$ 160.00

Our blemished products are fully functional. Small cosmetic imperfections have kept these units from meeting our high standards. This product is discounted for those that don't mind a slight imperfection. We do not accept return or lifetime warranty on blemished products. These units do not come in retail packaging.

Blemishes May Include:

  • Dings/Dents
  • Scratches
  • Missing Flutes/Not Fluted
  • Tool Marks/Imperfections
  • Pits/Flaws in Coating/Finish
  • No Caliber Markings
  • Extended Length -1/8"
  • Demo/Testing Usage

Blacklist Industries Ultra Match barrels are some of the most precise match grade barrels in the industry.  Precision Machined from certified 416R stainless steel bar stock for superior strength and durability. Critical manufacturing tolerances, multiple quality-control checks, and an advanced broach rifling process allows us to guarantee the exact same accuracy from each and every barrel while also achieving greater accuracy over a stock barrel.

Eight column flutes are added at safe depths which provide a custom look and finish to the barrels. Our barrels also feature a recessed crown at the muzzle. The recessed crown preserves the barrels accuracy by preventing the very edge of the rifling from being exposed or damaged in any way that can affect the dynamics of the bullet.

Our fully supported match chamber is compatible with all bullet materials and +P ammunition. This feature reduces the risk of dangerous pressure spikes that are common in most stock/factory barrels. This is a replacement/drop in barrel, no gunsmithing required!

  • Compatible: Generations 1 - 4
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Twist: 1/10
  • Drop in: Yes
  • Thread (if selected): 1/2 x 28 with thread protector included in matching finish.
  • Non-Threaded (if selected): Factory/Regular Length
  • Rifling: Pulled Broach
  • Chamber: SAAMI Spec Fully Supported
  • Minor Fitting Needed: No, ready to use/drop in

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