesome with my gun.

  158. Bao T.

    I must say, I was shocked at the language used in the confirmation email I received after I placed my order. But shortly after receiving your product and installing it. My balls dropped. So, fuck you and your AMAZING products! I will be purchasing again Pansies!

  159. Samuel S.

    Bought the Ultra Match Barrel in Rainbow for my wife’s G17. She loved the color. I love the fact that the gun with that barrel groups exceptionally well. Kudos to Blacklist.

  160. Caleb W.

    Loved it will be back thanks

  161. Michael T.

    My overall experience using the new blacklist barrel for my Glock 43 has been awesome! Not only it looks badass on the gun but it’s performance is top notch as well. Great product guy’s thanks!!

  162. Sam Kyle

    I bought a blacklist for my G19. Took it to the range and compared it to the stock barrel. I was so impressed that I had to get one for my G26. The barrel will make a good shooter close his groups even tighter. Great barrel guys!

  163. Samuel S.

    Went on vacations to Mexico and y brother picked up the package for me and I asked him to send me pics of the items. He only sent me a pic of the barrel I said why he replied that’s everything in the package. I sent them a email about my issue but Blackindustries never replied. It’s $20.00 dollars that I am losing.

  164. Wayne S.

    I haven’t shot the mdl. 19 that this barrel will eventually be in but visually, this barrel looks nice. Finish looks good. This is the second “Blacklist” barrel I’ve purchased.

  165. Alex B.

    all products shipped on time. Great packaging. Coating on barrel has quite a bit of ware only after 250 rounds. But the lockup on it is better than OEM.

  166. Erik M.

    It cant be beat. Awesome barrel. Just get one.

  167. Travis W.

    Pairs perfectly with the Blacklist pin set! Shoots just like their Glock 19 barrel, amazing! Definitely happy with the purchase.

  168. Chuc N.

    Very accurate barrel with minimal decoration. I will only buy Blacklist from now on!

  169. ty t.

    Excellent fit, best barrel in the market.

  170. Johnny

    Color of the barrel is dead on. Craftsmanship is amazing. These barrels are the real deal. Shipping was a lot faster than expected. Highly recommend

  171. Jarel D.

    It is light years ahead of the competition, nothing else compares. Super fast shipping, very pleased with it, will buy some more!

  172. Derek N.

    Excellent barrel and the shipping was extremely fast!

  173. Matt A.

    Barrel is fantastic and customer service was excellent. Great company and will absolutely purchase again.

  174. Steven Floyd

    Got the threaded TiN barrel great fit and finish.

  175. John R.

    The barrel so far has been great. Helped slightly with groupings. Would have given 5 stars, but there was a delay in shipping.

  176. Bryan F.

    I have the 40 to 9 conversion barrel in my g23 and love it

  177. Jim C.

    have not had a chance to shot the gun yet. But if it shoots as good as the service from Blacklist it will be terrific. The barrel arrived on time and the packaging was excellent. the barrel looks great. I’m very confident it will shot as good as it looks. Hope to get to shoot it real soon. Having some other work done to the gun. But should be back soon.

  178. Matthew O.

    After receiving my tracking number for my order, the barrel was at my door in 3 days. Fast shipping and the barrel is A-1 quality. Highly recommend your products!

  179. BILLY M.


  180. Tim C.

    When you are so excited for that one thing you have been waiting for and it is so much better than expected. Yea its like that . Fucking awesome !!! Cant wait to order another barrel.

  181. Mark L.

    Great experience purchasing from your team. Will definitely be coming back to you for my future builds. Funniest emails I’ve ever received!!

  182. Rommel O.

    Superb! The thing shoots awesomely! Very reliable with different ammo, brands and weight, and cleans very easily! I’m getting another one for a different firearm! Thx guys.

  183. William R.

    Great Quality! I never thoughtI would say “this barrel is just plane sexy”. Couldn’t wait to get a shot out- perfection!

  184. David V.

    Shit’s awesome alright. I opened that box up and my expectations were immediately exceeded. Idk if its related at all but since receiving this barrel my girl says I’ve been better in bed. Thank you blacklist.

  185. Shawn E.

    First off, wanted to thank eveyone at Blacklist for their excellent customer service, and the craftmanship performed on my G43 Chameleon barrel. The groupings and accuracy are tight! Looking forward for future G43 products from Blacklist.

  186. Gregory W.

    I had zero issues after putting hundreds of rounds through this barrel at the range and accuracy is spot on. Will definitely buy here in the future.

  187. GABRIEL K.

    Amazing product

  188. Jody S.

    It was as if the gun gods Smiled down upon me not only is this the most bad ass barrel I ever had the pleasure of owning everything about this purchase was awesome from the ease of purchasing the lightning speed of delivery and the coolest customer service on the fucking planet! This barrel is not only extremely well made on top of great looking but it showed up well protected in a hard case and when I opened it to feast my eyes on the Awesomeness I swear I could hear the Angels Sing!

  189. Stacey C.

    This is the first after market barrel I have purchased. I love the packaging, the emails, the product! I turned around and immediately bought another one. And so did my husband. I’ve placed multiple orders for items since. I AM SUPER HAPPY!

  190. Richard M.

    It was awsome very good customer service love the Barrel.

  191. Richard S.

    I am very pleased with my Blacklist experience! Contact through text messages was easy, all my questions were answered in a timely manner! Shipping and delivery was quicker than anticipated!! And finally, the barrel performance is as advertised!! I’ll be buying again for other guns, and recommending Blacklist to my students!!

  192. Clint D.

    I was rather impressed when it arrived! My barrel came in a “pelican looking” protective case. The Barrel looks fucking awesome on my pf940c. Goldie Glocks as like to call her! Fucking Outstanding company! Thank you Blacklist Industries!

  193. Zachery G.

    If you really want to bust on some shit with style, this is the barrel to get. The finish is as sexy as Scarlett Johansson’s boobs, and the barrel quality is comparable to the quality of Bill Cosby’s date rape drugs. At first, I thought the price was high for what I was getting, but I think I was just being a bitch. Was definitely worth it…

  194. justin t.

    Awesome barrel you guys did great job!!It also showed up to my house at a fashionably time. Thanks blacklist!!!!

  195. Justin D.

    Great products!!

  196. Michael T.

    One of the best online transactions ever!

  197. Mark W.

    Takes a while to get it but the barrel is great. Super TiN finish. The chameleon one looks great too. Nice tight groupings.

  198. Jason V.

    I shot over 500 round with just a little discolored on my brand new TiN Glock 19 barrel but what amazes me the most is the accuracy from 10 to 50 yards. 147 gr ammo work the best with super tight grouping.

  199. Codey

    I have been searching for the Best Glock Barrel and thought I found it with Zev….And then this….You guys are so sick it is ridiculous I love this company and guarantee I only buy barrels from you guys from this point forward! Customer service is incredible and they had my barrel to me before my gun even came in!!! I ordered a new Glock43 and this barrel at the same time. The barrel arrived in exactly one week from the day of my purchase and it comes in the nicest package in the entire industry! I paid $294 for my Zev to come in a plastic sleeve and only $229 for this which comes in the pelican style case and the barrel has a better finish anyway!!! This barrel is flawless compared with my Zev which has a few minor imperfections. Seriously cannot wait for my Gun to come in so I can compare the accuracy with my Zev but I’m expecting nothing less than perfection couldn’t be Happier. Waiting for your Shield Barrel to get back in stock So I can order that. Stop your search for the perfect Glock barrel it lies with these guys. I Have a few pics id like to upload but not seeing where I can. the finish turned out mostly Green And I love it such a piece of work!!!! These are so unique

  200. John A.

    Fast Delivery and excellent item and services

  201. AG

    Serious attention to detail, presentation, packaging and build quality. Customer service is second to none (also, hilarious). Getting better groups at the range. And the presence it brings to my G19 is well noticed. I learned that the barrel travels to several states around the country for each phase of manufacturing, I like that; shows the research behind finding out who does what best. You can feel/see the American pride, that is so lacking in the industry lately.

  202. Joshua H.

    Excellent build quality and the finish is outstanding. I’ve ran a fair amount of aftermarket barrels now in my glocks but I have to say I’ve never been as impressed as I am with the blacklist barrel. I’ve noticed accuracy has been improved and I feel a lot more comfortable using p ammunition with this camber then I do with any factory barrel and even some aftermarket barrels. Long story short if your on the fence nut up and pick up some badass Glock barrel goodness.

  203. Ron R.

    First class product and service! I build quite a few guns and they’re not complete unless they carry a blacklist barrel! They’ve not only made my guns look killer, but they’ve also tightened my groups and made me a better shooter. After using these barrels I’m afraid to try anything but a blacklist barrel. Thank you again Reco for a excellent product and service! You’ve earned a lifelong customer! Rratmaster

  204. Bill I.

    This is exactly what my Glock needed this is the best purchase for a Glock super accurate and looked great too . Thanks again wish it didn’t take so long to get but great product

  205. Andrew M.

    Haven’t had a chance to shoot with it yet, slide is out for milling, but shipping was fast and product was as described, great box and presentation… very happy with it so far

  206. Stephanie R.

    I put these barrels in my G26 G4/ G17 G4 and ordering 1 for my G34 G4 and will be putting 1 in my G19 also. Wwarmong up 4 some local pistol competitions and the G17 is my duty weapon 4 work. The Phuk barrels are accurate as Hell. I have no issued with these barrels. They fit tight in the slide no rattle like the stock barrels and they shoot straight as an arrow..! I do recommend this companies barrels..! Thx a lot guys at Blacklist..!

  207. John L.

    Fucking outstanding.

  208. Chaz D.

    The barrel shipped fast, looks good, and ran great. No failure to feed or jams. Would recommend this barrel for anyone in the market for aftermarket parts.

  209. Robert M.

    These guys rock. I’ll be buying more.

  210. Eric K.

    This barrel is absolutely amazing. Not only does is look good, it performs as well. I put 500 rounds through it at the range as soon as I got it. The things accurate as fuck, put a whole 32 round mag through the center of my target with little effort. Worth the price, and I got it in about 2 weeks total. Highly recommend ??

  211. Darryl Adams

    The best quality, this company needs more exposure. Good shit only!

  212. Jeffrey R.

    The gold threaded barrel for my Glock 17 was all that it was described to be. I only wish the wait time from order to delivery was not so lengthy. Other than that, i wouldn’t look anywhere else.

  213. Wyatt D.

    Great company. The wait is well worth it. Works flawless and the craftsmanship is amazing.

  214. KEVIN L.

    Although my barrel took some extra time to complete. I am fully satisfied with the quality of work. Well worth the wait. I did enjoy the sense of humor that comes along with the costumer service. Will be back for more !

  215. Armando H.

    Man…. what can I say When I first purchase my glock 17 drop in match all threaded barrel. Damn son, it’s pretty accurate and I rapid the shit out those barrel. It’s can handle the toughness and pressure. That’s when I purchase the other two. (1921). Better get yours. It ain’t gonna always going be on stock.

  216. William E.

    What can I say, you guys knocked it outta the park with this chameleon barrel. I’ve noticed tighter groups over the stock barrel and not to mention it’s fucking beautiful! I will definitely be buying more Blacklist barrels for my other pistols!

  217. Michael T.

    Great product, easy install and most importantly of all it works! Much tighter lock up and feels much more consistent.

  218. Zach A.

    This’ll barrel is the shit! Lock up is tight and it shoots true. The coating looks sick and holding up great so far. So, do I recommend this barrel Fuck Yeah!

  219. Alfredo S.

    Awesome email letting me know when they shipped amazing barrel no problem at all with fit. I will be buying another for the G17.

  220. Christopher P.

    Beautiful barrel, sexy as hell.

  221. Guillermo H.


  222. Kimberly C.

    Very fast shipping and great barrel and loved the emails also so if your in the market for one buy blacklist it’s worth it

  223. Anthony R.

    Very satisfied with the product! Amazing craftsmanship! I went with the gold ultra match barrel drop in for my Glock 19. My gun looks flawless now great work guys!

  224. Christopher M.

    Love these damn things in both my Glock 17 and 19! Solid lockup, great accuracy and easy to clean. Now if I could just get my last backordered barrel. Worth the wait!

  225. Fernando F.

    Product is very well made and of top quality and shipping was super fast I would buy from Blacklist again with confidence

  226. Dustin D.

    Came way quicker than expected and couldn’t be happier.

  227. ryan m.

    First off the crew at blacklist industries are top notch. I received my order faster than the turn of a nob on a shit house door. I ordered the threated glock 19 barrel in the chameleon finish and was very pleased with its appearance along with its function, it’s closed by grouping ever more and can now run the comp I’ve been wanting to install. However I don’t know if this is the same case with all “chameleon” finished barrels but mine has severe blemishing with less than 1,500 rounds through it. Of course the barrel functions the way it’s intended to, but damn near the whole top of the tube is now chrome

  228. Samuel T.

    One of my first add ons to my Glock. Plug and play, with no issues… I recommend everyone get them a piece of America and shop with Badass Blacklist.

  229. Tuan V.

    I’m in the midst of an epic Glock 19 build and sourcing a barrel was most challenging given the options out in the market. Thought I’d give Blacklist a try and I couldn’t be happier. Everything from the packaging, swag gear, and barrel was top notch. I wish I had four hands so I could give it four thumbs up!

  230. Brandon M.

    Great. This barrel looks Awesome. I have not shot it yet because I am doing some other modifications, however it came in a nice case and a blacklist patch and sticker.

  231. Chaz

    I bought the G23 ultra match grade barrel. It came a lot faster than advertised. Good quality product. Would definitely recommend this barrel to anyone in the market for aftermarket parts.

  232. Aaron P.

    Much success. Great like. Much Wow.

  233. Angie M.

    My new barrel is beautiful and functions flawlessly.

  234. Dylan B.

    Took forever but was worth the wait !

  235. Whitney W.

    These people working here are the rock stars of the drop in barrel industry! They understand quality and performance. Bottom line, these barrels are the best you’ll find.

  236. David R.

    I love the barrel! Quality is 10/10! I will always keep my business with you guys. I have purchased other things since from you. Thanks for the fast service and notifications. You don’t find that often.

  237. Joseph T.

    Nothing to say other than i fucking love this shit blacklist sells. I have 2 ultra match barrels and the black list bolt carrier. I will only have blacklist barrels in my glocks. That’s that. Fuckin love you guys! “GOOD SHIT AINT CHEAP, CHEAP SHIT AINT GOOD.”

  238. David G.

    looks great, works great, dropped in like a charm, cant ask for much more

  239. clayton P.

    Quick shipping and easy install. Shoots and looks great

  240. Jesse S.

    Shoots clean and looks amazing.. Love it!

  241. Ethan V.

    I picked up this barrel about a month ago and already have close to 1,000 rounds through it. Lock up seems a bit tighter than factory and the finish is holding up really well. Plus, it looks phenomenal, especially paired up with their guide rod.

  242. Wes A

    Excellent craftsmanship, barrel fits perfectly. Great communication from customer service.

  243. Wesley A.

    Perfect fit, excellent craftsmanship and customer service!

  244. Michael C.

    They look awesome fit perfect I have not had a chance to fire them I am sure they will be just as good as all of your other products

  245. Frank H.

    Great communication and my barrel arrived within a week or so. I have run @250 rounds through and have not had any problems at all. Great fit and finish!!!

