Stainless Steel Extended Slide Lock - Glock Gen 1-5, Glock Slide Lock
Stainless Steel Extended Slide Lock – Glock Gen 1-4
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Stainless Steel Extended Slide Lock – Glock Gen 1-4

From: $16.99

(59 customer reviews)

Our Glock slide lock is engineered for maximum finger grip when field stripping. Whether your fingers are sweaty, oily, or dry, you will appreciate the benefit of this extended slide lock lever. The precision machined barrel lug notch provides a great lock up. The days of fumbling with your slide lock is now over.

  • Compatible: All Glock Models Gen 1 -4
  • Stainless Steel (Wear & Rust Resistant)
  • No gunsmithing required
  • Easy to install
  • Not a permanent modification
  • Low profile & functions with standard holsters
  • Not designed for use with Glock 19X/ 36 / 42 / 43 / 48 / 44

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Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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59 reviews for Stainless Steel Extended Slide Lock – Glock Gen 1-4

  1. Rudy Sanchez (verified owner)

    The take down lever is awesome. Matches the barrel I have perfectly. The emails are fuckin awesome as well. Now it’s time to buy the guide rod to match everything else on the Glock. Thanks for a great product and I will definitely buy from Blacklist again. How can I not. Fuck yea!!!!!

  2. Brian Smith (verified owner)

    Using this for my GGP build. Can’t wait to install, I doubt I’ll have any issues, everyone says the install is easy. Part came in looking great with no damage.

  3. AC (verified owner)

    Easy install, perfect fit and much easier to take down the slide. Doesn’t change the holster fit one bit either. Great addition.

  4. prgeek (verified owner)

    Easy install, much easier now to disconnect the slide from the frame, gives the Glock 20 a better look, also installed pin set in the same color (trigger housing, locking block and trigger pins)

  5. TD

    Yes! Gucci here we come.

  6. Robert

    shits badass, looks dope, fits perfect, works perfect

  7. Suzuki L (verified owner)

    Great product makes a big difference and the quality is exceptional, Armor (graphite black), now need to get the Glock pins when they are available.

  8. Jay (verified owner)

    Got the chameleon color one looks awesome and the company is great and you can really tell the difference on the grip you get

  9. Jeffrey Schaefer (verified owner)

    Got my neochrome slide release and got her in there next to my neochrome pins and barrel! Thanks blacklist for another homerun piece!!

  10. Ronald (verified owner)

    TiN Gold definitely stands out and the ends are aggressive enough when disassembling your weapon! The extension is nice, but was not really needed for my build the way it had been modified! I run these on several of my Glocks and have never been disappointed by fit, function or durability! Paired with the TiN pins make your Glock just a bit more Gucci

  11. Reuben M (verified owner)

    I ordered the chameleon for a theme build and boy is this thing sweet. Only problem is once you put it in you can’t actually see how beautiful it is. Fast shipping and finish is holding up find after 300 rounds or so.

  12. Jans Diaz (verified owner)

    10/10 experience and quality. As soon as you place the order you instantly get a very welcoming and hilarious confirmation. When your order ships even better and when it gets there the best! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality upgrades at a great price!

  13. AJ S.

    Great products, great company.

  14. kevin h.

    very happy with my purchase, fast shipping and the item works just as it should.

  15. Arthur B.

    It’s pretty fucking awesome! It does what Mr. Glock intended it to do, but in the TiN costing it just looks more badass! Thanks Blacklist Ind.

  16. Juan G.

    Whatever you buy from blacklist makes your gun better!!

  17. Robert s.

    Great concept love the slide.

  18. Brad A.

    If you’re looking for an extended slide lock for your Glock, this is the one to buy. Don’t be a clown, buy this fucking thing now.

  19. Eddie

    Got the chameleon slide lock to match the barrel and pins set. Easy to install and gives it a unique look. This lock slide stick out a bit more to grab with fingers easier.

  20. Karim b.

    Awesome upgrade! A little part that makes a big difference when it comes to disassemble the gun for cleaning….?

  21. Hank T.

    Easy installation. Must have upgrade for any Glock.

  22. Hank

    Purchased extended slide lock for G19. Looks badass upon installation, moreover, makes takedown a hellava lot easier for those with sausage fingers/dexterity of a bull. Would definitely recommend!!!

