Glock 26 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel (Blemished)

From: $160.00

(52 customer reviews)


Blemishes May Include:

  • Minor Dings/Dents/Scratches
  • Tool Marks/Imperfections
  • Minor Flaws in Coating/Finish
  • No Caliber Markings
  • Engraving Imperfections
  • Demo/Testing Usage

Blacklist Industries Ultra Match barrels are some of the most precise match grade barrels in the industry.  Precision Machined from certified 416R stainless steel bar stock for superior strength and durability. Critical manufacturing tolerances, multiple quality-control checks, and an advanced broach rifling process allows us to guarantee the exact same accuracy from each and every barrel while also achieving greater accuracy over a stock barrel.

Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom look and finish to the barrels. Our barrels also feature a recessed crown at the muzzle. The recessed crown preserves the barrels accuracy by preventing the very edge of the rifling from being exposed or damaged in any way that can affect the dynamics of the bullet.

Our fully supported match chamber is compatible with all bullet materials and +P ammunition. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous pressure spikes that are common in most stock/factory barrels. This is a replacement/drop in barrel, no gunsmithing required!

  • Compatible: Generations 1 – 5
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop in: Yes
  • Thread (if selected): 1/2 x 28 with thread protector included in matching finish.
  • Non-Threaded (if selected): Factory/Regular Length
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Chamber: SAAMI Spec Fully Supported
  • Minor Fitting Needed: No, ready to use/drop in

Buy our Glock 26 Barrel (Clearance) today or choose from our various other Glock Barrels on clearance.

Additional information

Thread Pitch

Non Threaded – Factory Length, 1/2 x 28 (9MM) + Protector, .578 x 28 (45 ACP) +Protector, 9/16 x 24 (40 S&W) + Protector


Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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52 reviews for Glock 26 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel (Blemished)

  1. Brian Raymond (verified owner)

    Great product!!! Great price!!!! Blemished???? Where!!!! Impressed!

  2. Jeff Palkowski (verified owner)

    I was on the blem list for awhile but worth the wait. It looks flawless but if someone is more OCD than me, I’ll take advantage of it. The barrel is solid and tight and functioned beautifully. It’s in a 26, some may say how tight do you expect a gun with such a short barrel? This is a tight barrel and worth the money. It’s one dead on from the first round. I’m extremely happy and appreciate the craftsmanship of Blacklist. This is my second Blacklist barrel….I’m an addict!

  3. Chris miller (verified owner)

    Couldn’t find a blem on this barrel. Definsntly got a kick out of the emails and especially the packing slip. Haha.

  4. joe kinney (verified owner)

    Couldn’t even find a blemish I will definitely be purchasing more here soon

  5. joe kinney (verified owner)

    Perfection.. I got the blemished Tin barrel and to my surprise it was in immaculate condition. Fell in love w it. Looking forward to purchasing a few more here pretty soon

  6. Alex Villasenor

    Where is the 6th star so I can rate it that! Blemished???!! No damn place what’s so ever! I was iffy about the chameleon color…. but once I received….. holy shit! It’s amazing!!!!! I see many, many, many more in the near future!!!! And now outta stock DAMN!!!!

  7. Kristopher M.

    I found the blemish, but it was so small you couldn’t even tell by just looking at it. The barrel drops right in and the thread protector has a small o-ring the prevents it from loosening up during blasting.

  8. Jeremy C.

    Let’s start by saying their idea of blemish and mine are two totally different things. Honestly I never found the blemish that my Glock 43 drop in was supposed to have. None the less. You can’t go wrong. Pick up your balls and drop a little cash so your piece can look as bad ass as mine now does! Sending thanks from Texas Blacklist!

  9. Robert S.

    I have purchased about 4-5 barrels from Blacklist Ind. I had a range build I was working on and didn’t want to spend a whole lot for something I intentionally was going to beat up and push to the limits. I purchased a threaded BLEM barrel and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend ALL Blacklist Ind. barrels for your builds!