  246. Samuel P.

    Only got 400 rounds thru my G23 9mm conversion barrel so far. But let me tell you the thing is incredible, the TIN gold finish on it is badass, also it’s easy to clean off. It feeds and ejects fine only had 2 jams on the first 100rds but after havent had the issue.

  247. Joseph A.

    The fit and finish on this barrel is amazing. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  248. Braeden C.

    I just took my glock out to the range the product worked excellently! Very accurate and easy to clean. I also wanted to take the time to say that I absolutely love the customer service that your company provides

  249. Timothy G.

    Not only is this product everything I hoped it would be, but you took your 7-9 week lead time and threw it out the fucking window. I received my order faster than a greased up pantless thundergoose on speed. Well played Blacklist… Well played. Will 100% recommend you to anyone, and will likely be Ordering again in the future.

  250. Yan D.

    it is perfect the beautiful finish very different from the other good price in the future I will send more!

  251. Bryan L.

    My experience with the company was awesome, was told barrel would take forever and a day to ship and they lied, got the barrel pretty fast, the fit inside my factory slide was so perfect that there is hardly any slop at all, now I have friends with the glock 43 that I’m convincing them to buy 1 for themselves, I would buy from this company again

  252. Joshua J.

    Excellent craftsmanship, but I’m still waiting for my glock 21’s return from ATEI guns so I can shoot the fucker!

  253. Cody R.

    You will not find a better barrel on the market. Period.

  254. Kenny S.

    I couldn’t imagine Glock perfection without this barrel…. it’s the most accurate out of the box barrel I have ever shot perfectly designed very tight tolerances with my Zev Tech slide looks great fits great and goes Bang right…. this barrel is the mother fuckin shit!!!!!!!

  255. Colton R.

    Looks awesome and performs amazing. Shot about 300 rounds through it the first day without a single problem.

  256. Iyad z.

    Best Quality Ever

  257. SCOTTY P.

    Timely shipping of a great looking barrel. Customer service was awesome to change the color since I picked wrong one just by me emailing them.

  258. Michael L.

    Really good. Didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive

  259. RICKY G.

    I’ve already ordered multiple times!!

  260. Pedro R.

    G23 barrel shipped in two days. It was a shelved item. It’s a bad ass barrel. The guys at Blacklist are helpful. Overall I am very pleased with my experience. I ordered another barrel and all the extras for G19 now. However it’s 7-9 weeks lead time. Hate waiting but hopefully it’s worth it. Recommend these guys for anyone looking for glock upgrades.

  261. Kirk T.

    Nice shot groups. Great color and texture. Very happy with.

  262. Gevork K.

    Got my barrel the other day for my gen 3 glock23 . Pure quality and high end craftsmanship! Excellent fit and finish! Highly recomend! A

  263. Michael B.

    You guys lived up to the hype! Purchased the TiNi barrel for my FDE G26. Really super looks, great comments from budds, and perfect drop-in fit. Locks up tight (unlike stock barrel), accuracy is far better than I need to be, but I’m forever a mechanical engineer. Great job, guys!

  264. nathan G.

    Wow, My 2nd Barrel. one on my 43 and now on my 17, absolutely top notch. Definetly a noticeable improvement in grouping. You really notice a difference at a longer distance. Well worth the money.

  265. Robert J.

    Took out shooting and I’m very pleased. Thought I might have some issues, but it fed every thing I put in it and ejected every shell with no problem

  266. Charles S.

    I’m extremely impressed with my new barrel. Quality is second to none. Can’t wait to use it!

  267. Jacob B.

    Firstly, the packaging is dope af. The barrel for my 26 was flawless. Thanks guys.

  268. John T.

    Just got my blacklist barrel for my 43….. and holy shit, I’m impressed! This is one of the most beautiful barells I’ve ever seen! If you’re thinking of getting one, dont be a dumbass and buy it. I’m hoping blacklist expands some of their offerings, and makes these barrels for the Sig p320.

  269. Brian L.

    Looks awesome. Haven’t shot it yet. Took a while to get but worth it

  270. Gregory H.

    Great conversion barrel. Customer service was excellent. Called to ask a few questions prior to ordering. Really helpful and friendly service. Even went out of their way to help me modify an existing order to add additional items so I wouldn’t have to pay additional shipping in a separate order. Really great service and products.

  271. Leverett D.

    When you’re in the marketplace that may sell products similar to yours. There are certain things that may allow a company to stand out . In this case it’s quality and craftsmanship of their product… You can see the time and passion they put into what they’re doing…

  272. Greg L.

    Not sure how or why my order was so special, but it was awesome. The lead times when I placed my order were 7-9 weeks. The only thing I could think of was maybe my military program purchase code they gave me got my ordered pushed through faster. From the time that I placed my order until it was at my doorstep was 8 days including the weekend. I haven’t actually used the barrel yet because my suppressor is still in route to me. Everything else has been awesome. Thanks.

  273. Alexander A.

    Great product, excellent customer service. Will purchase again

  274. Samuel M.

    Just like peanut Butter and Jelly. Have to say lead time was perfection as mentioned. Fits and looks Great just haven’t used it yet. You all Did a Man Proud. Thanks Sam

  275. Jared S.

    Amazing product

  276. Rob C.

    Just received my G19 barrel and this product is top notch and looks awesome! I have another one on order now and can’t wait for it to get here. The waiting period sucks but what you get in return, it’s worth the wait. Customer service is on point as well. I will be ordering more components for my build by these folks hands down.

  277. Roderick K.

    Barrel is high quality and shoots very accurate! Much better than the factory barrel.

  278. Kyler S.

    Fucking excellence

  279. Noli F.

    Very stylish and accurate… had this one ordered for my G19 and shot over 500 rds with flawless results on the first try..!!

  280. Eric F.

    Tested the Blacklist barrel against my Glock OEM barrel. At 25 yards, groups were 1.8″ with the Glock barrel and 1.2″ with the Blacklist. Over 1000 rounds through the barrel with no failures. I have 3 Blacklist barrels now. All have been great!

  281. Michael B.

    If they made more parts that I needed, I’d buy them

  282. JB b.

    Bought threaded barrel for my Glock 19. Earlier turn around than they thought which was nice like an early Christmas. Barrel is amazing. Love their style of barrel and communication

  283. Trevor L.

    Barrel was exactly what I was looking for so far only about 1000rnds down the pipe but finish is holding up well, barrel slide lock up is tight, and it’s threaded you know for comp reasons.

  284. Douglas R.

    Perfect! Plenty of looks and compliments. (Because that’s what really matters!)

  285. Brandon P.

    Great communication great service fast shipping got my Barrel in less then expected time very very happy

  286. Tim H

    I would just like to take the time to drop a quick line and State Thank You and Great Work. The craftsmanship on this Glock 43 Tin/Fluted/Threaded Piece of Art is well done and what was really unexpected is that I received the barrel 6 Days after placing my order. Got to put this together and hit the range. Keep up the Great Job and Thanks. Shipping was just awesome……….

  287. Gregory J.

    I was excited about trying out a Blacklist barrel and couldn’t wait to receive it in the mail. In my opinion this upgrade for my G21 was well worth the extra expense. No issues firing ammo and grouping was great. A1!!!!

  288. Jonathan F.

    Great service and communication, fantastic product and shipped in its own custom sealed box.

  289. Scott Dillingham

    This is one SUPER nice barrel, PERFECTION! Detail second to none! ITS JUST BAD ASS!! BLACKLIST is the only barrel I will ever buy! Customer service is OUTSTANDING, 7 to 9 weeks lead time, these guys work there asses off! Got my barrel in three weeks. Ordering one for my MOD ONE FIREARMS GLOCK 19 GEN 4.

  290. Nathanael L.

    These guys were great! It said no stock online, but I called them and asked if there might be one hiding out somewhere, and there was! The only thing is their super cool packaging was a few weeks away so I had to wait…I asked if they could ship the barrel right away and the packaging later when they received it, and next thing I know it I get an email saying it’s shipped! Customer service is extremely easy to get along with, and their accommodation for customers is like no other(stil waiting on getting the barrel packaging sent out though! But I’m sure that’ll be resolved quickly). As for the product, it works exactly like it’s supposed to. With a 1/10 twist, it’s so much better for the heavier rounds, and my groupings definitely are tighter. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a possibility! You have a customer for life!

  291. BRIAN C.

    Top notch build. Quality barrel for my duty weapon.

  292. Dallas H.

    Did a sage Dynamics class this weekend 1/20-1/21-18 no problem with the barrel whatsoever

  293. Anthony S.

    This shit is the motherfucking bomb. If I could stick my dick in it I would.

  294. Alexander P.

    Superior product. Fit and finish top notch. The Logo looks sick in every different color I have. This time around it was another barrel for one of my glock 43’s. I chose Armor (graphite black) the color in person is so much better than the pictures. It is a lot more grey than black and it contrasts the slide quite well. I have already gotten compliments on it. Looking forward to my next purchase.

  295. Chad W.

    I was told it was going to be a 7 to 9 weeks before shipping. I was very pleased to have it within two and a half weeks. It is of excellent quality I love the fact that it comes with its own box even has a patch. So far my experience is excellent I only have about 1000 rounds through it time will tell

  296. Jovan R.

    Speechless…. can’t go wrong with this barrel!! Ran 200 rounds, no problems. FullSizeRender.jpg

  297. Patrick L.

    Quality and service was great… Said back order and was going to wait 9 weeks but got it in a couple weeks

  298. Michelle E.

    We love these barrels, so much in fact, we have three of them for our Glock 19’s.

  299. Edsel V.

    Barrel arrived 2-3 weeks earlier than the expected lead time. I was extremely pleased with the finsh and overall quality of the barrel. I’ve put about 100 rounds through it and have been extremely pleased with the accuracy so far.

  300. John L.

    As always. Perfect

  301. DJ B.

    This thing looks SWEET, craftsmanship is total perfection, and it performs flawlessly…. Only way you can make it better Add a 10% off coupon

  302. Dakota M.

    Barrel looks even better in person! Superb quality and the packaging is equally as nice. Awesome company to deal with, It definitely won’t be my last order from them!

  303. Jonathan L.

    Added another black list barrel. After getting and using one for a while I had no other choice when it came to my next purchase. The best is the best so it’s hard to buy another brand after using one.

  304. Robert S.

    Absolutely beautiful.

  305. Elmer B.

    Looks awesome only thing is blacklist logo is not all rainbow more like gold

  306. Jeff B.

    The craftsmanship of my G19 chameleon barrel is more art-like than it is a gun part. And the accuracy is certainly on point. This might be the most interesting and practical (and pretty!) modification I’ve performed on a pretty highly massaged G19. Only thing I wish I would have done is ordered it non-suppressor ready as the barrel pokes me a little when carried IWB. IDEA BLACKLIST: Want to make me a good deal on another barrel! God Bless you guys for what you do.

  307. Peter S.

    Good tolerance, fitting, finish, packaging, presentation, and order updates. 3 weeks sooner than expected.

  308. Lauren D.

    Top notch fit and finish. It looks and performs great paired with my agency arms urban combat slide, and agency frame.

  309. John S.

    It goes pew pew

  310. j dale

    this is a bad muther fucker. Dam perfect fit. Shoots like a boss. completely happy with the wait to get it, so worth it. im glad I went with this than the other option s3f. I believe this as the right choice for me, I highly recommend these.

  311. nathan G.

    Wow. Just wow. Turned my glock 43 into a 50 yard tack driver. Never expected such accuracy out of such a small gun. Ordering a barrel for my 19 and replacing another match barrel i had bought from a different company for my 17 with one from blacklist. There is just no comparison. I love wilson combat and in all honesty I have not used one if their Glock barrels as they didn’t offer one for the 43 but I own several wilson guns and shoot a lot. These barrels are absolutely top notch.

  312. Thaddeus J.

    This purchase was Wurf it. Each email received, from confirmation of order, to shipping confirmation was Wurf the time to read all the way through. The barrel is of high quality and Wurf every penny spent. The packaging was superb and well Wurf the wait, everything was in impeccable condition when I received it. I am by no means a competition shooter, but I have noticed a correlation between this barrel and tighter groups. If you are contemplating a Blacklist industries barrel. Do it. It is Wurf.

  313. William K.

    Ordered barrel for Glock 23. Drop in no gunsmithing. Break in went smoothly. Had 1 jamb in first mag. No malfunctions since. Shot about 300 rounds. Excellent product and cool company. Will buy from them again.

  314. Laura W.

    Order was a Christmas gift with a 7 to 9 week back order, knowing this I still hoped it would get here on time for our son and Christmas miracles still happen, it was 2 weeks early! Thank you, thank you

  315. Gabriel G.

    Love it! I felt some accuracy through it the finished titanium nitride finish is holding off so far 600 rounds through the barrel. Very minimum ware love the design, the fluting, perfect, and lighter than OEM. Lock up is very tight. Really couldn’t ask for more. Thank you blacklist industry- love you guys

  316. John L.

    Great barrel. Great company A

  317. Leon B.

    Blacklist’s ultra match barrels are very well made, indeed. They are quite clearly machined with precise tolerances and, as an added benefit, they are visually appealing. In addition, each ultra match barrel is considered to be a “work of art”. It is fitting that Blacklist sprinkles these barrels with rare prehistoric meteorite matter, which has the unique and undeniable effect of transforming the shooter into one of the highest caliber, capable of delivering sub-1/4 MOA performance in almost uneventful fashion. Ok, some of this may be a slight exaggeration, but not the part about the ultra match barrels being extremely well made and worth the money. They really are that good.

  318. anthony t.

    Have not had the opportunity to use it yet but packaging and quality of the product were excellent, will purchase more items in the future

  319. Andy A.

    Awesome product. Worth the wait.

  320. Charles H.

    Can’t say enough good about this barrel!

  321. john s.

    Truth seekers,and fellow patriots, This is the straight scoop so I won’t put it in code so even the liberal antifas can understand….this fucker is awesome, beautiful and is by all accounts so accurate it makes me look like good. The gold tcin looks like its right out of the box although I only have 300 rounds through it. Even the box it came in was impressive. I just bought another one in 9mm. Price is right as well.

  322. Lauren E.

    Awesome! Looks great in the gun. Perfect Christmas gift!

  323. Ryan L.

    This barrel is flawless and is worth every penny. I will not use any other company for my Glock barrels besides Blacklist. The customer service was also second to none. I had zero issues with my order and everywhere I go and shoot people are always in awe over the new Blacklist barrel. I will be a repeat customer for the next 6 glocks I do and I highly recommend this outfit to anyone in the market for a barrel!

  324. Robert K.

    Great looking barrel, spot on accuracy. Quality workmanship.

  325. Mark H.

    Tighter patten than stock block barrel.

  326. Mark S.

    …with a Chameleon barrel for your Glock. It’ll add an entire new dimension to the appearance of your handgun.

  327. Jay D.

    These drop ins are the tits

  328. ian f.

    Great packaging. Beautiful barrel. Fitment is great. Can’t wait to send some lead through it

  329. corey V.

    This is my second blacklist barrel purchase. And once again. Nothing but perfection. Made me a lifetime customer.

  330. Brett L.

    I purchased a threaded barrel for my Glock 19 at the end of Oct. The Blacklist team emailed me confirming my order, then emailed again when my item was shipped just as they promised. Received my barrel in 5 weeks, which was faster that the posted 7-9 week time frame. It looks awesome, my G19 looks awesome! Very satisfied

  331. Caleb K.

    Title says it all!

