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I'm sure by this point you all have heard the unfortunate circumstances that our beautiful state of South Carolina has recently endeared. Families have lost loved ones, homes have been destroyed, businesses gone, and roads completely washed away. (Photos Attached)  This has truly been a devastating event for all of the South Carolinians. Blacklist Industries is located in the heart of one of the most affected areas. Friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors, as well as ourselves have all felt the negative impact of this historic flooding. 

We have had countless people ask how they can help out the residents of South Carolina during this time. While the kind gestures are greatly appreciated, we have never been a community to take free handouts, but rather to work hard to succeed. With that being said we have decided to launch a shirt campaign. This is an alternative method for those who would like to help. Proceeds from the campaign will go towards providing needed resources to our local residents such as water, food, etc. Proceeds will also go towards local repairs and recouping losses in the area. Thank you all in advance for the support. It is greatly appreciated by our community.

Blacklist Flood Theme Shirt

Printed in the USA on a premium polyblend shirt. Made from 65% polyester/35% cotton sheer jersey.

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