  10. Jason Kiser

    I was in the market for a glock 19 barrel. All of the forums and reviews raved about Blacklist and their quality products. Being impatient I couldn’t wait for the 9 week turn around for a new barrel so I gambled on a “Blemished” product. It shipped almost immediately and when it arrived I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. I bought the armor black threaded G19 barrel and from what I can tell the blemished must have been that it was too long. The distance between the end of the slide and the beginning of the threads is rather long. it does look a little odd but it doesn’t effect performance. The finish is not covered under the warranty with the blemished models witch is unfortunate because it has worn off in several places after about 5-600 rounds. Anyway if you are looking at getting a high quality barrel then go ahead and pull the trigger on a Blacklist barrel. If you want to save money and get it now take the gamble on the Blemished it worth it!!!

  11. Kenneth B.

    It is badass!! Awesome quality.

  12. Travis C.

    Even for a blem item looked great and can barely tell. Thanks

  13. Jerry C.

    This mother fucker is a beautiful.

  14. Eric P.

    Haven’t gotten to shoot it yet but damn shes a looker! Blem I guess… there was a tiny tiny coating flaw on the underside of the hood by the chamber but that’s going to have bullets shoved down its throat. Do I care No. Did I get a banging deal Yes.

  15. Benjamin L.

    I’m a combat veteran and I treat mybweapons like its supposed to, no babying here! I don’t see anything blemishes about it. Super fast delivery and really nice and accurate barrel. I would recommend and buy again

  16. David R.

    Very sexy looking barrel. Customer service was outstanding. Definitely ordering from them again!

  17. Luke B.

    Fucking phenomenal!!! I love it

  18. BRIAN W.

    From the start this was an easy process, heck they offer you a discount as soon as you open their website. Their clever emails and packing slips were the greatest! You can tell these guys love what they do and k ow there customers well. Once shipped the product arrived fast and well packaged. Wish I had more coin to spend on barrels, would definitely buy from these guys again!

  19. Youseth Yang

    Order a blemish barrel and upon receiving it did some inspection I couldn’t find any at all. Looks and finish of barrel is so badass.

  20. George B.

    I recently purchased two barrels for my Glock 17 19. The barrels came in when the company said the barrels would. Switched them out and the guns shot great. Happy with my purchases.

  21. Charles B.

    Blem I see no blem ! Not does it just look bad ass… but its a real nice barrel.

  22. Donnie B.

    I have ran countless rounds with lots of different ammo with zero malfunctions, the biggest problem I have with Blacklist is using the f word in your emails. I am a youth pastor and a Sunday school teacher and I do not agree with that but to each is own and I will pray for you and your company. This doesn’t affect the quality of your products which are outstanding. I hope that ya’ll have a blessed day, thank you

  23. David S.

    Got a blemished G19 threaded barrel in the Armor finish. Literally couldn’t find a single blemish, so I’m not sure why that barrel was in the blemished section. Threw it into my gun, threw on a comp, and hit the range. Functioned flawlessly. I got a boner using it, and my friends got boners watching me use it. 10/10 would recommend.

  24. Luke B.

    Ordered a blem g19 threaded barrel. Looked it over and over, what blem Great product, shipped very fast

  25. Jacob H.

    Bottom line up front, everybody sucks and they don’t even know it. Blacklist is riding at the pinnacle of Awesome (Think “the PF Flyers of Glock barrels”). What this means is this: When you add a BI barrel to your pistol, even if you suck, some of that awesome is gonna replace some of your suck. So, be awesome, don’t suck, get the barrel! Also, try to find the blem.

  26. Chris J.

    Love these barrels, finish holds up great and they make some nice tight groups. Doesn’t hurt that they also look kickass in the gun.

  27. COREy H.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase or with my experience. Amazing customer service

  28. Grant W.

    You guys are amazing and your products at second to none!

  29. Brandon C.

    I popped off a hundred rounds with the Blacklist TiN coated barrel for my Glock 34 last weekend! The thing is just sick looking and it’s a good shooter! Oh hell yeah!!! Thanks Blacklist…

  30. Mason H.

    Couldn’t find anything wrong with it at all

  31. Matt M.

    1st of all what “blem”. 2nd this barrel helped immensely w/ accuracy, I shoot mainly 124 GR 147GR, this barrel is a perfect match for what I do, awesome barrel, thanks.