  332. jeffrey l.

    It works great and looks awesome thanks for the great product..

  333. Chris H.

    Shipping was as they said!! Answered all my questions. That barrel shoots amazing!!

  334. Carlton C.

    Form start to finish could not have been any easier. I expected to wait weeks but got it much sooner with an awesome follow up email.

  335. Rob M.

    Awesome, thank you so much. Oh and the Leadtime wasn’t long at all.

  336. Vincent C.

    Great product quality work with fast shipping time. Love the product!!!

  337. David D.

    just amazing i recommend this barrel 100%

  338. John H.

    Best threaded barrel I’ve ever used. Much better than silencerco which jam relentlessly..

  339. Philip B.

    Best transaction EVER!!! OUTSTANDING product, AMAZING customer service and hands down the BEST communication I have ever seen. Thank you Blacklist, I definitely see more of your product in my future.

  340. Scott V.

    I ordered your Glock 43 threaded barrel with TiNi finish. Looks hot! Shoots hotter! Very nice piece and I’m extremely happy. The update emails your guys send are the best! Thank you for a great product and I will be purchasing more in the near future.

  341. Shawn S.

    Great company. i received my order sooner than expected. Buy a couple of weeks.I would definitely do business with this fine company again. You rock.

  342. Greg G.

    Excellent service. Fast turnaround. Highly recommend.

  343. Jessie L.

    Couldn’t be happier with my threaded barrel! Received it in 4 days with a 7-9 week lead time

  344. Paul A.

    Love the new barrel just what I needed

  345. John B.

    Coolest and nicest barrel I have. Even to afraid to shoot it cause I don’t want no wear on it. Excelent barrel I give it 5 stars. I have the chameleon version.

  346. James A.

    Much more accurate than the stock barrel and even better accuracy than the Agency “match” barrel I’ve been using lately.

  347. Anthony C.

    Excellent 200 rounds worked perfectly

  348. Big T.

    I recently installed the Blacklist G19 Threaded Barrel in my Glock 19 and sighted it in with my RMR. The results were incredible! It prefers 147gr and 124gr 9mm ammo and I noticed a significant increase in accuracy over my Lone Wolf and OEM barrel. The fit was perfect and didn’t require any modification and I really like how they include an O ring to keep the thread protector in place as well as some awesome SWAG and a BAD ASS hard case. I’ve used a lot of barrels from a lot of different companies and the experience from Blacklist is by far the best!

  349. Floyd Hobbs

    Really attractive upgrade.

  350. Jackson F.

    Very accurate barrel.. also very nice looking as well. My 3rd Blacklist product and always exceeds my expectations.

  351. Francisco

    Love the barrels

  352. Ryan W.

    Both barrels are a work of art and perform flawlessly. They both arrived in separate plastic cases and were packaged very well. I will definitely purchase these in the future and I would recommend them to anyone.

  353. Colt T.

    Everything seems to function great and very little break in time

  354. August J.

    High quality barrel for my glock…would highly recommend!

  355. Marc S.

    This comp is the t!t$!!!!!

  356. Robert Nichols

    I Picked a G-19 chameleon barrel from a gun shop Here In So Cal . The thing shoots Awesome groups . I like it so much i need to get windows on the sides to show it off a little. So impressed that I want one for my G-34 in chameleon also . just not crazy on the long wait times . quality wise it is worth it guess I need to just DOIT

  357. Chris A.

    Overall experience was great. It did take a very long time to get the barrel, but you cant really blame them on that one because of the Hurricane troubles that had.

  358. Jeffery L.

    One of the best aftermarket glock barrels I’ve ever used. As a machinist I can tell how much time the good people at blacklist put into their products. I was also very impressed/surprised the packaging it came in, I was not expecting the hard case or the patch, I will definitely be buying from them again.

  359. Jason D.

    Having used their barrels, I think its the best. It takes awhile to get and the price point isn’t bad, but nothing worth while is cheap and instant. After waiting a few months, I’m proud of my purchase as it exceeds my expectations! I’d highly……I mean HIGHLY recommend this product to every Glock owner!

  360. Edward M.

    This was the second barrel from you guys. Love them both. Wish you would make Glock 10mm barrels. Hopefully in the future you will.

  361. LOUIS P.

    My overall experience with Blacklist was Excellent. , Thanks guys good job.

  362. Israel L.

    Very well-crafted, accurate, and awesome-looking replacement for the stock Glock barrel!

  363. Jack W.

    Got the (tin) threaded barrle for my 19 and love it the finish is absolutely the easiest surface to clean with very little effort love this product would highly recommend it to others

  364. Anthony R.

    Fit, finish,function Flawless

  365. Isaac B.

    This barrel is the $hit!!! It eats every kind of ammo I’ve put through it. 115 Tula,federal champion,Winchester 124 federal hst, 147 Winchester. Absolute laser when it comes to accuracy and I’ve made hits on a 12oz mountain dew can at over 70 yards!!! I would buy again for sure!! On top of that it was in my mailbox in about 6 weeks.

  366. Hannah C.

    The glock barrel I got was awesome! Loved the color! And it all pieces together perfect! Super impressed. Thanks blacklist industries!

  367. David C.

    Great Product, will but more but the lead time is a little long, and MP Barrels are never in stock, But if your a Glock Guy they have you covered..

  368. Tim B.

    Fast delivery and it looks absolutely beautiful! Will definitely refer a friend.

  369. William C.

    I ordered a blacklist barrel but that’s not exactly what I got. I got the most beautiful polished gold tin Barrel that God himself cast down from heaven. When blacklist says it’s a drop in barrel they truly mean it. Anyone that sees my gun with the blacklist barrel they say that’s my next purchase. I will only buy blacklist barrels and refer all my friends and strangers who are looking for top-of-the-line Glock barrels.

  370. Wayne M.

    This is how a barrel is supposed to be made. I always say you get what you pay for. Would purchase again. Thanks

  371. jared c.

    get service and great product. very pleased with my purchase.

  372. James R.

    This barrel has performed with absolute and incredible accuracy, and it has done so without any break in period necessary! I have had SF3, agency, lonewolf, Zev, and KKM Barrels and NONE have performed this great out of the box. The finish on the chameleon barrel is also incredible and has shown VERY little wear for the amount of rounds through this barrel. The lugs are still crisp along the edges and it fits amazing even after nearly 2300 rounds. I’m overly impressed and would highly recommend this barrel to anyone. Thanks blacklist and I will be purchasing another barrel from you guys.

  373. Heath C.

    Great Company! I will definitely be ordering another in the near future!

  374. jesse c.

    The quality and workmanship is absolutely flawless. As far as accuracy is concerned I wish I would have known about the company sooner. Consistently shot tighter groups after comparing the glock factory barrel to the blacklist barrel. I’ll definitely be pickIng one up for my glock 17 soon.

  375. Saw M.

    Blacklist is awesome. Their customer service is amazing and their humor is pleasant. Once you buy a product from them, you’ll see what I mean by their humor. Now to the product: g19 TIN barrel The storage box that the barrel comes in is super cool and a great spot to put your oem barrel. Foam inserts and clamp type seal. I put around 400 rnds down range. Mix of 115, 124, and 147 grain. The barrel worked flawlessly. No jams at all. The rnds fed and ejected fine. And the TIN looks good as [email protected] Would buy again Thanks

  376. Andrew Q.

    The level of customer service is fantastic and comes with some humor. The level of communication regarding purchase and shipping was great. The quality of the packaging was also a real nice touch. The product itself is great. Accurate (as long as you have the fundamentals down) as one could hope from match grade. Was hitting clay pigeons that were placed at 25yrds on a dirt mound and groupings at ten yards were very tight.

  377. Sean B.

    Love the new barrel. Services were top notch

  378. Seth O.

    Haven’t been able to get too much range time so far (maybe 300 rounds) but there is no doubt it adds a awesome aesthetic touch to my Glock 19. I purchased the Titanium Nitrite barrel (the gold one) which clearly is a big color difference than the OEM barrel. With this in mind understand that you really need to clean your gun after every range day. I am very disciplined in doing so, but with the difference in color I realized that even after a thorough cleaning you will still see some remnants of residue (which as a clean freak bothers me a bit). Make sure to keep the cap on the threaded end when firing, otherwise residue gets in those crevices its a bitch to clean out. As a side note, I purchased a threaded barrel and added a compensator. With the compensator on, the casing will not eject. After doing some research it looks like I would need a weaker recoil spring if i want to continue to use this compensator (I do not own a silencer YET so I am unsure how it would preform).

  379. Jason A.

    Completely satisfied and blown away. Let’s start at the beginning….. great feedback and communication from BLACKLIST right from the beginning. Shipped much quicker than expected… amazing cool packaging. Easy installation obviously. It looks amazingly cool… as 400 rounds in, perfection. I’m in love

  380. Michael M.

    This is by fare the best battle I have ever owned. Absolutely love the rainbow. Thanks guy

  381. William F.

    Fit like a glove with no other work involved. Great product and Great Company!

  382. ty t.

    Awesome produce…great detailing..

  383. Timothy S.

    Barrel dropped right in to my Glock 19. Has no issues when I took it to the range. I put about 150 rounds through it. Looks great. Everyone who saw it said that it looks awesome. Will definately buy more products from Blacklist. Thanks

  384. Marty R.

    Bad Ass!!! Love the gold look and seems like my groupings are tighter!

  385. JIM R.

    It’s a top notch barrel right out of the package, I really didn’t need to polish it but I did and now it outstanding

  386. Nasiru W.

    I’ve bought 4 threaded barrels from this company, and they’re worth it. The updated design is badass..

  387. Oukuen S.

    Awesome piece for my collection of parts! Fits snugly into my slide and shoots even better than before!!! Thnx broskis and broskets?

  388. Joseph G.

    Was completely blown away by the quality of this barrel. Every other company is mid-grade compared to BLACKLIST INDUSTRIES.

  389. Jonathan L.

    In love with everything so far. Bought it before the lead time was taken away but it was worth the wait

  390. Matthew D.

    WOW…what an decisive difference in round placement after dropping in my UItra Match Barrel into my G43. Can’t wait to get another gun running one!!

  391. Jordan K.

    It kicks @zz. Great customer service

  392. Eric S.

    Looks and feels great. Awesome customer service!

  393. James R.

    This barrel is great. It looks good, has a great finish and is a tac driver. I put several bullets through the same hole. Two groups at 10 yards (on a bench I won’t lie) both 1” groups. Great barrel thanks guys.

  394. Jason W.

    Happy these guys would make me a barrel in a 40cal. Trust these guys to send out a great product. There packaging is second to none

  395. Tyler J.

    So i ordered this barrel to go along with my slide that i had recently milled and cerakoted. This barrel is absolutely amazing and it shoots right on the dot. no break in period. Plus i can run my suppressors on my gun now so that just makes the barrel that much better. Awesome job Blacklist. You guys really knocked it out of the park. Oh and i also got my barrel 3 weeks before the estimated lead time.

  396. mike j.

    Looks Beautiful. Runs Flawlessly. Follow up is a welcomed change of pace. You put the competition to shame in every aspect. No more Lone Wolf for me.

  397. Nicholas P.

    The Rainbow Barrel I purchased is flawless and looks amazing. Comes in a really nice case with a patch and some stickers which I wasn’t expecting. I had to remove the Oring that keeps the thread protector from unscrewing in order for it to slide into the frame, just something I wasn’t informed of or didn’t read but quick fix with some critical thinking. Definitely would buy again and recommend to anyone.

  398. Christopher L.

    I got the gold drop in threaded barrel for my glock 19 and the shit looks hype. People know who the badass is when I roll up to the range with my custom glock. Just kidding, its not me. Custom glocks are the modded subaru wrx’s of the gun world. 90% of people in their cars are driving by thinking “Jesus, that motherfucker looks stupid as hell, why would you ruin a perfectly good car that way”. Same goes for the custom glocks, but goddamn does my gun make me happy. Kudos to you blacklist, you have one badass product. Keep up the god-tier work. Love you fuckers.

  399. Glen H.

    Love the barrel. Received a few weeks ago and I have run about 800 rounds so far. I purchased based on the twist rate for 9mm 147g rounds and it performs as I hoped. Fit and finish of the barrel are high quality. Plan on ordering the G34 barrel next!

  400. Nicholas P.

    Experience was very good. Had a delay cause of flooded orders. Communication was on point when questioned the delay. Awesome product ,awesome company. thank you very much!! Nick.

  401. Matthew K.

    I was extremely impressed by the quality of the product as well as the packaging and customer service. It came packaged in a hard shell plastic case and when it comes to customer service the attitude of the emails and correspondence is hilarious. I will be ordering more from Blacklist that’s for sure.

  402. Wesley P.

    So far so good. It looks awesome and functions great. Every thing I expected and more

  403. John P.

    I ordered a TiN fluted threaded barrel from blacklist and couldn’t be happier! Customer service was Awsome and actually fun to deal with. I received my order sooner than I had expected which is a decimate plus, and this thing looks amazing in my g19. Awsome product, Awsome company, I highly recommend blacklist to anybody looking to upgrade their pistols

  404. Robert W.

    It was a great experience just hard to wait on Quality this Great!

  405. DJ D.

    The Barrell is fucking badass, comes in a nifty shipping package. Only problem I had was the timing it took to get. 17 weeks to get the Barrell was a little crazy but who wants to hear a whining little bitch, so shit was awesome and I want a barrel for my AR!!

  406. Bill B.

    I have done testing with KKM, S3F, Lone Wolf, Storm Lake and Glock OEM. With my 147gr duty pills, Blacklist is the clear winner. Love these barrels (place title here) Bill Blowers

  407. Tyler ley

    Got the stock length tin barrel for my 19 got about 150 rounds through it I’m getting about a 1inch group at 20 yards with 115 blazer brass an 100 0/0 reliable couldn’t be happier will be buying from blacklist again

  408. Matt F.

    As always, not only one of the best functioning barrels but at the same time super rad aesthetically

  409. Ken West

    Have tried all the barrels around, like it better than my Zev or Wilson. Less than 1 1/2″ grouping at 25 yards. Only complaint is wear pattern on barrel after only a 1000 rounds.

  410. Robert R.

    Great looking Barrel, Thanks a lot..

  411. Jason D.

    Quality is ALWAYS worth the wait and the price! The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction are high with this company and couldn’t be more pleased with my barrel. Thank you Blacklist Industries!

  412. Darrien C.

    Love the barrel from you us guy

  413. Richard G.

    Excellent product and workmanship delivered ahead of schedule! 5 stars -Rick Garner CT

  414. Jon I.

    The instant I installed this barrel I grew a beard and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was there standing beside me. He congratulated me for being an outstanding American. F*ck yeah.

  415. Aaron P.

    I give everything 11 out of 10… performance, appearance and how it holds up to hard use. Only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the wait time, but hey, gives you something to look forward to. 2 more barrels and I’ll have every barrel they offer.

