Glock 17 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel
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Glock 17 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel

From: $229.99

(867 customer reviews)


Blacklist Industries Ultra Match Barrels are some of the most precise match grade barrels in the industry and come fully equipped with our NO BULLSHIT LIFETIME WARRANTY. Each unit is precision machined from certified 416R stainless steel for superior strength, longevity, and durability. Critical tolerance requirements and multiple quality-control checks, along with an advanced broach rifling process guarantee outstanding accuracy from each and every barrel produced.

The strategic advancements in Blacklist’s design provide benefits such as a tighter lock up and significantly better fitment, while also achieving a substantial increase in accuracy in comparison to a stock/factory barrel. The propriety fully supported chamber makes Blacklist barrels compatible with all bullet materials and +P ammunition. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous pressure spikes that are commonly found in stock/factory barrels.  

The barrel also features a recessed crown at the muzzle. The recessed crown preserves the barrel’s outstanding accuracy by preventing the edge of the rifling from being exposed or damaged in any way that can affect the rotation/spin of the bullet. Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom look and finish to the barrels. This is a replacement/drop-in barrel, no gunsmithing required!

  • Compatibility : Glock 17 Generations 1 – 5
  • Also Compatible: Glock 17 MOS
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop in: Yes
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Chamber: SAAMI Spec Fully Supported
  • Non-Threaded Overall Length: 4.5″
  • Threaded Overall Length: 4.95″
  • Outer Diameter: 0.57″
  • Fitting: NOT required! In the rare instance that fitting is required, we provide the service free of charge.

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz

Gen 1 – 4, Gen 5

Thread Pitch

Non Threaded – Factory Length, 1/2 x 28 (9MM) + Protector, .578 x 28 (45 ACP) +Protector, 9/16 x 24 (40 S&W) + Protector


Stainless Steel (Silver), TiN (Gold), Armor (Graphite Black), Chameleon (Rainbow)

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867 reviews for Glock 17 Drop In Ultra Match Barrel

  1. GR (verified owner)

    Freaking OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! I received my barrel like minutes ago and just the hard case box it came in was enough to give me…well you know…LOL!!! Barrel looks fantastic and I have no doubt that it’ll function and run just like my M&P one. Thanks peoples of Blacklist and thanks for the Anniversary sale and then some!!!

  2. SteveC (verified owner)

    I looked at Blacklist Barrels because many recommended due to the FULLY SUPPORTED BARREL! That was a priority for me.
    Once I did my research I decided to take the plunge and after ordering I got updated emails on the status. Once shipped, I felt like I got a personal email and they treated it as a special order and made sure I knew the quality they put into it & added humor as they shipped it to me. I shared it as it was better than just “Your order shipped”.
    I recently ran it without testing it in an IDPA match and considering I was away from the sport for a couple months I ran a good competition. I was better than .500 in my division & had low points dropped. Accuracy was on point!
    I will highly recommend for the quality and supported barrel! I will also be ordering more in the future.

  3. christopher bean (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the threaded Chameleon for a gen 3 17. I have tried quite a few barrels for glocks throughout the years and have been a dealer for most brands as a builder, gunsmith and customizer, LW, KKM, storm lake etc. There are a few things that immediately seem to set the blacklist apart. From the beginning of the transaction the service of the company is light and frankly pretty funny. Then you receive the product. Packaging is top notch, then you actually see your barrel. Fit and finish was absolutely perfect including the rifling and interior of the barrel, feed ramp was absolutely perfect as well. The attention to detail is there and it doesn’t disappoint. Then I shot it. The host for my barrel is a well modified glock but was never what I considered surgical. That has changed since the install. The first magazine left a ragged hole at 7 yards and held consistent improvement from 3 yards to 25 yards over several FBI qualification courses of fire (this is the litmus test I use when I put any parts on my comp guns). Consistency drills and cadence drills have tightened up allowing quite a bit more speed while maintaining group size. Ran about 250 rounds through the gun on a full training session the day after I installed the barrel. 0 malfunctions, Improved accuracy, tighter lockup, no fitment issues. These guys deliver the goods, believe it. Yes 200 bucks and up is expensive for a barrel, is it worth it? Well, your mileage may vary but I am adding one to my cart for my EDC G19 as we speak. With that said, I could buy another glock for what I have spent on these barrels in the last 2 weeks but I don’t regret it for a second. They have earned my business.

  4. Barry Thomas

    I was looking for a threaded barrel for my Glock 17 but wanted to improve the accuracy and still maintain the reliability of the gun too. I have had this barrel for awhile and have had zero issues with it. This thing shoots with the can on or off !! I want to say excellent job guy’s you have exceeded my expectations great product.

  5. Phil F

    Can’t speak highly enough about this company and my barrel. Not only does it look great, it works amazing as well. Everything down to the way it’s packaged is quality. Hell even the email notifications you get after purchase are good for a laugh! Such a great addition to my G43! I will definitely buy all my future barrels from Blacklist

  6. Robert G.

    It was quick she came to my door all dressed in Black. I was beside myself with her beauty and style. When I handled her she slowly slid through my fingers. I could not resist myself, with anticipation I took that barrel and slid it inside and was very surprised at such a tight fit. You guys rock thanks again for the great product!

  7. Michael B.

    Outstanding Barrel, pricey but very accurate installed in a g26 Glock . Love it

  8. David B.

    I haven’t had a chance to use either one yet. Its my curse. An evil gypsy. As soon as I over come this, I’ll get to an indoor range and try both barrels, one for my G19x and the other for my G26. I only have one question. Can sliver bullets be used in these barrels.

  9. Griffin

    As advertised!!!! My blacklist Gat was like…Blam!! Blam!! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blic-it-tea Blizz-zam!! My rounds be hitting center mass on steel targets Like,..Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!! T-to the- izzing!!! All day!!! 20 Stars!! Excellent product!

  10. Joe C.

    I have to admit it made me tingle in places only few have ventured. I will recommend your products to every gun enthusiast I know. Happy Holidays, and Felix Navifuckindad!