  32. Richard B.

    fantastic item i receive a blemish barrel and i could not find anything that was blemished on it it looks perfect to me

  33. Michael M.

    Fit and finish are second to none- these guys know their shit! I have several barrels from Blacklist and love them all. Extreme quality!

  34. Keith L.

    The item was perfect, better than expected

  35. Ky C.

    When this Barrel came the only thing I could tell is that it had been fired a few times… But that was it! It shoots great and looks amai g in my gun!

  36. James Lee

    Read the other reviews and bought a Blem threaded barrel for my G19. I have looked and looked and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this barrel at all. Blacklist barrels are simply bad ass. They look awesome and shoot really tight groups. Well, some of that is me but I will give it some credit as well. I will be buying more for sure. Top shelf products!

  37. Nicholas P

    Orederd a graphite black barrel on Sunday, received it Wednesday. There are no scratches, dents, missing flutes, or other marks on the barrel. Very tight lock up and looks super badass. Would buy again.

  38. chris f.

    Don’t know what made it a blem but the accuracy fit and finish are top notch works great with a tbrci stubby comp

  39. matthew h.

    Some of the best barrels you can get !!! I own a frame refinishing shop and buy a ton of various barrels to show off in builds and The finish holds up great and they look badass! Always outstanding customer service and they always go above and beyond to make sure you have what you want ! Don’t hesitate to buy!

  40. Jamison L.

    I purchased the G19 barrel to run with a TBRCi Stubby comp. I’ve been very impressed so far.

  41. Bryant W.

    Easy purchase, fast shipping and the performance is awesome. The grouping on my Glock is awesome. I will be making another purchase.

  42. Jeffrey P.

    They are fiction awesome. Oh by the way where were the blemishes I couldn’t find them. Thanks guys

  43. Matt K.

    Bought this blemished barrel at a discounted price and it still looks great. Mine didn’t come with the Blacklist flutes but other than that it didn’t have any eye sores. Already put some rounds through it and it rocks! I’d buy more blemished barrels anytime!

  44. Jeffrey P.

    This Barrel is fuckin awesome. And you guys are fuckin awesome. If there was a blemish on it I sure couldn’t find it. Very happy with my purchase and I’m about to make another one for my 43. So you fuckers don’t ever change. I’ll be talking to one of you Pricks real soon.

  45. Eric T.

    The barrel looks very nice. If I had to guess why it was a blem, maybe the color is a bit duller, but I can’t tell. I’ll take that deal all day long.

  46. Kellen F.

    I had bought a blemished barrel not knowing what to expect. I was blown away with the quality and service I got from them. It was an amazing and beautiful product and the service was kick ass!

  47. Melissa K.

    This is a very very nice ass product wish I had more shit to thro these barrels on

  48. Anthony T.

    My experience was great and the barrel is awesome. It was a blemished barrel but you can’t even tell what a great deal. I will definitely be buying more barrels for blacklist.

  49. James S.

    Even though this barrel was in the BLEM section it is 100% awesome and appears to have zero blemishes, dings, or damage!! Shipping was fast and accurate! Thanks again

  50. Thomas M.

    What’s there to say about my third Blacklist barrel. It’s made with fairy dust and unicorn dicks, then polished at Mt Olympus by Zeus himself. No but seriously, lock up is awesome, finnish is top notch, compensators etc seem to fit way more flush to the slide than any other barrel out there. Love it, this is currently the only after market barrel I’ll use for my Glocks.

  51. Joshua

    Best Glock barrel on the market. Accurate as hell, functions flawlessly and looks like a million bucks. If you want the real deal then you have to get a blacklist barrel.

  52. Corey S Evans

    I’ve gotten two of the Blacklist “blemished” barrels now. I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with any of them. The looked excellent cosmetically, and shot even better. When I need another barrel, I know what I’ll be looking for.