  416. Todd P.

    Amazing product, hardly any wear on the coating so far out of about 500 rounds so far. No misfeeds and I am much more accurate with this barrel than the Glock OEM barrel

  417. Philip J.

    My Barrel aka ” The 2 legged Cat Tamer ” has not only improved my grouping during for torture testing but has also made me the range celebrity… Blacklist will now be my only Barrel company for my Glocks… you guys kick ass… keep that shit up

  418. Jon P.

    Excellentservice and product! And looks amazing

  419. Robert W.

    The website was excellent, order confirmation email was absolutely awesome product shipped email was excellent as well, and I couldn’t be any happier with this product very very very accurate. Thank You everyone at Blacklist I’ll be ordering another soon!!!

  420. Randy F.

    I usually trash these types of emails because I’m to lazy to rate or review a product that I use even if I love it, but I’m making an exception for Blacklist. Absolutely love my tin barrel. Looks amazing and shoots true. You guys got it to me in half the time that was posted as the lead time. Great packaging and your email updates on my order were hilarious. Keep up the great work. You forever have my business.

  421. Anthony R.

    Love this barrel. Looks good and performs great.

  422. Adam U.

    A very high quality drop in barrel for my glock.

  423. Jose S.

    My Experience was fucken awesome! Thanks Blacklist!

  424. Meghan D.

    I love my chameleon barrel! It fits perfectly into my glock 19! I had my slide cut and it looks so good!

  425. Patrick D.

    Everything is beautiful about this barrel! From the perfomance to the aesthetics, it is absolutely a quality product. Highly recommended.

  426. Lanh V.

    Extremely pleased with with my Blacklist barrel! No hiccups from the first shot and through 200 rounds! Fit and finish of the barrel is top notch! Tight lock up in my slide and no slop at all!

  427. Tyler W.

    Great product very smith and light weight love the design and fit great in the glock. Makes the gun stick out more at the range!

  428. Vincent J.

    This barrel is my favorite of all my aftermarket barrel. It looks good on the gun and it’s deadly accurate. I’m definitely going to be buying another one of these.

  429. Manish K.

    New drop in g19 SS barrell is awesome in form and function. Gives my Glock just enough drama and shoots real knife-like Excellent service and hilarious shipping updates from blacklist. You won’t be disappointed!!

  430. Louie M.

    The barrel shoots great! My groupings are much tighter and it cleans up really nice with no scrubbing. It was also shipped about 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule. Thank you Blacklist you guys are the GOAT’s !!!

  431. Daniel N.

    Definitely the best barrel I’ve purchased. Thanks guys.

  432. Christian C.

    Best Barrel for the price on the market

  433. David F.

    Awesome barrel, liked how it came in the case, and the confirmation, and the shipped email were hilarious, will definitely buy from blacklist again

  434. Crystal V.

    My barrel is perfect! It catches the eye and looks great on my Glock! I get compliments all the time. If I ever need another barrel for another gun, I will definitely go with a Blacklist barrel!

  435. CLAUDIO F.

    Smooth as silk, beautiful craftsmanship, very accurate and a joy to shoot with, I am very happy with this excellent made barrel, Thank you,

  436. Edward M.

    Amazed at fit and finish of barrel. Looks great and functioned flawlessly the very first time. No hiccups! Tell all my friends about your product. Thank you very much. Ed Mayo

  437. Nathaniel B.

    Totally cool company to work with. Awesome packaging and great product. I will definitely order from them again!

  438. Chance B.

    I’ve prrchased 2 threaded barrels… top notch quality…top notch customer service.. a company that makes you want to continue to business with. The simple fact they sent me this email to respond to… they knew what my response would be …they insured a positive response by the way they choose to do business.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

  439. Calvin S.

    This company is awesome! Great products! The barrel is very impressive. Packaging is extremely good. I will definitely buy from them again.

  440. Nick L.

    Order the Glock26 fits in perfectly and looks sexy as hell, haven’t got a chance to put some rounds through it yet but, so far I love it.

  441. Jason F.

    This makes Barrel 6 for me and as all my others it’s perfect!

  442. Chad B.

    Best barrel and BCG purchase I’ve made

  443. Adam D.

    Unfortunately I’m still waiting on a slide to come in, but the barrel is by far amazing, the weight color and all are better than i expected. Really antsy to get it into a slide and get to shootin

  444. Peggy S.

    Good functionality looks amazing awesome serivces

  445. David G.

    Can’t wait for long term reliability

  446. Daron P.

    First, customer service is amazing. Great communication and the emails are hilariously funny. Anyone doing business with Blacklist will understand. Second, the barrel is second to none. I fits amazing, it looks sharp as hell and shoots like a boss! I have the black in my G19 and the TiN in my G26. I am now a life long customer and fan boy! If you want to upgrade your Glock start here and get the best!!!

  447. Andrew R.

    Well made, exactly what I imagined. Confidence and results both improved, would buy another. Thank you.

  448. Chadmun F.

    Excellent service, excellent barrel and an overall excellent experience. Sure I had to wait for a bit to get my barrel…but that patience got me the best barrel at an amazingly competitive price. I got an all black barrel for a custom G19 I’m building…and this barrel is the sex. I’m talking instant chubbs! Best of all, it’s from a US-based company that stands behind their products. ‘MURICA!

  449. Tommy T.

    Well I had a blast at the range literally LOL but the barrel was amazing consistent grouping at 20 yards to 25 yd I’m calling shots at 10 yards all day long keep up the great work great Barrel reasonably priced would buy more highly recommend anyone in the market Looking for barrel

  450. Richard R.

    I have installed the barrel on my Glock with no problems at all. Haven’t been able to shoot it yet but hope to very soon. The barrel was a bit of a surprise because I had completely forgotten I had ordered it, since it took a while for me to receive it.

  451. Scott C.

    great product, finish is perfect and shoots flawless.

  452. Jason W.

    Excellent fit and finish.

  453. matthew a.

    Amazing product

  454. William F.

    These are the best Glock Drop In Ultra Match Barrels that I have tried. I have 5 more to build and I will get them here!

  455. Albertjohn D.

    Wanted to make sure I did a thorough cleaning of my Glock 17 and 43 before I used the Match Barrel. Finally got to use it this week and I was impressed. This tightened my groups by 50%, I was shooting 1″ groups at 10 yards. Very pleased with the barrels.

  456. joseph s.

    Glock 43 tin barrel. Perfection. Great company with a great sense of humor!! Will be returning soon!

  457. John N.

    Shoots straight and looks awesome. It is a perfect fit. Will definitely get more blacklist products!

  458. Randall O.

    Great product more than impressed with the over all quality and craftsmanship.

  459. Harry F.

    All my glocks now have blacklist barrels. The quality is leaps and bounds better than the competition!

  460. Jeremy U.

    Amazing looks and works great

  461. keith h.

    Completely satisfied with everything but the lead time. It exceeded 9 weeks which was a real bummer as it was the last remaining piece to finish a build.

  462. Joe R.

    Completely badass, great product. Probly the most accurate barrel on the market with 147s.

  463. Eric Q.

    My Glock 19 never impressed me in the accuracy department. Yesterday I ran it with my Blacklist barrel and was consistently nailing the bad guy in my hostage silhouette targets with regularity! An amazing investment!!

  464. Burnt Reynolds

    Best barrel i have ever shot

  465. MaKalah R.

    couldn’t have asked for anything more bad ass

  466. Preston P.

    Everything from the purchasing process to the hilarious emails were excellent. They got it to me a little quicker then the website advertised and the packaging it came in was superb. The barrel was a perfect fit and works flawlessly. Highly recommend

  467. Matt H.

    fits perfect no problems looks great stoked!

  468. Matthew D.

    Honestly everything about this purchase was good… It started with the emails which were awesome.. Then the packaging, which is first rate.. And they even delivered my barrel in less than half the time they estimated when I purchased. I will definitely be outfitting my glocks in BlackList!!!

  469. TJ L.

    Works flawlessly and cleans up like a champ. High recommend this barrel and will be looking into getting another!

  470. Braxton T.

    Worth the wait

  471. Christopher s.

    I love this Chameleon Glock 19 drop in barrrel. It has made my Glock more accurate and also quite the conversation piece. Thanks BLACKLIST. You guys fucking ROCK!!!!

  472. Brandon M.

    Transaction went smooth…barrel looks great

  473. CJ Spawn

    Glock 19 Threaded barrel. Worked flawlessly. I put over 700 rounds through it, in about an hour, woth no problems. It cycled great. TiN finish lookes incredibly nice.

  474. Charles W.

    Flawless operation thus far. Few hundred rounds through it and no issues as of yet. I don’t forsee any issues with the product in the future. When I buy a new piece for one of my weapons I put it through hell just to make sure it doesn’t falter. Hasn’t so far, looks good on the pistol as well.

  475. Dace G.

    This is seriously like the unicorn of the fucking barrel world, ordered it one day as an impulse buy, got it quickly and was stoked. Made me wetter than a nuns twat when I put it in ky 19. Literally dripping wet. If you’re looking for an upgrade not only on sex appeal, but fucking accuracy, look no further!

  476. Jack W.

    I got the (tin) for my 26 in a non threaded factory length and I couldn’t be more happier with it I love how tuff this finish is and how ez it is to clean the first time I put it to use I put 500 rounds though it and I could literally just use a rag to wipe off the residue and carbon I now have purchased a G 19 and will be buying a threaded barrel for that as well in the same finish love your guys product keep up the good work

  477. Bobby B.

    Perfect in every way

  478. Michael I.

    Great looking barrel, haven’t had a chance to shoot it

  479. carl m.

    well made barrel.

  480. Caleb C.

    Blacklist customer service is great and they are funny as hell. Product packaging was awesome and my barrel is a tac driver have about 300 rounds through mine so far and no issues will definently be purchasing more in the future !

  481. Terry V.


  482. Kinta G.

    Shoots so much flatter than without it and it looks sexy as hell on my gen 3 g 17

  483. Modern O.

    These are the best Glock barrels on the market. Available in various color combinations and you have the option to get threaded or non-threaded. The barrels are an easy install and fit tight to your factory slide. I’ve been a fan of these barrels since the day they were released. If you do not have one of these for every Glock you own, you’re missing out.

  484. Shan S.

    Barrel works and looks great. I’ll definitely be buying again for my future firearms.

  485. Christopher V.

    Looks awesome. Fits perfect!

  486. Brian R.

    I love Blacklist Barrels !! Accurate and beautiful !

  487. edmund g.

    great fit and finish. handled all ammo cleans up great.

  488. Andrew L.

    This barrel is going into every single Glock that I own ! It’s super sexy with its 8 flutes and performs impeccably! I put 500 rounds through it on day one without a single malfunction! I shot a variety of types of ammo from light weight 155 grain to the heavier 145 grain ammo, Tula to Federal to Hornady, the barrel performed flawlessly! I love it and recommend it to everyone! Thank you Blacklist for this amazing barrel!

  489. Jonathan W.

    This barrel rocks! Didn’t know what to expect when I converted one of my .40’s into a 9mm but this worked great. I’m assuming this barrel has a break-in period as the accuracy was not much better than the factory barrel but was still worth it as all I had to do to shoot 9mm was swap the barrel and no other parts.

  490. John L.

    Nutted within 5 seconds of using

  491. Kevin V.

    Fucking outside

  492. Craig B.

    I love it!! Exactly what my 43 needed !

  493. Michael P.

    These guys are fast. Actually one of the fastest deliveries I’ve seen in the upgraded barrel business. This is my 4th barrel from Blacklist and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their product.

  494. Eddie M.

    The fit of this barrel is perfect and shoot great nothing compares

  495. Matthew H.

    Excellent customer service and the quality of the product is amazing!

  496. Mike

    Outstanding craftsmanship.

  497. Mike M.

    Amazing customer service. Fast shipping. Great quality. Will def be ordering another barrel soon. Nothing but great thing from this company! Love it.

  498. Daniel H.

    Product and customer service was incredible. Finish on barrel was absolutely one of the best finishes that I have seen yet. Great company.

  499. Peter L.

    Love the barrel.

  500. Michael G.

    Fucking awesome all the way around!!!

  501. Daniel B.

    Amazing people tp deal with and really fast shipping and funny email 🙂

  502. Alain A.

    Love the barrel and how fast they ship to you. I was in the market for 3 barrels for my 43,19,17 i ended up buy one from another company and still have not gotten it….. but then came blacklist. looked up online reviews and they were right up there with the best! so i went ahead and ordered the last 2 i needed and to my surprise shipped out the next day! got it 2 days later…. and OMG the fit and finish is amazing, the way they pack the barrel is mind-blowing. Just go ahead and do it if you can

  503. chris k.

    Fits tight. Drops right in. Boresight solutions highly recommended blacklist and didn’t disappoint. Noticeable difference compared to factory barrel.

  504. Reese M.

    I placed my order on 5-27 and was told in a awesome message that it would be 7-9 weeks. On 6-9,I got a message saying that BLACKLIST had a small ceremony and had to send me my barrel. Three days later I got the knock on the door saying there’s some kickass package in your mail box. Talk about customer service and second to none barrel they can’t be beat. Thanks for the barrel and the messages.

  505. Ron R.

    Awesome accuracy from this barrel! Rico and the crew took care of my concerns and made my experience with Blacklist a great one. I will surely do more business in the future…! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  506. Ralph T.

    The quality and craftsmanship is superb. Everything from the packaging to the ultra match barrel is on point

  507. Kevin L.

    It took a while but I finally got it. It look beautiful and when I took it out and shot it it ran flawless no jams felt great. I would buy from blacklist again and probably will in the future.

  508. Kyle K.

    I’m smashing pennies at 200 yards using my off hand. Highly recommended.

  509. Ilya Z.

    I can only say one thing : F… . Osem You guys are the BEST. I will recommend you to every one who see your product. Keep up the same way just adjust your timing a BIT. Sincerely yours

  510. Andrew M.

    best barrel money can buy. Trump probably owns a few

  511. Jason S.

    Bought a glock 26 and 43 barrel. Let me just say these barrels are excellent. Extremely tight lock up compared to the stock barrels. No failures to feed or extract, tightened my groups up. Waiting on my glock 19 barrel and will definitely buy one for my 17.

  512. Dennis S.

    Just got my new barrel it looks awesome. Got it in 3 weeks that was fast . Can’t wait to shoot it.

  513. Tanner D.

    AMAZING product! Every step of the process was the best if ever seen, starting from the amazing email they send once it ships! They estimated 6-8 weeks lead time but was sent out at the start of week two! Great quality even down to the box it comes in. Definitely buying another if I get another glock!

  514. Luke M.

    Product is excellent and the service was top notch. That’s all you can ask for when dealing with any company. The end.

  515. kang L.

    this is second barrel i got from BL, i love it!

  516. Richard F.

    Coolest mutha fucken barrel ever, thus thing makes my head light and my pants tight

  517. Jorge G.

    It took a long 12 weeks to get mine but after finally receiving it the wait was well worth it. This is top quality stuff here. I was so happy with my purchase that I ordered a second barrel this time being the chameleon for my G19 now. Later this year I also intend to order a black one for my fde G43.

  518. Ryan P.

    The overall experience was perfect. The sarcastic emails are just my style. The packaging far exceeded that of other brands I had seen. The barrel itself is impeccable. Well worth the wait. It enhances the overall look of my pistol and shoots just as it should. Can’t wait for my suppressor to get out of jail so I can take it for a test drive with the perfectly threaded barrel. Thanks again!!

  519. James S.

    Barrel is excellent. Comes in a kickass case and looks exceptional. Reminds me of the first time I met my wife, couldn’t wait to get my hands on her! Will be getting another one! Barrel not wife that is, barrel is wayyy cheaper!