  23. Antonio P.

    It works great and looks awesome. Thanks Blacklist!

  24. Jason P.

    Great fit finish and color gold. Fast shipping. Bought 4 barrels and a few other items all are amazing!

  25. OMAR M.

    Very naice finish and excellent fitting on de glock 23.

  26. Aaron N.

    Great quality, just like you’d expect from Blacklist.

  27. Brandon M.

    Part was excellent quality and as described, more like Fucking excellent!

  28. Brian S.

    I would definitely buy more parts from black list industries.

  29. Marco C.

    Fit great and was so easy to put on.

  30. Karim b.

    Awesome little part!!! Well made n good looking… fast shipping!

  31. hugo l.

    I’ll be using more of your items great price great products

  32. Patrick L.

    Makes my 19 look clean and easier to break down

  33. Lorin S.

    Cool chameleon flamed slide stop. Fits without and modification and matches my other chameleon flamed parts. Too freakin cool!

  34. Emmanuel B.

    This was the best thing added, this makes the take down super easy. Definitely recommend and will be purchasing for my other glocks.

  35. Brian B.

    Picked this out in gold finish to go with goodnight blacklist threaded barrel and gold pin kit. Everything works exactly as advertised. Extended Slide Lock doesn’t look any longer than factory one but as soon as you use it you can tel there’s more there to grab.

  36. Anthony S.

    It really helps out taking your slide off! The finish is amazing on it. All products from Blacklist are top quality! I have purchased every mod you can get from these guys! I love every item! Blacklist is the best PERIOD!!!

  37. Eric T.

    Another great part now installed. Blacklist sure knows how to make a firearm look amazing. Thanks for another bad ass part.

  38. Steve S.

    Slide Lock looks great on the gun and makes it so easy to remove the slide. Blacklist has some great products!

  39. Joel G.

    No need to be verbose here it sticks out a little more and this makes it far more comfortable for me to break my firearm down, i have large hands so this is a plus.

  40. Richard R.

    Slide lock looks good, installed easily and works great. Will definitely purchase this item again!

  41. Dylan B.

    Great fit great looks

  42. Mark

    Perfect. Finish is beautiful. Definitely helps add that special accent that you’re looking for.

  43. Gregory H.

    It’s a slide lock. It does its job. Finish is good. I’d buy again. I wish it was available in the factory length (not extended). Don’t really want an extended one, but that’s all I can find in a gold finish.

  44. William E.

    I’m currently building a Polymer 80 G19 and have been using the chameleon parts as part of my customization process and I must say that Blacklist Industries makes some badass parts and the craftsmanship is second to none! I’m super excited to get my barrel done in the chameleon finish very soon!

  45. Luis P.

    Perfect fit and looks so bad ass!

  46. Brian S.

    This item looks great, fits perfectly, and was very easy to install. Zero complaints from me.

  47. Jonathan H.

    Great product its complete plug and play and looks awesome

  48. Joey J.

    Once again beyond impressed dope product iv ordered numerous things form y’all and every time is just great products

  49. Shane S.

    Works great! Perfect for guys with big hands.

  50. joseph c.

    Drop in ready. Couldn’t ask for a better product. Will definitely be buying again

  51. Emerson F.

    Easy to install of course it’s only the takedown lever. But it’s dope matches barrel and pins

  52. Tristen A.

    Product looks great and functions even better! Will continue to support this company and their products.

  53. Patrick M.

    Loved this. Machined perfectly. Great addition to any glock

  54. Steven S.

    Easier to Disassemble

  55. Joaquin A.

    This works great with my glock its easier to take down

  56. Tracy W.

    Easy install. Works perfect. Allows much easier break down for those blessed with fat didgits.

  57. Matthew F.

    Perfect fit and finish, cool factor of 11.

  58. Barton G.

    I love this slide Lock easy to install easy to grab and take off the slide.Yes I would and have told friends about all of the products I have bought from Blacklist everything has been outstanding ,products !

  59. Sean C.

    I love this! I have fat fingers and getting ahold of the stock slide lock release can be a flat out pain in the ass. This makes take down of my Glock 153% percent easier! Worth every penny!