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Freqently Asked Questions

Order & Lead Time Info

What does lead time/processing time mean?

How long is your current lead time?

Do you offer a military, law enforment, or veteran discount?

How do I cancel my order?

Can I apply a discount code to my order?


How long before my order ships?

Has my order shipped yet?

What if my shipment is lost?

What if I am missing an item or recieved the wrong item?

Gunsmithing & Barrel Break In Period

Is there any gunsmithing required for Ultra Match Pistol Barrels?

Is there a "Break In" period for Ultra Match Pistol Barrels?

Barrel Troubleshoot & Barrel Wear Info

What if my barrel or coating shows signs of wear?

What if the locking lugs on my barrel shows signs of wear or deformation?

What if my guide rod become bent or deformed?

Warranty & Returns

Are Blacklist Products covered by any type of warranty?

What is your return policy?