  520. Terry L.

    Have a factory,zev,lone wolf and the blacklist barrel. The blacklist is by far my favorite barrel, great lock-up, feeding,cycle,accurate. Price on point, great looks.A company.

  521. Dylan F.

    I ordered a blacklist match grade threaded barrel thinking this will not only provide a good platform for a can but also for a comp while also looking nice. I placed my order and dispute the lead time my barrel showed up significantly earlier than was esstimated time provided. I grabbed the package from the mailbox and all the sudden I got a strange feeling. I sat down and opened the packaging to find a little pelican case, I popped the tab to open it up and was sent flying back knocking me out of my chair. As I got up I noticed a sound, “whats this” I exclaimed. That’s right the national anthem started playing out of ever speaker in my house, a gold light came from the case like in pulp fiction, and there it was my little freedom boner for my G19.. As I installed it to my slide to looked out my window to see 10 a10 worthogs doing a low flyby with red white and blue trails behind them. I attached my slide to the frame there was a group of people cheering and clapping outside my house waving the stars and stripes. I grabbed my pistol racked the slide and a bald eagle landed on my shoulder and gave me a little nod, and I knew I made the right choice on a barrel. Great product, great customer service, Buy 10!!!!

  522. Bernardo H.

    This is the second barrel that I bought from Blacklist Ind. The first build came out so well, that I decided to use this on my other Zev slide. I definitely will be using these barrels on my future builds.

  523. Guillermo C.

    This barrel screams quality from the box to the grooves inside the barrel, I absolutely love this barrel and would like to just place it in my trophy case but it’s meant for use so imma enjoy this bitch as much as possible

  524. Wally F.

    Well worth the wait! It came out better than expected

  525. Cedric C.

    I recently purchased two barrels, one for my G43 and one threaded barrel for my G19. Both barrels are a true masterpiece. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. I am a completely satisfied customer. The staff at Blacklist provide great customer who are second to none. I will be purchasing two magwells soon. Thanks Blacklist. Respectfully, Ced

  526. Hector C.

    There is a very visible ding on it and I don’t feel like returning t and waiting another 3 months to get another one

  527. David L.

    This was FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!!!! Tight groups. Little to no muzzle rise. The only regret I have is not buying it sooner.

  528. Daniel O.

    I love the appearance of the barrel it matched pretty well with my Titanium Nitride slide, shoots like a champ with this bad boy!

  529. William F.

    This is the 2nd Barrel I purchased. The 1st one dropped in and works great. The 2nd one gave me some trouble, which turned out to be me. They are made with very precise tolerances and I appreciate that. I will be purchasing more of there products.

  530. Neil G.

    So far (300 rounds) the barrel has preformed flawlessly …

  531. Christopher K.

    Very happy with the fit and finish of my Chameleon match grade threaded Barrel. Runs perfectly in the 19, will defiantly be buying from here again.

  532. philip p.

    Awesome looking barrel

  533. Mike O.

    Blacklist is the shit, the craftsmanship is impeccable. I have 2 of their barrels and hopefully more soon. The only down side is i find I don’t have enough time to handle all the pussy that has been flooding my way.

  534. Wade P.

    I can’t claim to have put many rounds through this barrel yet, with it being a component for a poly80 build. But it’s aesthetically pleasing and fit as expected. Shipping was super fast and blacklist had a really quick lead time for the ultra match barrel.

  535. Stuart R.

    Awesome. Looks good shoots good. Well worth the wait.

  536. Matthew M.

    Was a little hesitant about the wait time but I decided to order anyway and I’m glad I did. The updates were great and the barrel arrived much quicker than I’d expected. The only problem now is I need a couple more.

  537. Rodney T.

    The fit and finish on this barrel is top notch! The wait is worth while. Highly suggest

  538. Matthew P.

    I loved purchasing from this company. I knew I could get the barrel a little cheaper through another site, but wanted to give the company the full value. I also enjoyed talking to the owner of the company through Facebook and learning that their operation was only about an hour and a half away from me and they were working out of their garage. I really enjoyed the shirt I bought and definatley want more swag from them. Thanks guys! Keep it up!

  539. Chris D.

    I just received my first Blacklist Industries barrel and it is top notch! I would strongly recommend everyone consider buying these barrels as an upgrade to a factory barrel. Everything about these barrels are premium from the fit to the finish to the threads and thread protector. Don’t wait, get one now!

  540. Mark w.

    Perfect drop in barrel. Looks awesome and after over 500 rounds, the finish has no sign of wear. Will order another at some point for others guns.

  541. Jose C.

    Great product. I love it, would recommend to anybody

  542. George M.

    The wait was long, but worth it. Great product, good people.

  543. warren m.

    Great product , have been recommending them To everyone I know w a glock, let them know it’s a great barrel and great company that supports 2a rights , also want to thank you for donating a barrel to the San Diego County Gun owners dinner , without companies supporting California from out of state our fIght would be impossible , thanks for a great product

  544. Alberto M.

    Super bad A$$ barrel with nice tight fit!

  545. Shane W.

    I love the fit and finish on the barrel, after the install I saw immediate results in my groups, I’ve switched back and forth between stock and blacklist to see the difference, I’ve put the stock barrel in a drawer somewhere and honestly don’t care if I ever find it, blacklist forever for me in all my glocks.

  546. Ryan L.

    Excellent groups with every round put done range, especially for a drop in barrel. Quality is top notch and the case and extras put it over the top. My go to Glock barrel from now on.

  547. Dean C.

    Excellent customer service, Excellent product and packaging, as well as, great price. I will definitely be a repeat customer and recommend others. Thanks again Blacklist Industries!!!! Sincerely, Dean

  548. Donald H.

    I had a great experience purchasing this barrel. Customer service has been fantastic. And I received it much quicker than anticipated. Definitely will purchase from them again.

  549. Corie G.

    Excellent Barrel

  550. Lucas L.

    Third barrel I’ve bought from BL, each one I’ve received has been flawless. Love the fact that a local southern small business is putting out a superior product.

  551. Andrew K.

    After browsing a few barrel companies for an affordable, drop in, match grade barrel, there is really only one choice. The Blacklist barrel feels rugged, yet looks super clean and crisp. It is the perfect balance of form and function. I get compliments all the time about the barrel and my shooting even feels more natural and smooth! It is a must for your gun.

  552. Richard Z.

    Came a lot quicker than expected!

  553. Justin B.

    The barrel I received was beyond exquisite. Matching the barrel with my freshly milled slide from Jagerwerks is what I believe it was like when Adam saw Eve bent over picking up an apple. When I shot the first round through it, I didn’t think it fired cause I didn’t hear it, all I heard was the sound of two Bald Eagles mating to Guns N Roses with fireworks in the background. I sleep through every night peacefully knowing that barrel in my Glock is in my bed next to me watching over my sweet soul, although my soon to be wife is a little upset hence her spot in bed is taken so she gets the couch. It’s safe to say that I enjoy this barrel. Thanks for the awesome work Blacklist! If you’re ever interested in an ambassador for the company I’d love to take part in spreading the amazing products you provide. My Instagram name is @justinb_556 and I’m an ambassador for several other companies helping them grow. Just let me know if you’re interested!

  554. Dustin H.

    Great shooting and looks great

  555. kang L.

    Got 2 of these bad boys and they’re worth every penny, fit and finish are perfect. If you’re looking for a barrel replacement, look no further, just buy it!

  556. John W.

    Love, love loved it. Get lots of compliments on it..Also sending business your way

  557. Jose R.

    Love the barrel. Dropped right in with no problem and my sweet 19 got sweeter. I will be ordering again soon. By the way your emails and update rock. Thanks

  558. Mike R.

    I loved the product and will be ordering in the future! I received the item before the stated wait period as well!

  559. William S.

    This barrel is beautiful! If you, like me, are in the process of researching a new barrel, threaded or otherwise, know that you can’t go wrong with this one. Comes in a cool case with a Blacklist velcro patch, some stickers, and a small tube of lube. Awesome company! Definitely ordering more items as they come available.

  560. Jonathan V.

    This was a very nice barrel for my G43. Great fit!

  561. Stephen S.

    Fucking awesome.

  562. David C.

    Service was great. All questions were answered very quickly. Product is spot on! Will be purchasing more item in the future!

  563. Michael A.

    Barrel is beautiful as the packaging was amazing, keep up the good work guys.

  564. Jimmy Z.

    Great barrel, finish and fit are top notch.

  565. Dean h.

    Excellent product excellent company

  566. Carlos A.

    Bought two non threaded and threaded. Absolutely amazing product. The lock up on these is crazy. Great packaging and well built product. Can’t wait to test out their AR products.

  567. Barton Kerns

    This Barrel was ordered for my Glock 17 9mm , it did take about 9 weeks to arrive and came in an impressive box! The barrel looks beautiful well worth the wait! I have now shot about 250 rounds through it and my groups are outstanding ! When I say outstanding that is an understatement, my group at 15 yards are 12 ” never thought that would happen ! I also bought a package of O rings , the stainless steel oversize lock release and the stainless steel pins gen 3 , which I must say arrived within three days of ordering them. I am very please with my orders and the customer service is second to none ! They are helpful and very knowledgeable about their barrels and all of their products they carry ! You can’t go wrong by ordering any of their products but I do recommend ordering one of their barrels you won’t be disappointed !! I am now a customer for life !!! Great Company.

  568. Howie W.

    Hit right at quoted lead time. Amazing product, craftsmanship and customer service. Lock up and tolerances are awesome. Will not hesitate to do business with blacklist again! Thank you, it was worth the wait.

  569. Donald R.

    Not only do they make amazing barrels but they have awesome Customer service

  570. Shane J.

    Such an excellent barrel, I’m on my second pistol barrel purchase, and can’t wait til it shows up!

  571. Danny J.

    Barrel is fantastic. Shoots great and looks great. Received the barrel extremely fast and love how it’s presented in the nice little box it comes in. Overall great product from a great company. Will definitely buy again.

  572. Michael M.

    The look of the rainbow barrel is one of a kind. I get so many compliments and always refer them to Blacklist! Even though the wait was long, it was so worth it! Also the email communications are hilarious and also one of a kind. Thanks Blacklist for everything!!

  573. carlos o.

    Even though it took longer than promised to deliver it , it was worth the wait and they refunded $25 for the delay, over all I love the barrel and I would recommend it to my friends and I will order another one pretty soon .!!!

  574. Michael F.

    The barrel is high quality and very well machined. The thread protector fits snug and doesn’t rotate like other manufacturers. The barrel has practical accuracy (3 inch at 25 feet) even with Wilson combat signature match 135gr.

  575. corey V.

    Amazing. Looks and shoots better than expected. Very impressed. Shipping and lead time was about two months estimated. They got it to me a month earlier. I am for sure going to be a return customer.

  576. Austin P.

    The best match grade barrel I have ever owned. Not only did I instantly see tighter shot groups, but I also saw a 15% increase in my max bench press, and have been able to maintain erections lasting longer than 8 hours with no adverse side effects. Myself, my Glock, and my wife, and my girlfriend, are all very pleased.

  577. Charles C.

    The barrel shoots well and dropped in first time.

  578. Jonathan D.

    Amazing product is great and very accurate especially with 147grns. They also fixed a distributers mistake at no extra charge.

  579. Hassen B.


  580. David M.

    From the start that’s had been the best buying experience I think I have ever had (minus the wait time, which was explained upfront). Communication was constant for the 9 weeks, like no joke we talked once a week just to bullshit. They modified my order pretty last minute upon my request and didn’t give me any grief about the last minute change. Just as important, the barrel I got is sexy AF and FML that thing shoots!!! I’m running 147gr 9mm fmj and this thing is pumping rounds on top of each other, just one nasty ragged hole. If I buy another pistol I will 100% get another barrel from Blacklist.

  581. Thatcher T.

    BAD ASS BARREL. Can’t thank blacklist’s owner enough for the great customer service and anyone involved with the product. From marketing, packaging, and overall preformance, BLACKLIST is my go to from here on out and I’ll recommend it to anyone over any other barrel. Ran a good amount of rounds threw it before I left overseas. Can’t wait to get back soon and order again from blacklist!

  582. Cindy D.

    Very happy with the purchase! Your website and customer service is outstanding! Was told it could take 9 weeks for the barrel to arrive but it was here in less than four. Super happy! My son-in-law who got these items as a birthday gift was thrilled! Great job Blacklist!!

  583. Todd M.

    This is my second barrel I’ve purchased from your company. The entire process has been great and I’m sure I’ll be back again.

  584. Luke LaGrange

    This is my second Glock barrel from BL and I’ve already got a third on order. The fit and finish of this product has already been proclaimed by hundreds of customers, but what really impresses me is the accuracy. I came across Victory Gun Blogs barrel race 2017 and wasn’t surprised to see BL was rated #2 overall out of 11 different barrels. After geeking out and looking at their full spreadsheet, I think the accuracy of this barrel in 124 grain (my preferred carry weight) was severely under rated. With other large SC firearms companies that are focused on only the bottom dollar, it’s great to be able to support a local small business that places its emphasis on quality and customer service. TL;DR Stop thinking about it, just order the damn barrel.

  585. Edward P.

    Amazing finish, performance, appearance. Thx. Its my 3rd barrel from yall. Will buy more too.

  586. Tyler M.

    Good company honest lead times product is exactly how it is advertised

  587. Jacob D.

    From the box to the range, this piece is elegant and precise. Will definitely order another BLACKLIST barrel for my next build.

  588. David O.

    The Blacklist match barrels are top of the line and dropped into both Glocks without any problem. The barrels shoot extremely accurate and and have helped to improve my shot groups. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  589. Chase K.

    Great experience took about 3 weeks to receive the barrel (even though there was a wait time of up to 9 weeks) all in all great product! Looks and preforms beyond expectations!!! Keep up the hard work!

  590. Michael B.

    It was orgasmic!

  591. Nicco

    I wasn’t planning on writing a review, as it seems redundant, because Blacklist barrels have nothing but 5 star reviews, and over 200 of them at that. However, I couldn’t resist sharing my appreciation for the quality of craftsmanship and customer service I experienced with Blacklist Industries. My barrel is absolutely beautiful. It took 7 weeks to ship, as they state on their website, and I expected it to take longer because the G19 is likely the most popular model they make barrels for. They leave no stone unturned; the machine work is completely flawless. I ordered a black version of it for my dad’s G34 that we are equally impressed with. I’m looking forward to owning more glocks for the simple fact that they will all be equipped with Blacklist barrels. Thank you to the people at Blacklist; your attention to detail is evident in your product, and is greatly appreciated. If I could figure out how to post a picture, I would. Sorry guys.

  592. David R.

    Great quality barrel. I wasn’t happy with the grouping of the original barrel. My Blacklist barrel tighten my groupings to about 3 inches at 25 yards with my Glock 43. Better then I expected.

  593. Junicio C.

    Great F__king workmanship on my Glock 43 Ultra Match Barrel (Cameleon). Yes it took 7-9 weeks for arrival but, when everyone wants your product, what do you expect. Will purchase again once I get my 19 and 26. Keep up the good F__cking work.

  594. Emily M.

    Beyond my and my husbands expectations!! Even through my being impatient, the blacklist team always answered my phones calls/emails! Super cool people! Already planning to order more!

  595. Ryan C.

    super sick barrel. Adds a nice touch to my glock 19. Shipping took a while for it to get here but worth the wait

  596. Thomas B.

    Punching out quarter size patterns at 20′ consistently. Excellent barrel that feeds and cycles well. Very accurate and arrived on time.

  597. David H.

    Great product. Fit, finish, function, top notch. Nice packaging . Thanks again ,DLH

  598. Karen M.

    More than exceeds expectations!

  599. Jason S.

    It’s a badass barrel worth the wait !!! Thanks guys

  600. John C.

    Barrel looks fantastic fits great and it’s perfect for attaching my black rifle comp.

  601. Nicholas D.

    Wanted to add some spice to my glocks and this is the perfect compliment to doing so. I highly recommend the quality and look of this barrel. Also shipping was super fast!!!!!

  602. joseph s.

    I received the barrel way before the listed wait time, perfect fit, looks great. Havent even put a round through it yet, but with the awesome sense of humor that blacklist has, their willingness to keep that sense of humor in a politically correct world, and their fast service… i will always return to blacklist for my needs. A company.

  603. Mike P.

    Love the emails you receive from this company first off. Their product is definitely worth the wait. Got a G19 barrel and it performs amazing. True holes in paper targets no tearing. Tighter groupings was another benefit from this barrel. Highly recommend their products.

  604. Eric M.

    Everything excellent 5 stars.

  605. Eric K.

    Awesome product, awesome customer service

  606. thavy b.

    shoots as smooth as a babies ass!!

  607. omar b.

    Barrel is set to tight tolerances very accurate. Definetely would recommend it.

  608. Kyle W.

    fits like a dream and shoot so good awsome job guys!

  609. Larry S.

    Never have I ever felt such astounding elation while manipulating a handgun than I have since installing a Blacklist Stainless Steel GLOCK 19 DROP IN ULTRA MATCH BARREL! As I am typing this analysis in lotus on my weathered leather cathedra, the distal phalanx of my index finger quakes with anticipation of constringing the trigger of my presently favorite Austrian pistol, punching empty space in what was paper. In short, your shit is good shit. God Bless.

  610. Jacqueline F.

    Thanks you for all your help. Quick reply, and fast returns.

  611. brian arndt

    1000+ rounds through my 19 gold tin barrel little to no wear warks. Ordered another it’s like fine wine takes forever to get perfection lol. Slower than molasses. Lol. Well worth the wait for sure want to order another one for my 17.

  612. kyle wahl

    love the rainbow barrel with protector i got for my g26! very accurate

  613. Sean

    Ordered the stainless steel threaded barrel for a Glock 17. Fit and finish is very professional . It Looks awesome and functions even awesomer. This barrel is an absolute dream to use, drops right in, no adjustments or fitting needed. I’ve run approx 200 rounds through it and have had absolutely no issues.Plug and play right out of the box. This is so easy a 1911 user could use it. This is my second item I’ve ordered from Blacklist. Recco is a great guy to work with and I’m always happy to give my money to a quality outfit like Blacklist!

  614. Sean C.

    Ordered the stainless steel threaded barrel for a Glock 17. Fit and finish is very professional . It Looks awesome and functions even awesomer. This barrel is an absolute dream to use, drops right in, no adjustments or fitting needed. I’ve run approx 200 rounds through it and have had absolutely no issues.Plug and play right out of the box. This is so easy a 1911 user could use it.

  615. Brian R.

    Awesome !! Great grouping and lockup !

  616. Javan B.

    My overall experience with this barrel was excellent.

  617. Thomas M.

    Test fired the glock 43 threaded chameleon barrel and it felt great racking the slide felt tight and the lockup was great no rattling or wabbles absolute great fit…as far as accuracy improved groupings at 10 yards over the stock barrel i would recommend blacklist to anyone who asks

  618. Richard L.

    Bought the barrel and was quoted 7-9 weeks, it only actually took about 5 so that was awesome. The quality of the fit and finish was top notch. I was very pleased when I opened the package, there was a very nice case, stickers, oil and a patch! I have gotten a ton of compliments on the barrel. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone.

  619. Andrew E.

    I got a threaded barrel for my G19 and a regular fluted for my G26. You can immediately see the difference in accuracy from the stock barrels especially on the G26, its great at distance now. I couldn’t be happier. also they look BA so thats a plus as well.

  620. Dave B.

    Fantastic fit and finish. Looks great in the gun. Much faster delivery than the 7-9 weeks I was expecting. Thanks guys. Just waiting for my range to open to try it out.

  621. Owen H.

    Great product and I thoroughly enjoy it. One issue, and it’s mostly mine, is that I have the NiBoron slide and after about 100 rounds I can see some visible wear. Works best with a 9mm extractor. 100 rds fmj fiocci 3 ftfs no stovepipes smooth action.

  622. David B.

    Shipped quicker than I was expecting. Install was easy, minor fitting on the holster to get it to work (DSG holster). Testing it out this weekend.

  623. Cosmo Z.

    I had the pleasant surprise that my G 34 replacement barrel was received in less than two weeks. Looks great, have only been able to put a few rounds through, but so far so good. Looks great, and packaging was out of the ordinary.

  624. John K.

    The threaded barrel dropped right in shoots like a dream and looks very sexy. The threads match up nicely with my Surefire Ryder silencer. I have yet to run the hell out of it but I expect it will hold up well.

  625. Jamie R.

    I am very impressed with the barrel and it’s accuracy.thanks

  626. Andrew L.

    I recently purchased stock length barrels for my glock 19 and glock 43. Both have seen improved accuracy and tighter groupings with a nice tight lockup to the slide. Couldn’t ask for more

  627. Ryan K.

    Love this Barrel. For chameleon it came out mostly emerald green but looks awsome on the black. Arrived about 1 week after ordering. Very pleased.

  628. MIGUEL M.

    Love the barrel shoot great only thing that killed me was the lead time other than that amazing barrel!!

  629. Samantha B.

    Amazing so fast

  630. Matthew M.

    It was everything I expected. I love it. Will be ordering more from you guys in the near future for my next build.

  631. Alice S.

    He loved it. Giving it 4 stars only because it took longer to create/fulfill shipment than the original timeline I was given upon purchasing it.

  632. Brian F.

    The look of this barrel is amazing. I love the BlackList on the side of chamber so u can see it while the gun is in battery. The flutes and coating are top notch as well. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to put rounds through the barrel yet, my slide is out getting cut. I’m building my idea of the ultimate Glock 19. So I’ve ordered all top of the line parts for it and had the frame stippled and slide cut. As soon as I get the slide back and am able to see how it shoots I’ll give u a update. I am sure it will perform as it looks, AWESOME!

  633. Christopher G.

    Well, I haven’t had the chance to put it to use just yet! I only have half of a gun at the moment! Lol frame is sent off getting work done to it! Best believe though, when I do have it all put back together, I will be hitting the range every chance I get! Barrel looks fuckin awesome! Loved the little case it came with! When I received the email that it was shipped, I practically camped out by my mail box waiting for it!

  634. Ryan J.

    Awesome. Great customer service also

  635. Gary G.

    Great lock up, last muzzle rise. All around easier to shoot now. Thank you blacklist.

  636. michael o.

    Very pleased with quality and performance definitely will buy another one.

  637. Kenneth L.

    this is one great barrel very accurate for a short barrel was not pleased with the stock barrel from glock so though id try blacklist and glad i did very good work blacklist telling all my friends .

  638. Justin K.

    I’m putting together some ridiculous groups out of my G34. Plus, these barrels are just plain sexy! Can’t go wrong. Buy it!

  639. Paul K.

    Great company. I ordered and got an email that was actually entertaining to read. They kept me updated with the shipping and got it within the week. Blacklist was fast, responsive and friendly. The barrel itself is sexy as hell. Comes in an awesome package, not some plastic. Shoots amazing, looks amazing and will continue to be a paying customer.

  640. Kyle E.

    Shoots great with this drop in barrel. Definitely shooting tighter groups.

  641. Anthony T.

    This barrel exceeded all my expectations. The service I received was fucking quick, and beyond amazing, Quicker ship time than originally estimated. My freedom factor has gone up so much since installing the barrel. Thanks for the great service!!!

  642. Diamond C.

    This barrel is so on point!! Looks, quality and precision! Thanks guys for such a smooth transaction and sweet case with a dope Blacklist Patch!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I’d give 10 Stars if I could **********!

  643. Joshua Spence

    These guys are Amazing!!! They respond quickly and push your bad ass products out ASAP with quality and craftsmanship that will blow your mind away I love you guys!!!

  644. Joseph C.

    Love the barrel, couldn’t be any happier with purchase.

  645. Miguel C.

    Fucking sweet! Best in the game! Blacklist all the way

  646. Adrian C.

    I’ve run a few different barrels in my G19. Blacklist actually makes me look like a halfway decent shooter. Thanks Blacklist! Now I don’t have to train anymore!

  647. Nathan L.

    Performed excellent as expected!

  648. Rick D.

    Fit and finish was great, presentation box very nice. Haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet, but if it shoots as good as,it looks I,m set. Lead time was quicker than expected, and notification e-mails are awesome. Highly recomend

  649. Josh

    I must say I was torn between S3F and Blacklist for my barrel choices. What sold Blacklist for me was three major reasons. First the barrel has their label machined in instead of laser engraved and the fact they are a South Carolina company. I live in SC so I love to support local business. Third, I like how you get more fluting with Blacklist vs S3F. On to the barrel itself. The barrel is flawless. I received mine today and there isn’t a blemish at all on my barrel. The threads are perfect. So the machining is perfect. The rifling looks nice and clean/tight. I have not shot it yet but I plan to this weekend. It fit right in my slide and did not have to be “broke” in. Just popped out my OEM barrel and dropped this bad boy in and BAM perfect fit. Once you order they send you some humor in an email to confirm your order. They also send you some humor in an email once it’s shipped along with a tracking number. The packaging is awesome. Comes in a neat case with some goodies inside. I will definitely be buying from Blacklist again and again. I will recommend them to all my friends and coworkers looking for a really nice barrel. Go ahead… order you one. You won’t be disappointed.

  650. Anthony M.

    I am extremely happy with the precision and accuracy of this product.

  651. Tyler K.

    Runs like a champ and is insanely accurate. Dropped right in with no issues.

  652. Chris J.

    Got my TiN barrel in the nice clamshell case with some swag and a little lube, which is always nice. Barrel looks great and dropped right in, put a drop of lube on the contact points and blasted a few hundred rounds through it. Tight lockup, no malfunctions and the barrel is definitely more accurate than I am. Also gets a ton of compliments at the range, from dudes most of the time but it is what it is. Great product from a good dude, will be buying another for my new build.

  653. Tyler S.

    Title speaks for itself. Love the real takl language yall use.

  654. Max G.

    Just like my poorly composed alliterative title, I have spent very little time or energy messing with any of the stock components of my glocks. I’m not opposed to upgrades on a moral or ethical level, I just hadn’t had any issues that seemed to warrant fixing. However I have found myself behind the technology curve and decided to jump on the “Roland Special” bandwagon. Blacklist offered the best option for barrels, the same (or arguably better) accuracy as the PandS prescribed KKM but much more flexibility down the road. I have not been disappointed. People who talk about fit and finish give me a headache as that is table stakes and relatively immaterial. Where the rubber meets the road is realized accuracy and performance, both of which get high marks from me. Overall an excellent barrel and an easily recommendable upgrade to any regular pistol shooter.

  655. Anthony S.

    This barrel is fantastic and I’ll be getting one for my G19 and my G23

  656. Jesse T.

    Yep shit is dope, very well done. Perfect in many ways.

  657. Brett Begrner

    Amazing finish on the barrel and locks up tight in battery. If you have been trying to step up your precision pistol shooting, these barrels will take that next step for you. It ships way faster then the “lead time”. It come in a badass display box with stickers and morale patch. Im not often impressed by products but I can honestly say that this is worth every penny and more. I need to start saving to buy one of these barrels for each of my Glocks.

  658. Brian G.

    Packaging is grade-a, barrel is built with great fit and finish!

  659. Christopher T.

    In haven’t got to shoot it yet but the machine work is awesome and so is the finish. Already ordered my 2nd barrel.

  660. Shawn W.

    Shoots great! Nice look

  661. James P.

    Well made excellent construction visually pleasing

  662. Brian

    Bought a custom 19 and all I can say is wow huge difference. I’ll keep it plain and simple Bad ass and hurry send my threaded on lol

  663. Richard J.

    Barrel delivered fast, and arrived just as advertised. Plus a little bling at the range.

  664. Tyler E.

    It’s a nice barrel. Tough to clean in the groves. The thread protector doesn’t always stay tight. Otherwise a nice barrel

  665. Mark B.

    I have not finished the G34 yet so I haven’t shoot it but you can tell by looking the professional job on this barrel looking forward to shooting this an IDPA match

  666. Wayne A.

    Barrel fits great looks great

  667. Brian Fritz

    This is a review of ordering, shipping, arrival and look.! I ordered the barrel on a Friday. I immediately got a confirmation email, with some humor in it which was fun. 2 days after I ordered directly from BlackList, a company that sells for BlackList got a shipment in. The company was offering 2-3 days for receipt of the barrel. So I was a little upset. I thought about canceling my order, but I didn’t. 4 days after I ordered I got a email saying my barrel was on the way! It arrived one day early. I got it out of the package and was amazed at the box it came in, barrel, 2 stickers, pouch of lube and PVC patch! I can’t wait to shoot it. This barrel upgrade is apart of a overall upgrade and slide is out getting cut right now. Stand by for follow up! BDFritz

  668. Shawn M.

    It’s TITS! Thank you guys for making if for me! 5 Stars Shawn McClain

  669. Andrew S.

    My threaded glock 26 barrel came in really quick, 2 days quick! It dropped in beautifully and looks fucking amazing. Thank y’all for the awesome packaging and fucking awesome service! Will definitely recommend Blacklist to all my buddies.

  670. Ben K.

    From the moment I ordered the experience was just fantastic. Great emails from Blacklist!! All this and they got the barrel to me in record time. I was prepared to wait the 4-7 weeks. I had it in less than a week. Great company. More companies should follow their lead. The barrel arrived in this great box with sticker and patch. Barrel is perfect and fit perfect. I would definitely buy from them again.. Ben Kratzert

  671. Darmin


  672. Taylor E.

    Haven’t used the barrel yet, getting some custom work done on guns first, I heard great things about the barrels

  673. Craig R.

    Really laughed my fucking ass off at the email they sent when they ship the barrel! The case it comes in is better than the one I got when I’ve bought any of my firearms!

  674. Joey S.

    Love the overall look and fittment

  675. Daniel G.

    Although I haven’t quite taken my glock 26 to the range since I dropped this bad boy in, it definitely makes you think twice about even wanting to shoot with it from how nice it looks! Coupled with my flat trigger with gold safety, it makes my EDC glock look really nice and I’ve been complimented on it plenty of times.

  676. Aaron B.

    More then I imagined…presentation and packaging excellent

  677. Steven R.

    My experience from start to finish was amazing. From my DM on a late Saturday night to a beautiful little black box showing up on my door step, I could be more thrilled. The box, the stickers and patch are amazing little extras that nobody else is doing and it’s what sets you apart. In my business quality and customer services makes or breaks your reputation, and you make me want to go one step further as well. You have a loyal customer with me.

  678. Alex P

    Reco called me back personally and helped me with everything I needed. Can NOT wait to get my TiN barrel dropped in my Glock. These guys mean business and their product speaks for itself.

  679. Matthew D.

    I just wanted to say that if the barrel wasn’t as good as it was I was going to give you a 1star rating for it taking 10 weeks to get here but the barrel is fucking sick and worth the wait. Thanks guys

  680. Trey W.

    Personable emails, set killer expectations, great culture for the company, and I’m ringing gongs at 35 yards all day like its nothing. Got my glocks running GOOD!

  681. Wesley D.

    So I chose to go with Blacklist for my G43, and I am ever so glad I did. I was a little bummed at first about the 7-9 week wait, but just then…holy shit…2 weeks or less after placing my order, it was in my mailbox. The ultra match threaded barrel is so sick i even called a Corpsman. (He just shoved a Motrin down the barrel and said I would be good to go immediately…which was par for the course.) For real though, this is some serious shit we are dealing with here. Not only is it as sexy as a $5000 Vegas Hooker, i mean Escort, it performs even better than said escort. I cannot say enough good stuff about it, I highly recommend. The folks over at Blacklist Ind. wont let you down, count on that.

  682. Raul a Barreto

    Waiting On Mine But Used My Friend At The Range And Is Super Group Is Fantastic So I Will Be happy When I Get Mine

  683. Ares S.

    Blacklist customer service is great and was extremely nice when ordering, lead time said about 7 weeks to ship but I had the barrel in hand within a week, shoots great and looks good doing it.

  684. Brandon B.

    Fantastic experience! A Product and Shipping

  685. Kody S.

    Fit, finish, and quality are top of the line. Customer service is above and beyond what you would expect. I will definitely ONLY use Blacklist Industries for my future builds.

  686. Kenneth S.

    The barrel is the best. I have all the big names in numerous pistols and the Blacklist is the best…fit and workmanship…performance and the company makes you smile as they exceed your expectations! Happy to say nice things even though will probably increase my wait time for the next one!

  687. Will R.

    Arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Looks great on my Glock. I can’t wait to shoot it. Recently applied for a AAC Ti-Rant 9mm. Can’t wait to join the two.

  688. Rob ✯.

    I have wanted a Blacklist Industries barrel since the first time I saw one. Two years later I’m the proud owner of a Glock Chameleon Barrel and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is it visually stunning but my groupings are tighter at longer distances and I shot a 250/250 my first time on the range with it. I will be coming back for more as soon as I get another piece. Thanks Blacklist!

  689. Ramon Esquerdo


  690. Ronald R.

    The barrel ran perfect in my Glock 43 and it looks amazing too, glad I went with this barrel over the competitors. Will be buying another one for my 19 soon

  691. Jorge S.

    Like they always say.. You get what you pay for. Amazing barrel. Also, gotta love the confirmation emails! :joy:

  692. Steven B.

    First of all, the service was AMAZING. The drop in barrel was PERFECT. I IMMEDIATELY saw a difference when I went to the range. Not only was it GREAT, but I got INSTANT compliments on how good my G43 looked. I’m absolutely buying again! THANK YOU for the AWESOME purchase. BAMF.

  693. Todd M.

    Everything thing I could have hoped for in a match barrel. I’ll be ordering again soon for my other handguns. Thanks guys!

  694. Jeremy H.

    Blacklist has a high quality look and fits very well. I was a little disappointed that my thread protector had a couple scuffs. But I would highly recommend these barrels. I’ve put about 600 rounds in 3 weeks thought it and have not had any problems.

  695. Michael P.

    This company makes a very good barrel. And the service is excellent. I ordered two barrels, one for my Glock 43 and one for my Glock 19. The real surprise was when Reco called me himself to let me know that he was sorry that both barrels were not going to be shipped together. One was shipping two weeks early while the second barrel was only shipping one week early. Rather than hold the order to save his company an extra shipping charge, he split the shipment and I received each barrel as they became available. Great service. Great Product

  696. matt s.

    Repeat customer. Every Glock I own has a Backlist barrel and so should yours. They’re the best!

  697. Dylan K.

    From the emails, to the product, to the performance it was incredible. I have to many fucking pistols and I’m gonna unnecessarily drop a threaded barrel in every single one of them just because this company is that good. You can’t make this shit up.

  698. Russell S.

    Fit and finish superb. Shooting it this weekend as had to obtain a different piston for my supressor as the thread pitch is different from Glock threaded barrel. This is my only issue.

  699. Jacob P.

    It really is what it is. Badass barrel. All of my shot groups are tighter and I thought it was a gimmick thing to get me to buy it, but it really preforms well. I have zero complaints. From the emails at time of purchase which were awesome and hilarious. To the time my barrel arrived they were on top of it. I got notifications on email and fb. Plus now I get tons of compliments on my barrel. I will be back when I get a threaded barrel!

  700. Roy M.

    Great. True snug fit, shoots like a dream. With the gasket on the end of the threads, the thread protector doesn’t loosen as often. Very nice. Buying another one soon!

  701. Matthew Johnson

    Ordered my glock 43 barrel and got it in 10 days. Comes in a tricked out package. So far it’s been just like a mustache with tits. Will be ordering a threaded barrel for my 19 soon. I’m by far hooked on blacklist. Keep the bad ass products coming

  702. Kevin N.

    Can say say enough how awesome the barrels are and the customer service!! I own 2 now and gonna get a third soon enough.

  703. Craig N.

    Great product! Superior to other match grade barrels I’ve used.

  704. mike s.

    amazing service shipped way ahead of ship time, finished product is a work of art

  705. Chris W.

    Let me start by saying this is not my 1st Blacklist barrel, it’s actually my 5th. These barrels perform and they do it extremely well. The machine work and coating on all of my barrels have always been flawless. No little burrs, missed spots on the finish or any weird dark spots, even after thousands of rounds. I’ve pretty much ran and have had experience with every barrel currently on the market from the junk to the high dollar overpriced ones and the Blacklist stands above the rest for fit, finish, accuracy and price. And By the way, if you shoot crappy bulk ammo, the Blacklist will out perform the more expensive barrels. Buy one, go buy a few thousand rounds and shoot that shit.

  706. JUAN E.

    The quality of what you are getting in just a simple upgrade such as a new barrel, is astonishing. I felt a significant change in my Glock from the first shot and an amazing amount of consistency after 400 rounds. A must get, if are in the market, you will not be disappointed. All of my Glocks will have a blacklist barrel in them.

  707. Cody Van Patten

    Just ordered my Glock 34 Chameleon barrel on Tuesday received in on Friday along with my Doc patch, can’t believe how fast it showed up, looks awesome,great service, will be ordering one for my G26 tomorrow.

  708. Mark

    I just received my Blacklist barrel if it shoots as good as it looks it will awesome. Thanks

  709. Josh Berryhill

    If your thinking of wich barrel to get search no more these dudes don’t play games as soon as you order they send you a pretty bitchen conformation email. And then as soon as what you ordered is available they ship it out. I will definently be buying another barrel in the future. Hopefully they come out with the chameleon BCG so my AR can match my glock.

  710. Matthew Z.

    Great product! Wish it was less gold and more purple/green like the examples but it’s a great barrel overall.

  711. james s.

    shipped early in quality case. barrel is beautiful to behold and shoots even better. 500 rds out of G19 flawless offhand groups tighter!! have not benched it I expect to be impressed. happy happy happy jim

  712. Kyle O.

    Amazing, accurate, awesome looks hands down best barrel on the market.

  713. Robert R.

    If my pecker was small enough, I’d fuck it.

  714. Dan H.

    Best shooting barrel I have ever shot from plus it looks bad ass. Thank y’all so much.

  715. Jeremy S.

    It was slightly disappointing to have a 6 week wait time…but the wait was worth every second! The barrel arrived and was well packaged. It came in it’s own hard cased little box with a foam cut for the barrel.. . Along with some lube and a sweet sticker and patch. The machine work on these barrels is pretty phenomenal. I was almost hesitant to dirty this pretty barrel…almost. haha. Great product and great service!

  716. David P.

    Very acrrate in the description, excellent quality product, verry fast shipping, and a very responsable seller! Im very satisfy with they treatment.

  717. Seth M.

    Stellar! Dropped right in and functions great. Not to mention the large quantity of sex appeal it added to my G26!

  718. Brandon A.

    Awesome product, fast shipping, killer presentation! Love it.

  719. Matthew P.

    Dropped right in fit was great works great very pleased

  720. Mark M.

    Noticeable accuracy improvement shooting self defense loads out of a glock 19 with rmr, great product and phenomenal customer service.

  721. Ethan L.

    love it very much

  722. Nevitt M.

    Purchased a drop in barrel for my 46 and another threaded one for my 19. Both were flawlessly finished and very accurate. True drop in improvement. Will be purchasing more.

  723. Christopher P.

    Everything was flawless fit finish and reliability. Nice product.

  724. Daniel A.

    Awesom craftsmanship and perfect machining

  725. Jae M.

    This barrel was way better than expected the fit and finish is on point! And as a plus the packaging comes in a cool little case you can put your stock barrel in after !

  726. Jon N.

    I chose the TiN coated barrel for my Glock 17 and all I can say is it’s better than I expected. Just the gold color alone is a great accent to the gun. But the overall design and functionality of it is top notch. I’ve tested this barrel at the range again and again and it always surprises me the accuracy and durability I get from it. Thanks for making and awesome product. Carry on!

  727. Jonathon K.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with the product Amanda purchase experience

  728. Nathan V.

    Company is awesome! Definitely coming back for more order in the future

  729. Israel G.

    It was more the I expected perfect in every way

  730. Jose A.

    Excellent product, will be ordering in the future the tin gold threated

  731. Alberto M.

    The match grade barrel has outstanding performance and groups are amazing!!!

  732. Waylon W.

    Had great communication and excellent timing on the barrel haven’t used it yet for I’m waiting on a few items for my build

  733. mike C.

    Great addition to my Glock 19 really was the cherry on top

  734. Joshua H.

    Great barrel! I plan to purchase many more!

  735. Ricardo V.

    Bought barrel with no thread cap, they sent it to me faster and a week later got the barrel thread cap

  736. Stockton T.

    The barrel is well made and very durrable. Many rounds fired through the barrel and still shoots great. It looks great as well.

  737. Dave U.

    I run nothing else but Blacklist Ultra Match Barrels in all my Glocks! If you love your Glock, you shroud too!

  738. charles t.

    This is probably the best barrel on the market

  739. Earl A.

    Replaced a threaded LW barrel in my G19. TIN finish is very durable. Accuracy is about the same with 115gr range ammo but better with heavier bullets. My groups with Winchester Ranger 147 JHP were cut nearly in half.

  740. Tyler R.

    Barrel finish is impeccable. Fit is like A fat guy in a turtleneck. I love the simple addition of an O ring to keep my thread protectors tight, and the bit of extra standoff to keep from smacking my silencer. 10/10 best aftermarket barrel I own.

  741. Leonardo p.

    The Part arrived nicely packaged and clearly marked. It was definitely worth the wait and every cent.Will definitely buy again!

  742. Alec B.

    Excellent barrel. Iv noticed a huge accuracy difference, the TIN coating is very dureable. Over 300 rounds through it and there’s very little to no wear on the coating. I was impressed with the over all presentation of the barrel when it arrived to me. Came in a nice hard case with a foam insert.

  743. Brian W.

    Fit -10 Finish -10 Accuracy -10 Reliability -10 (250 rounds no issues) Damn near perfect….thanks guys

  744. Dillon C.

    I purchased this (my 2nd) barrel from Blacklist because i was so pleased with the results after extensive testing of the Blacklist barrel I have in my Glock 21. From the first shot fired to the now over 4000 rounds that have traveled through that barrel, I have found the inherent accuracy to be leaps and bounds better than the stock barrel. Accuracy aside, the Blacklist barrel has much tighter tolerances which allow for less play and give the gun a much more sturdy feel. In addition to being inherently more accurate and made to a higher standard, the Blacklist barrels are much more aesthetically pleasing. I love the look of the fluting on the barrel and the coating(armphous black in my case) looks great and has held up well. In my opinion, Blacklist Industries makes the best aftermarket Glock barrels hands down.

  745. Nico W.

    Got 2 now. Chem and tin. W and wo threads. Very well made, the best actually. And the customer service it the best I’ve dealt with. And I’ve only dealt with them cuz I’m an idiot and always mess up my order. At least twice. These guys have it down. Keep it up yall. On board. Definitely looking to blacklist for future builds.

  746. nicholas s.

    I was so pumped when this came in. The product was packaged amazing in a hard plastic case with foam interior keeping the barrel safe. Inside comes stickers, oil and a patch. The barrel is constructed beautifully with the blacklist logo stamped into the barrel. The fluting really makes this barrel stand out. The only negative aspect of this purchase is that I wish I bought a threaded one

  747. Bryce R.

    Great product and fast shipping!

  748. Carlton P.

    I love my barrel was very impressed with my barrel and will definitely do business with blacklist industries again

  749. Shad P.

    Love the way it looks and performs ! Highly recommend it to anyone!

  750. Craig N.

    These two match grade glock 19 barrels are the real deal, extremely well made, and accurate beyond belief. Incredible product from an incredible company. Thank you.

  751. John L.

    Love blacklist barrels. Wish they had more kinds I’d have them in all 13 of my Glocks. Keep up the good work. The new color is awesome

  752. Nicholas H.

    From beginning to end, my experience was nothing short of extraordinary, the customer service aspect of my purchase made a lasting impression! My TiN barrel broke in, and ran flawlessly right out of the box! Ran 300 rounds through it the first day, fed it wolf, blazer, honandy, lawman, etc… I did not have one single malfunction! The presentation of their product upon delivery shows that they truly stand behind their products and customers! I’ve had KKM, and lone wolf barrels in the past, and the experience with those said company’s were mediocre and “bland”. Thanks Blacklist, you’ve got yourself a returning customer! – Niq Howie

  753. greg b.

    love this barrel looks amazing and shoots even better.

  754. James S.

    Awesome company and products!

  755. Brandon E.

    This is a wonderful product! I recommend it to anyone serious about shooting and quality products. b

  756. Andrew P.

    Great workmanship, prompt delivery. Highly recommended.

  757. Luke S.

    Tight shot groups, and looks awesome. What more could you want.

  758. Victor R.

    I’ve shot probably 3K plus rounds through it, and it still works great, I would definitely recommend any Blacklist Barrels, thanks!

  759. Derek O.

    Love it. Have maybe 1500 through it and it’s a great barrel. I don’t know if it’s in my head or the higher twist rate, but I’ve noticed that the muzzle flip seems slightly less with the BL barrel over stock too. Great experience all around. Well worth it and would purchase again.

  760. Jeff D.

    Great communication and quick shipping. Can’t wait to put some shots down range. If it shoots half as good as it looks then it is money well spent.

  761. Ivan R.

    Excellent fit Excellent finish Excellent product Worth the upgrade

  762. austin m.

    awesome barrel

  763. Andy C.

    Purchased a TiN barrel for my 26. Fits perfect dropped right in support was amazing when calling to add stuff to same order. Will buy again for my next. Thanks.

  764. Tom C.

    Great quality and finish, extremely happy with the product. Accuracy definitely improved.

  765. Steven F.

    Drops in,locks up perfectly. Functions flawlessly. Finish is perfect

  766. Mark V.

    Have yet to shoot it, but so amazing of a company!

  767. Samuel P.

    Great, better than stock!

  768. DOUGLAS D.

    Great product and so far seems to be doing very well. I’m shooting a tighter group. I had a long wait line for this item but other than that I’ve really don’t have any complaints. I don’t have any other barrels to compare it too other than the stock barrel but it was a improvement. Thanks blacklist Mr D

  769. Matthew S.

    Takes a while to get your hands on it, but it is well worth the wait!!!

  770. Hector G.

    First I want to say it was a long wait but it was worth it first impressions the barrel looks really really nice it was an excellent complement to my Glock but the most important thing was that my first try at the range it was very precise Very accurate excellent barrel the fit was excellent I would recommend is barrel to my friends thank you blacklist for such excellent product sincerely yours Sergeant Galvez , US Army combat veteran retired .

  771. Jonathan W.

    Thank you for an amazing experience. The barrel is incredible.

  772. Alexander C.

    Absolutely love the barrel. Is there a projected release date for the compensator

  773. Charles L.

    So far has been a great investment,and great barrel.I will soon be purchasing another barrel for my Gen 4. I especially admire this company’s ethos.Highly recommended.

  774. Matthew J.

    Shoots like a dream. Pretty mean looking on a Battle Grey Ceracote.

  775. John P.

    Second most sexy thing I put in my gun. The first most sexy thing hurt a bit.

  776. Adam K.


  777. Mark S.

    Couldn’t have asked for anything better was prepared for a seven week lead time on a barrel and receives it within the week amazing service up-to-date information amazing contact and communication will be doing business again shortly

  778. Jeff T.

    The best service I have ever had !

  779. Cody C.

    Step one: remove barrel from sick packaging. Step two: remove stock barrel from gat piece. Step three: insert gold barrel into gat piece. Step four: shoot with confidence and accuracy. Step five: Always look cool. Enjoy the panties hitting the floor.

  780. Gary D.

    Fit and finish is fantastic on my blacklist barrel, and functions like a champ!

  781. Steven H.

    Wonderful company and barrels.

  782. Thomas M.

    i put this barrel in my glock 19 the fit of the barrel was tight and sits perfect in the slide no “smithing” needed overall it performed flawless , 125 rounds run through it on its first day and the finish is still brand new , accuracy was also a step up over the stock barrel (for me anyway) . I would most definitely buy another blacklist barrel.

  783. Richard H.

    Great experience. I love the barrel

  784. Alfred S.

    The Glock I installed your barrel in is a 1st gen G19. It has well over 30K rounds fired through it and believe me is no safe queen. Accuracy was starting to fail so I bought the blacklist industry SS barrel. Now my accuracy is back where it’s should be. Thanks for a great product! Oh did I say it’s also beautiful.

  785. Cory S.

    While I don’t have enough rounds thru it to make a clear judgment on how much better it is. There is a clear difference in shot groups, how cool I feel shooting it and how good it looks..

  786. Luis S.

    More accurate than the OEM barrel, great quality and great design , more than 300 rounds without mist fire!

  787. Mike W.

    This made my glock 17 shoot more accurately I don’t even touch my stock barrel anymore I now have one in each of my g17s

  788. Paul G.

    Awesome. I also felt reassured after I saw the test results against your peers from Shot Show. Thx

  789. Mike G.

    Awesome flawless

  790. Chris E.

    Really nice barrel perfect fit and finish.

  791. jordan s.

    I have three different barrels and all of them have tighter lock up and the accuracy gained is awesome. Plus the barrels really top off the look and performance of the weapons.

  792. Dalton H.

    First off I hate waiting for cool shit to come in the mail and after ordering I knew it was going to be a couple months before I received the barrel. I’m pretty sure I emailed you guys several times hoping it would come in sooner but it was all worth the wait. Long story short I am personal trainer and I trained an ex swat/cop/badass and my best friend is ex military also a fellow trainer . We all would go atleast twice a month to a big outdoor range in Kansas and run all kinds of drills and it usually ended up being a pissing contest who could shoot faster or reload faster but without a doubt the precision and accuracy coming from that barrel is unbelievable. After about 20 rounds that gun drives tacs and looks sexy doing it lol. It’s self cleaning for the most part after 3-4 hours of trying to melt the barrel I can literally wipe it clean with a dry towel. I am very impressed and trust your craftsmanship with my life, my glock is my edc and in the drawer right next to me when I sleep. No flaws what so ever. I’m excited to see what you guys keep bringing to the aftermarket world. When I start my AR build you will be who I order from . Thanks guys

  793. Bryce R.

    Excellent service. Excellent product

  794. Brett C.

    Seeing really good accuracy out of my Blacklist barrel. Haven’t had any issues with prob 300-400 rounds through it. Great purchase, will be picking one up for my 43

  795. Alston W.

    Great barrel all around.

  796. Patrick L.

    Overall, I’m very happy with the products.

  797. Heather M.

    Awesome barrel and awesome customer service ..would deffintly buy from them again and recommend it to any one

  798. Corey C.

    Great quality worth the money

  799. Christian Matias

    Envian a puerto rico?

  800. Nancy J.

    Amazing product! Shoots perfect

  801. dean B.

    Great craftsmanship and match accurate barrels

  802. Aaron M.

    It was definitely more than I expected in terms of looks and improved the performance more than I thought it would.

  803. Bart p.

    Was a little concerned with the wait time but decided to commit anyways. Then a day later received an email stating I’m awesome and purchased some badass shit. Product was delivered in 4 days. The Barrel is amazing and definitely an improvement over OEM Barrel. Thank you BL

  804. Philip H.

    Fit, finish, and accuracy with SIG 115g V-crown are excellent. Great service, and came in a sexy little box w/swag.

  805. william g.

    Not only is the look and finish fantastic but the performance of the barrel is awesome as well.

  806. David M.

    One word to describe the quality!! PHENOMENAL!! Do not hesitate to order these products!! Fit and finish is top notch.

  807. Carl R.

    Easy install, great looking barrel. Can’t wait to get to the range. You guys are Bitchin!

  808. Ahmed A.

    I ordered a threaded barrel for my Glock 19. I’m more than satisfied with it. Took it out the same day I got it and put about 200 rounds thru it everything was great. Dropped in and fit perfectly. I ordered it around the holidays and we all know how busy everyone is blacklist still replied to every email I sent and with a fast response. I will definitely be doing business with them again. P.s I got a sweet sticker and valcro patch with it and the barrel came in a bad a** case

  809. charles l.

    Ordered this with the discount that Blacklist offered me. Was advised of a 9 week wait, which I was ok with. less than two weeks later the barrel is here. It fits great and looks awesome. The case, stickers and patch it comes with is a true touch of class that is rare these days.

  810. Ancel R.

    This was a great purchase for me. I needed an improved over Stock Barrel that was not threaded and this Barrel nailed it. Lock up is solid, Finish is outstanding, and the gun ran flawlessly during testing. I ran 200 rounds of Wolf Steel Cased and 300 various Brass brands for a total of 500 rounds over 2 days. No failures at all. The Finish held up great and showed no signs of wear. There is no doubt in my mind that I will buy another Barrel from Blacklist Industries without hesitation. `Shwell11

  811. Roman V.

    Loved it thanks guys!

  812. Nico W.

    Amazing 100% perfect customer service. Received my orders ahead of the lead time. The Chem color simply stunning. Everyone is jealous af. And I’m just like… get your own. 🙂 thanks Blacklist and congratulations on winning 1st in the 147 grain accuracy competition! Hey I run 147s! How bout that! Blacklist ftw!

  813. gabe J.

    Very nice quality. Can’t say how it shoots because the rest of the gun is at cerakote, but the machine work is impeccable. Actually much sharper edges and finish than the factory barrel. Great company to buy from. May have to pick up a spare BCG for the AR just because.

  814. Chris D.

    Product looks great in the glock and functions perfectly. Not to mention the packaging and presentation were on point. I will be buying another product from Blacklist. Thanks guys!

  815. Armando H.

    Oh boy!!! It’s looks beautiful!!!! Gotta love them!

  816. Jeremy H.

    Was packaged very nice and pictures don’t do it justice. Very happy with it and will be buying from blacklist again.

  817. David T.

    (So far) I am the owner of 3 Blacklist barrels. 1 black 19 threaded, 1 stainless 19 threaded….and Now….The titanium gold Glock 17 threaded. When the package arrived I felt the same arousal as when I received the first 2….only this time, there was something just a bit more “tingling” if you will… Upon opening the box….(slooowly) as if I were Charlie opening that bar of chocolate and revealing the corner of the golden ticket, I felt a stiffening in my pants that could NOT be ignored. I quickly flipped the rest of the lid open and sat the box down on the corner of my bathroom sink, pumped half a’ handful of my favorite lotion and went to WORK. Never once taking my eyes off of the fluting…the threading….the thread protector…and oh…Oh…OH SHIT!!! the Fucking maCHine work!! Uh! Uh!……Aww! awwwe hmmm After a brief, sweaty and shaking silence, I cleaned myself up and flushed any evidence my girlfriend would have noted. (She hates it when I smack the clown) I quickly installed the barrel into my Gen 4 and hurried to the range. After several flawless feeding rounds (as usual) I packed it up and went home yet again, “satisfied”. Cannot say enough great things about your company. Please keep up the great work fellas! Now, I have to go. Seems my little golden beauty is giving me that look again. Dave

  818. Tyson B.

    Great,easy to install and a perfect fit like the OEM barrel. The finish was amazing.

  819. Allen W.

    Very nice supurb quality it really tightened up some play in my gun. Very accurate and the looks really stick out of the crowd (chameleon) Took a while to get but it was worth it

  820. Ryan R.

    Bought it for my brother, goes really well with his pink glock. He says it makes liberals cry, so it can’t be a bad barrel. I’ll be getting another sometime soon

  821. Anthony A.

    Worth the wait.

  822. Gabriel H.

    Customer service was great! Packaging was awesome. Quick replys to emails. My glock back and badder than ever!

  823. Jeffrey R.

    Once again no complaints on the product. However I do wish the turn around time was much quicker. Now for a avid gun collector like my self, you can sometimes forget you ordered certain things due to the time it takes to come. But for the average buyer, I’m sure it’s more noticeable. All in all, thanks again for a great product.

  824. Jordan R.

    I love this barrel best item I ever purchased thank you so much

  825. Colin

    I love this thing more than my wife wife! I sucked at shooting so I went out purchased this barrel and now I can shoot the nuts off a gnat at 1000 yards. Seriously asked around did some research and had a friend mention blacklist. It took a couple deep breaths to part with the money but after 1500 rounds through it I’m glad I did. Tight but not too tight, looks great in fact it kinda makes my nips hard. Blacklist was great to do business with

  826. Jose N.

    Great the best barrel I’ve ever had

  827. Chad H.

    Great communication throughout the process. Lead time was Less than expected. Barrel is fantastic. Will be issuing blacklist in the future Thx

  828. Michael K.

    I dropped a threaded SS in my glock 19 that has jagerworks side cuts on it and this barrel looks perfect in it. It really made the gun cone together plus the threads are perfect. I’ve been using it for my AAC can and a tbrc micro comp.

  829. Michael M.

    Its a very quality piece. Im very impressed, its gold and threaded and everybody is jealous of my G43. Thanks Blacklist!

  830. Jonathon K.

    Locks up tight, shoots straight, functions flawllessly. Couldn’t ask for better service or a better buying experience

  831. Jon F.

    Perfect barrel dropped right in fit great nice finish very impressed with the packaging it was shipped in. Only downside I had was two tooling machine marks on the crown of the barrel honesty not a big deal but shouldn’t expect to see that on a high grade barrel imo.

  832. Shwell

    My experiences with Blacklist Industries have been as good as it gets. Great communication and fast shipment. The Barrel I got for my Glock 19 fits as good or better than stock. Lockup is extremely secure, which points to exceptional QC. Fit and Finish are outstanding, and accuracy for me has been extremely acceptable. If I do my part, I can count on the Blacklist barrel to do its part. After another 200 rounds, I will use this as the barrel for my EDC Glock 19. I put 300 through it today and experienced no issues at all.

  833. Kiley Huffstetler

    Just recieved my barrel recently and the quality to detail is unbelievable. It shoots very accurate and makes adding my suppressor a breeze. After meeting the owner in a class back in October, I can see now why his products are of the quality they are. I will be adding barrels to my other Glocks here in the near future.

  834. David L.

    Don’t have the gun back that it’s going in but looks like a fine barrel and loved the packaging

  835. Derek M.

    Absolutely love this barrel, (Armor finish, G19 threaded.) The fit and finish is top notch, improved accuracy over factory barrel was immediately noticeable. 1/2×28 muzzle thread pitch is perfect for twisting on my Griffin Optimus 9 Silencer and offers a solid interface with no slop. The Blacklist Match Grade barrels are a worthwhile upgrade for any pistol, from daily carry to competitive shooting.

  836. Gabe Tam

    Very impressed with the 8 channels down the length of the barrel and the machined logo. Everything about it is quality.

  837. Levi S.

    Just received my stainless fluted/threaded barrel for my glock 19. Very impressed with the fitment of the barrel and precision. Super excited to test the accuracy.

  838. Tim B.

    Bought the barrel for my sons Glock 34. He loves the look of the barrel in the gun. Took it to the range Christmas Eve day and it worked for him. What an amazing improvement to the accuracy of the weapon. He has plans to upgrade his 4th gen 17 next. I can’t wait for my MP shield barrel !!!

  839. Tyler S.

    Beautiful product, great fitment can’t wait to put rounds down range.

  840. Austin M.

    Awesome product, awesome quality. Highly recommend

  841. Kyle O.

    They’re fabulous match grade barrels. That look amazing.

  842. Chris Heising

    I’ve had my TiN coated ultra match barrel for my Glock 17 for about 4 months now. After over 500 rounds I’m convinced it doesn’t get any better. The fit, finish and accuracy of this barrel is second to none and you can’t beat how good it looks!

  843. Nick Young

    I’ve been running a Blacklist threaded barrel in my Glock 19 since early this past summer. Right off the bat I noticed a tighter fit compared to the oem barrel. I grouped it at 25 yards standing and while focusing on doing my part marksmanship wise, the gun grouped right at 2 inches. I got very similar results with a wide variety of ammo including Tula and Wolf….yes Tula and Wolf lol. I’ve since have used it in classes as well as a bunch of steel challenge, USPSA, and 3 gun matches. It has never let me down. About 5k down the pipe and it still fits very tight. Blacklist has me as a customer for life.

  844. Michael House

    I bought the Ultra match non-threaded barrel for my Glock 17 Gen. 4. I was hesitant at first, but I’m very glad I did. I have had it for almost a year now and it still works as if I just dropped it in. Very good quality part, and holds up & out performs the factory barrel. Zero corners cut and great customer service. I highly recommend Blacklist!

  845. Aaron Norvell

    By far the best upgrade today in my gen 4 19. Drops in nice and tight. Has run flawless and allowed me to punch tighter groups! Plus it looks damn badass..

  846. VEIL solutions

    Awesome quality products with exceptional fit and finish. Ultramatch dropped in to a G17 and run like a sewing machine since. 10K+ rounds later, more accurate than factory and perfectly reliable. No issues, only performance.

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